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Tell us about your Time Warner Cable problems.

After years of incompetent and horrible customer service from Time Warner Cable Company, it's time the public had a forum. There's a lot of commentary about Time Warner Cable on the internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated in one place.

Editor's Note: This website was established in 2009 as timewarneraustinsucks.com. Due to the overwhelming number of complaints against Time Warner, the site was renamed timewarnercableproblems.com in order to serve all of Time Warner's victims, wherever they may be.

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posted by:
Charles Mills
Dallas, TX
I have have Time Warner for all of about a week now. Three calls for no service in the first 24 hours. The brand new cable box has a power cord that will BARELY stay connected and literally just FALLS out if you even move the box. You don't have to catch on anything that tugs mind you, it just falls the fuck out.

The buttons on the remote don't do the features that the buttons say AND the PDF manual say they do... in particular On Demand. Further, if you get into On Demand... it seems the only way to get out is to change channels or use the menu... no simple EXIT button... or rather... there IS one but it doesn't DO anything.

Best of all you can't escape the show you accidentally chose in On Demand. No it's IN PROGRESS and if I go to that channel to find the show I actually wanted it won't show me anything else but the show I accidentally chose (which happened because this fucking box is INSANELY slow... I literally hit page up while in the guide and can count a full 2 Mississippi at least before the page moves).

I changed over because AT&T dropped a promo rate and with no premiums I came out at 177.00 a month... at this time after what I have dealt with over the past week, I wish I stayed with AT&T. The level of frustration with Time Warner in under a week just isn't worth it.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Robert Hight
Pawleys Island, SC
The internet is sporadic. Sometimes we get a download speed of 30 mbps (which is what we payed for) and then a minute later it will be .01 mbps. They keep telling us it's the motem. But when they install a new one, we run into the same problem. Our neighbors are having similar issues, but they insist it's still the modem that's broken (I'm guessing because that's easier to fix.) Then, after six months of nonstop problems, they decide to give us a phone call and tell us the reason our internet sucks could be the result of a severe thunderstorm. I'm getting tired of the excuses. These people are spineless.

One more thing, if you make an appointment with them, expect them about two hours before or after the time you scheduled. They seemed pretty confused when they showed up two hours early and nobody was home.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Charlotte, NC
Hello all I can see now I'm one off many customers they lie to. It is sad for them they must lie to keep profits coming. Time Warner is the worst. I spent a week trying to order my internet first I try earthlink only for me to find out they(earthlink) could not service my area because TWC had in their system I owe them $29.95 for a service request from 2009. I talk to more
then ten CSR within 6 days with no real results finally, I went to their corporate office here Charlotte ,Nc. After speaking to their
highly trained manager I was made to pay $108 dollars to get my service the same day. I had no choice because they are the lead service provider in my area, that means they a monopoly over the market. These customers abuses always happens due to lack of equal competition. Yes TWC is one of the wrost. As i told the csr i rader eat dirt then to do business with business them. I belive the FCC needs to do something as for me, I will contact the corperate officers. Buyer be ware when it comes to TWC.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Box is constantly freezing, it resets and count down from L8 at least once a week. There is about a 7 second lag from the time you press a button on the remote to the time the box performs the command. Internet is spotty. Looking for a new provder
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posted by:
Had service for a year and a half, no problems. I moved from a bottom floor apartment to a top, and it started then.
I told them I would self install. Rep explains they may have to send another mode, I tell him the current one is working because I installed it and I am talking to him on the phone with it. He says "No problem, after a year, you own the modem" That didn't seem right, since I was paying a lease on the modem, but whatever, internet was working.
2 days later, new modem shows up, old one still works.
2 weeks later, old one craps out. Call support, new one not working either. They said they "provisioned the new modem, take the old one off". I asked why the modem I owned that was working stopped, they informed me I did not own the modem. Tech came out 2 days later (Called at 11:45 to apologize for being late to a 11:00 appointment, wasted my lunch hour and a actual hour of work on a tuesday) and replaced NEW modem, working for now.
Got the monthly bill, one for upstairs, one for downstairs. Called, was told "We will fix this, sorry, you should only have one line". Ya think??!?!?!
Next bill shows up, double billed again. Called and cancelled. Was told on the phone "WE WILL FIX THIS ISSUE WITH DOUBLE BILLING, PAY THE $83.04 FOR SERVICES SO FAR AND WE'LL CANCEL AT END OF MONTH, SEND YOU A $0 BILL, THEY YOU RETURN OUR EQUIPMENT."
I recieve a $20.60 modem charge for the OLD modem, and a charge for ANOTHER month (When it should be cancelled) because, according to this rep, "You have to turn in the equipment to cancel service, OTHERWISE WE BILL YOU ANOTHER MONTH." So even if you have the service off, replaced with Goggle Fiber like I did already, you WILL be charged for another month if your modem is kept a single minute past some arbitrary end of the month (The 27th here).
I cannot return the equipment on a sunday. I called to tell the rep I will take ANOTHER lunch hour to turn in their equipment, they indicated it may be too late to refund the final month. It's not even the next month, and I am paying for it 4 days before this one is over.
If you call customer service, RECORD THEIR LIES
If you cancel, you had better get that old modem to a service center (nearest one, 18 miles) before the last 2 weeks of the month
If you call their call center, expect no talent baby mommas with no dad to try and grunt their version of "engliss" at you, and to say whatever they can to get you off the phone.
If you use their service, just go buy lube for you and your wallet, and expect loopholes that will charge you at every opportunity.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
ABC channel constantly has hesitations in broadcasting....very annoying    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
middletown, oh
I have had issues with missing channels, freezing screens, channels unavailable for the DVR to record, etc for 4 months. I have rebooted, changed boxed, and finally had every wire and connector replaced in my house. The Technician told me I went from a -14 to a +14, whatever that means. The only thing I care about was watching my $120 cable! Well, my cable may now be a +14, but every issue I had before I am still having. I called TWC and I was irate! The lady that took my call said let me see if there is a problem in your area. I said don't bother this has been going on for 4 months! She said, it looks like there is an upgrade going on in your area, lucky you! I said, "Oh Really!" How long has this been going on? She said since January. I said I have asked 10 people if there is anything going on in my are and if there is anyone else complaining of the same issues and they have all said no, but now you are telling me they have all lied to me? She said I don't know maam, but there is an upgrade going on in your area. I said then I expect a credit on my bill for the last 4 months since I have taken off work twice, called TWC 6 times, rebooted my system more times than I can count, and have not been able to watch one recorded show on my DVR. She said, absolutely maam that will be on your next bill. Well, I'll let you know how much that credit is for!    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Next door neighbor cancelled his Time-Warner service (had Dish installed). "Technician" comes out to the utility pole, and cuts MY cable. I have to make an appointment and wait around the house to have the same fool come out and fix his F__ Up. Internet service sux every time it rains. Common complaint with neighbors who use the service, but will they ever acknowledge a problem at a junction box a quarter of a mile away ? Phht

