Steve - Murrieta, California

Intermittent screen freeze, pixelation, and black screen on various channels. Tonight the main problem is with Sports Net LA, a TWC owned and operated station. Hard to watch the Dodger game when the picture is constantly flipping out. This is the same reason I got fed up with TWC several tears ago and switched to Verizon FIOS. That was great until Frontier took over. They screwed it up so bad I switched back to TWC (Spectrum), hoping they had improved over the years. Well, they did not improve. Not sure what’s next – maybe try Direct TV.

Mike - Liberty, Missouri

Spectrum app on my Samsung Smart TV plays all channels, except Fox Sports Kansas City. Everything is updated and called Spectrum and they say they are working on it. It is the only channel that will not play. I use the Samsung wirelessly and never had a problem when it was the Time Warner app

Anonymous - Montana

Why is it that for the last few weeks the ABC channel is having issues? I record shows on my dvr from this channel & the reception has been horrible, it’s constantly pixilating, cutting out, or the screen goes completely black!

bernard peters - bellville ohio, Ohio

I live in north central ohio and fox is my favorite network. I see now spectrum is dropping fox and several sports networks from their lineup. I for one say that if they do that I am dropping them. The price for their service i too high to begin with and I see some customers are now calling them (rectrum) . At first I thought that was a crude joke but now I tend to agree with them.

Douglas Lynch - West Chester, Ohio

1.0 sometimes will not record on dvr
2.0 when it does record on dvr and you try to fast forward a commercial, a box now appears at bottom of screen so you can’t tell FF speed or where you are at in the program
3.0 sometimes none of the remote buttons will work,
4.0 I’ve had trouble trying to delete a recorded program

Tom - Honolulu, Hawaii

I am trying to watch a past episode of Street Outlaws. It continually will hang at each commercial break. It will NOT return to the program no matter how long I let the spinning circle run.

I have tried to restart the episode but then I have to watch the entire episode just to see the end?!? This is more than frustrating.

At this point I have not been able to see the end of the program that I was watching. Instead, while I am still watching the spinning circle, I am writing this.

T.B - Southern tier, New York

Our spectrum internet seems to run for about a half an hour , turns off then turns on then runs for about a half a our again -repeat -this happens all day long –
they told me to try another of the three prefered channsles out of 11 -but I never had to do this
not even once – when i called them for technical help , i found out my 20mb internet is actually up to 15 mb -and they told me its low end and wont run my internet or TV Roku ?
Yet it always has worked fine with time warner -basically my trouble tech call went to a salesman – to sell me a faster speed -price lower for a year than what im paying now –
so Im thinking they did this problem to sell me something ? Like they think I dont know it costs them more to slow my speed down than it does to give me a faster speed ?

Dwayne - Syracuse, New York

TBS and USA channels are out again. USA has been out for a week. I’ve rebooted the box several times. Sometimes it will then work for a half hour, but then lose it again.
TBS suddenly missing.
Just black screens. And it’s all the USA HD channels and TBS HD channels.
Just a black screen.


I’ve been no less than entertained by the lateral move Time Warner made to SPECTRUM.
It cracks me up….
The only thing missing so far is Unicorns, puppy dogs & fairy dust.
For starters we made the move to Spectrum. First thing they told us is our boxes are no longer valid.
Now I want to talk about the box.
The piece of grunt has NOT given me every channel I am entitled to in ANY sitting ever YET.
This piece of crap should have never made it to market, but theyre so WORRIED about someone getting their services for free they made a box that primarily regurgitates and REgurgitates the signal so MUCH that it cant even bring the signal in.
I cant tell you the warm fuzzies I and my family get when the signal goes BLACk IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW WE ARE WATCHING.
I hope EVERYONE that “think tanked” that piece of crap in R&D over there dies a horrid slow death.
God…. I wish I was kidding…
I ponder what world I exist in where I have to HOPE I get to watch a WHOLE episode of something Ive picked to watch. SCREW YOU RECTRUM !!