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Tell us about your Time Warner Cable problems.

After years of incompetent and horrible customer service from Time Warner Cable Company, it's time the public had a forum. There's a lot of commentary about Time Warner Cable on the internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated in one place.

Editor's Note: This website was established in 2009 as timewarneraustinsucks.com. Due to the overwhelming number of complaints against Time Warner, the site was renamed timewarnercableproblems.com in order to serve all of Time Warner's victims, wherever they may be.

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Why does HGTV pixelate so often. It gets very frustrating!    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
C. Merson
Dallas, TX
In Dallas half the time we don't get our NHL team the Stars in HD. It's bounced off HD onto a fuzzy SD channel. You figure with all the bandwidth they have that they could secure a HD channel for the NHL! It was girls volleyball the other day! Meanwhile the NBA team gets TWO channels in HD when we can't even get one consistent channel for the NHL. U-Verse here we come!    respond to this post   Post a Solution
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I have twc for 15 years. Whenever i needed them which was seldom. maybe 5 times in the first 12years. the issues were resolved. However, since i took them up on this triple play offer about 2-3 years a go. i have had nothing but aggravation, lies, deception and problems with everything. i get cable tv and high speed internet. They never did honer the galaxy tab that was part of the upgrade. A month after the install i did not receive the code necessary to start the process to get the galaxy tab voucher. The whole process was shady and kept getting different explanations for the problems. more lies. then i got so aggravated i spoke to a supervisor who had the nerve to tell me i was disqualified. I gave him a piece of my mind. and still they had no remorse. I did exactly what they told me to in order to get the galaxy tab. I knew at that point something was fundamentally wrong with the information there reps have and what there system is set up to do. they are not communicating. and this tier 1,2,3. a bounce of BS. fast forward to now.I had a problem with my smart tv in the living room. ONe day i turned it on and it said it was not connected to the network. so i checked and the the network option on my tv was different where it offers wired, wireless, or no connection. the wired box is now checked off. so i went in manually selected wireless. it searched, symbol rotating and no results. no error messages, problems or issues from the tv. no failure nothing. so i called twc and the phone rep asked for remote access my pc and make sure your logged into the routers web page. well within 5 minutes my tv was going wifi and gave all the wif in my area andmine as well. connected great for 2 weeks. so i called back and they told me that they would never do that. they gave some ridiculous explanation. I told them well i guess i have nothing else better to do then make up this story with such details. i would never be able to make up such a story.Finally i got disgusted and reset my tv disconnected my coaxial cable to th box the hdmi cable to the tv. so i could see what is going on. The truth and i mean the truth. my tv after a factory reset cannot get the broadcasting option back. its now greyed out and a lot of other sub categories are not available. The only other theory is that an outside source caused this. not so twc fixed it the first time they know whats causing this. another problem is the modem i had, the first modem i bought and returned because twc told me told and the new gateway all 3 have the wrong maker of the modem on my internet modem equipment page. I have3 e tries on my account. 1 active but all three show the maker of the modem as comsonics. so something is shady again. Also the speed tests are not testing the speed of the data of the actual ip address the network adapter is using. its using the twc wan ip address. so that data is incorrect. I never did understand why they had me on 200mbps speed. i do not need it and had to get as part of the upgrade when i got triple play. but since then i returned all upgrades equipment and home phone. Anyway i am beyond disgusted and frustrated and don't trust them with anything they say or do. because they have lied and fabricated stories deliberately to blame the customer rather then resolving the problem.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
N.myrtle beach, Sc
I have no CBS,ABC, or NBC. Can't get through to anyone on the phone.    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Recently signed up with TWC. I have a DVR, and a regular box in the bedroom. So far the picture in the bedroom is choppy, and the sound is distorted. About 50% of the channels I select are unavailable at this time, another 25% are not in my plan. Free on demand movies won't load. Never had these issues with Dish. With dish I had separate guides to see my channels or all channels if I wanted. Disappointed so far    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
For the last two weeks at approx 5:39pm during the nightly news pixelation and sound issues begin. By the time the news is over the box does a reboot on its own. All other TVs in house have same problem. Only channels that seem to work are the Fox channels. Bravo, E, HGTV all have either black screens or the jumpy pixelation problem. By the time the local news comes on at 10pm everything is fine and box begins to count down for it to work again. Such BS. We're switching to ATT U-verse next week. We've had it with TWC!    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
austin time warner is always dropping the local channels. At the moment the only local channel that works on the digital box is FOX. ABC, CBS, NBC, CW all seem to be blocked. The box will hang for 30 seconds and you only get a black screen. This happens on a regular basis.    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
There streaming services suck ! Just one more reason I would never enter into a TV service with this company    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Site Editor
Austin, TX

Google fiber-optic cable has already been installed in several Austin neighborhoods. We urge you to visit https://fiber.google.com/cities/austin/ to learn more.

Google Fiber will be way less than the cost of Time Warner, including premium channels. See pricing →

Google Fiber will be about 1000 TIMES FASTER than Time Warner cable!!!

Currently Google Fiber has only been installed in several select neighborhoods, but will eventually cover most of Austin, Texas.

As editors of this website we strongly support GOOGLE FIBER and are looking forward to the day when we can say:


   respond to this post   Post a Solution
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For at least 4 months now, TW's much-advertised ON DEMAND has been only occasionally available - loading times out with 'error 100' (program temporarily not available). By the time we get lucky and hit a day when it works, the show has rolled off the list of available episodes. And every Saturday night, several cable channels go unavailable, while the rest of the time they frequently freeze and pixellate. The DVR randomly reboots, killing any recordings and at least a half hour. Recorded shows are often unwatchable. Calls for help just get a suggestion to reboot, and once they sent a new remote - huh? And all along, the 'price-lock guarantee' price just goes ever upward - about double in a few years time. Great service, great company - yeah, uhuh.
We are in the Buffalo NY area.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Patrick Stewart
Syracuse, ny
I have been a twc customer for a few years now. As of this year im paying more for the services I get. And for the past six months certain channels which are the ones I watch the most are not coming in at all or very blurry or skipping all the time. It's very annoying especially seeing I pay over 100$ a month. I have tried to restart the box, checked the connections, had the box replaced and updated.still no resolve. I'm calling tomorrow, if not addressed I'm cancelling all services.what a joke. P.s. I called about this issue months ago and there solution was a new box, well that worked for two days then back to where I started. No discovery channel, no a+e, no Nickelodeon. Boo! I'm already a att customer with my cell phone, looks like they have tv now , hint hint.    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)   Post a Solution
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