QMan - Dallas, Texas

I am new to TW / S after 15 years with Verizon until the HORRIBLE split off between Frontier and AOL. Trust me: that was far worse than anything I have experienced so far with TW/S.
I have the basic 100MB down and 10Mb up service with the alleged Silver Plan. Two complaints. One real, one – well, you decide.
First, like VZ, the number of channels available under the plan is bogus. The identical program is on at least three to four channels simultaneously. So the claims of all the great channel lineups is a lie.
Second, like many, I have a group of free streaming movie sites. You can quickly figure out how to get around the pop-ups. However, with VZ I was able to watch any movie with little lag and always to the end. The first week I had TW/S, no problem. Now, either the movie never loads, or in the case of three 2017 movies, they all ended at nearly the same time – 20 minutes early. So, I am wondering if TW/S is getting some alert about 1 1/2 hour into a movie and then blocking the IP address?

Anonymous - New York

on the Spectrum app you can not get MSG to play, keeps just showing a bit of a game from days ago on the knicks game from MSG and should stream just like all the other channels do. They all work just fine on the spectrum tv app. It is not working on the app on Chanel 65 and it has worked fine for years. Yet it plays fine on the set top box on the TV Just not on the app

Anonymous - Concord, North Carolina

My sorry DVR continuously reloads when I attempt to watch regular TV. It’s been doing this for three weeks. NOTHING but problems since we switched over from Dish Network to Spectrum. I’ve never had so many problems just trying to watch regular TV in all my life. I’d like to throw this whole set-up in the yard.

Fred Dauth - Cape Neddick, Maine

The on demand has eliminated many shows! This was originally set to watch what you want when you want. It is pretty much useless. Example is that HBO’s Boardwalk Empire only has one episode available. History channel Oak island has no episodes available.