Customer "Service" Supervisors who refuse to acknowledge or honor a request to have service checked EXTERNALLY, before requiring a friendly visit (ie: waiting around for one to show up) from one of their highly qualified "technicians".    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
, Nj
You are not the only one ,believe me .I was on the phone for hours with a rep...she gave me a credit of 100 something dollars .,she even promissed me a call back next day ,she did call me the next day to make sure the credit was added to my account .the reason why i was arguing with them ,I did not receive a single bill from january to may.then i started to wonder i went to check my bill online thats when i started to realize ive been ripped off......for some reason I did not believe her ,I called them back to make sure the credit was added I used to have same kind of problem with t mobile...after 2 days I called back so to make sure she did a great job..the next rep and the supervisor did not have a Damn clue about the credit...I spent time for nothing. I went to their office they gave me a credit of 75 dollars .next bill came without a credit in my account I called customer service they did not have a clue about my bill...my bill went from 128 to 180 dollars per month .my receipt said I owe 283 I paid 135 unpaid balance was 147.52 .so 283 -147 =75 credits .then I received June bill saying I owed previously 357-135paid = unpaid balance 221 .I called them, the rep tryna make me look stupid saying the credit was added my unpaid balance was 149 at the time insted of 147.52.I paid my 135 on the 5-15-15 i called and cancelled on june 2.....so my bill usually due on the 12 ..they even reduce my bill to 135 dollars a month ...now I have to pay 98 dollars from may 13 to June 2 ,2015 .I advise everyone to check your bill everytime or you will get ripped offf..check what they are chaging every single detail.. thank you    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Chad B
Cable was great when...
-Animal Planet had great photography of animals chasing each other in the wild,now its back to back episodes of some old English guy fishing in the dark to horror movie music.
-they showed music videos on Mtv, then they prompted the downfall of cable with Real World.
-Discovery had various science documentaries, now its all hillbillies in the wild and redneck, garaged reality.
-History was about the past, now its about collecting garbage from the past and hillbillies running in the wild.

I guess Im not the demographic they want. Time to drop cable.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
It is good and bad I am not the only one disgusted with the customer service of Time Warner Cable. Something should be done about it! CSRs tell you they are noting the account and the next time you call the next CSR does not see those notes....they tell you anything...they do not listen they do not show up on time and then they do not communicate the proper information to the technicians. I have been waiting for weeks for a simple transfer of service and take advantage of a promotion that was offered to me, in which has made things even more complicated because the tech that finally arrived an hour ago wanted money and then did not transfer service although I have my equipment regardless if a upgrade was done or not. It has been hell and I am tired of hearing the apologies I only want results. For a company that deals in technology they have no clue as to how to take advantage of it and make it work for them. There database is outdated and they need to step it up because I am shopping for a new provider as of today. This is ridiculous.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution (1)
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