Rich - Auburn, New York

They are taking away more and more channels. We called and we still can’t get TCM! They said that they would reboot system and Nothing. It has been unavailable since Monday. What are we paying this outrageous amount for? I guess it is time to cut the cable.

Cj - Green lake, Wisconsin

Shows that are repeats are showing up as new so when you tape a series it tapes all the old ones along with the new. Spectrum knows this is a problem since April 4 th memo but has not corrected it yet. Why did they roll this new guide out with so many glitches. And still charging us for a product that doesn’t perform

l musser - elyra, Ohio

new dvr software update causing delays in changing channels by 30-60 seconds, not being able to delete recorded shows, can not stop ff or fb when I want, not recording shows that are scheduled just to name a few “small” things.

Jason - Louisville, Kentucky

U all suck everyday something is wrong now no tv or internet on set by day go figure….it doesn’t take 10 hours to fix a line…especially when I see 5 trucks and all guys standing round talkin and playing on phones …ur company is a JOKE