Anonymous - Mesquite, Texas

None of the episodes of the prime time TV shows that aired in Nov. 2017 are available to watch on On Demand. Not Grey’s Anatomy, not Bluebloods, NONE. Have rebooted over 10 times, but the problem is not fixed. These episodes are all available to watch online–so WHY can’t we watch them on the TV through the On Demand feature???????

Jim - Graham, North Carolina

Rainy day and I might as well have Sattelite. All across the board channels are glitching/pixelating.. and our lines are underground. (So barring a cadre of crab people, or a mole uprising, rodents aren’t likely)
Really not looking forward to calling these people out to the house, but if this keeps up I may just cancel my cable and keep the internet.

Anonymous - New York, New York

NYC former TWC, Have had 2 TiVos with SDV (Cisco tning adapters and cable cards) working for a number of years. Recently SDV hasn’t been working, can’t tune most premium channels. I’ve spent hours with Spectrum over multiple visits/phone calls, replaced both tuning adapters, checked the signals, etc. same results. It’s been like this probably 5 weeks now.

Spectrum seems to be going in circles. They want do another truck roll, even though the last two on-site techs gave up and said there is nothing they could fix on-site, it’s a head-end issue. It was supposed to be escalated to engineering but that seems to have gotten lost / dropped.

One of the techs said many of his service calls are people with TiVos and it’s a Spectrum conversion problem. But at least one of the supervisors I talked to couldn’t find other people with the same problem to attach it to.

JJ - Newburgh, Indiana

Joined 4 months ago. I am on my 4th cableset box and it is also now having issues. Box 1 would not playback DVR’d shows without jittering and freezing. Box 2 arrived dead – no power. Box 3 just stopped working the second day after it was installed. Box 4 won’t activate.

MW - Hung, Ohio

TWC was taken over by Spectum, as I call them… issues with TV getting blurry and choppy internet speeds after continuous rain. When it was TWC, one thorough tech checked all connections and finally checked the main line from the pole to my house… all chewed up by squirrels. A few years later issue came back, every time I tell them replace the line from pole to house, that’s how it was resolved last time, nope. Lived with issue 3 years, Spectum took over, tech still did not replace line and guess what ? Issue still exists… AT&T Uverse was supposed to come 2-3 years ago and they stopped at end of street ! We had a city internet service just installed in my community (FairlawnGig). Switched and now looking for live TV and streaming options.

ray bluemer - massena, New York

I have spectrum tv streaming app and have lost sound on all channels of app. not a problem with sound on my computer as I can use other streaming services and sound is normal. I get runaround from time warner, even to the point where they will not give phone number of higher up management to try and resolve. I cannot even find the app to reinstall on my computer as every site I click on sends me elsewhere. My internet service is no where near what I am paying for, can’t believe town gave them another license to steal cable franchise deal.

Christine - Keene, New Hampshire

I decide to see what is playing ‘on demand’ and now I am in a loop that won’t let me watch anything BUT ‘On Demand’ – AHHHH and all help tells me is to reboot – da don’t you think I did that already! Exit just throws me back into the same loop.