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Tell us about your Time Warner Cable problems.

After years of incompetent and horrible customer service from Time Warner Cable Company, it's time the public had a forum. There's a lot of commentary about Time Warner Cable on the internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated in one place.

Editor's Note: This website was established in 2009 as timewarneraustinsucks.com. Due to the overwhelming number of complaints against Time Warner, the site was renamed timewarnercableproblems.com in order to serve all of Time Warner's victims, wherever they may be.

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posted by:
Chad B
Cable was great when...
-Animal Planet had great photography of animals chasing each other in the wild,now its back to back episodes of some old English guy fishing in the dark to horror movie music.
-they showed music videos on Mtv, then they prompted the downfall of cable with Real World.
-Discovery had various science documentaries, now its all hillbillies in the wild and redneck, garaged reality.
-History was about the past, now its about collecting garbage from the past and hillbillies running in the wild.

I guess Im not the demographic they want. Time to drop cable.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
It is good and bad I am not the only one disgusted with the customer service of Time Warner Cable. Something should be done about it! CSRs tell you they are noting the account and the next time you call the next CSR does not see those notes....they tell you anything...they do not listen they do not show up on time and then they do not communicate the proper information to the technicians. I have been waiting for weeks for a simple transfer of service and take advantage of a promotion that was offered to me, in which has made things even more complicated because the tech that finally arrived an hour ago wanted money and then did not transfer service although I have my equipment regardless if a upgrade was done or not. It has been hell and I am tired of hearing the apologies I only want results. For a company that deals in technology they have no clue as to how to take advantage of it and make it work for them. There database is outdated and they need to step it up because I am shopping for a new provider as of today. This is ridiculous.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Death to TWC
Time warner is evil. My moving service technician no showed, even tho I confirmed twice after I saw a local TWC guy who said he no other jobs in the area. The scheduled him to come back the next day without telling me. They rescheduled it again for saturday two weeks later. so have no internet service for 3 weeks GREAT. called to confirm since i have no faith in them anymore, and they said there was no appt on saturday and in fact my account had been canceled. asked to speaker with a sr manager - but she was at lunch. sooooooooooo frustrasted.

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posted by:
girard, oh
When I dial out on my phone-the person I am calling does not hear me- what is wrong?    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
CJ Carpenter
Charlotte, NC
I just cancelled my broadcast TWC service due to these stupid boxes they are going to for basic cable / broadcast stations service.

When I told the customer service rep that I was going over-the-air antenna, he told me that "antennas won't work in a few months, either, they are going digital, too." I challenged that -- standard TV service was ended in 2009, making digital TV the only over-the-air option in the US (save for a very few low power stations) -- and told him I work at a local Charlotte NC TV station, and he then added that is what his supervisors are telling the reps to tell canceling basic cable customers.

So they are lying to customers, spreading FUD to antenna cord-cutters. TWC: GRRRRRR!

This was the Gastonia Union rd TWC office    respond to this post   (2 responses - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Astoria, New York
Finally had to leave TWC for RCN. Called the number for the office of the president and emailed them as well. Got in contact with the top level customer reps. They were at a loss as to why I was constantly having On demand issues with sound dropping out and selecting a show I want to watch and being taken to something totally different. See here:


Wow! Just wow!

Many, many visits from techs, many cable boxes replaced and still no resolution. In addition to the on demand issue above, I had numerous problems with the cable box crashing as I changed channels. Random "black screens of death" as I watched a show forcing me to unplug the box and plug it back in. The reboot time was always quite long. And don't get me started on the semi weekly internet outages. It was a regular occurrence. Sometimes lasting most of the day.

Several days after leaving, I got a call from TWC sales division asking me to come back as they could likely get me back for a better rate and send a senior tech to do the install so they can make sure all is well. I explained to them why I left and this is what they were promising me as there were a great number of technical issues. They once again stated a senior tech and or manager would be present for the install. Then they tried to sell my on the triple play, I refused. Then they gave me back the package I had, claiming it would be the same price but they gave me two different quotes in the same conversation and the sales rep became elusive.

Well, something didn't sound right about all of this. So I called the office of the president and spoke to reps there. It turns out the rep blatantly lied to me. Yes they did assemble my old package back but at a much higher price. Even worse, president's office rep said there's no such thing as sending out a senior tech to install and communicate with the headend to make sure the last issues I was experiencing were solved. She couldn't understand why they would say such things. I'd have to get it installed, replicate the problem and begin the cycle of endless tech visits once more.

TWC WAS TRYING to get me back by any means necessary even if it meant making things up to win me back. And there is the problem with TWC. It comes off as very dishonest and borderline criminal.

Needless to say, I didn't take them up on their offer to come back. But should I decide to again one day, the rep at the presidents office instructed metro call her directly. So I may be in good hands should I make a switch back down the road.    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Ilene Rowe
Orange, MA
there is no sound on channel 44 nbcsn since 4/7/15. All others have sound.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
I switched a year ago and huge mistake. Please wait screens, poorly designed user interface are mild irritants compared to watching a recorded show in progress delete itself after it finished the recording. I now get to wait 4 days to finish it on demand IF it is one of the episodes available since often On Demand skips episodes. The Internet is SLOW and creates authentication errors and needs to be rebooted constantly. The guide does not respond to remote I put or you do not believe so and hit the button again only to find yourself on screens or watching a show you did not choose. I am done. Costco and Direct TV here I come but will be getting a different Internet provider as well.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
ny, ny
email i just sent to Twc.Cotp@twcable.com
let's see what happens

have had a problem with cable for several years,
i have had several boxes and multiple repairs.
the final solution, i was told on 3/17/15 and today, by ms rickenbocker, that the only way for repair to be done was for a repair person to come when the problem shows itself.

never mind that in all the times (except one phone call on 2/27/15 where the person at TW could see the problems herself, on her screen) has a repair person arrived during a problem.

this is the way TW says "f==k you, i sit at a job and my job is to inconvenience until you are frustrated enough to go away."

i will be happy to supply you with dates and information but i can no longer listen to some hostile TW employee who's solution to my ongoing problem is to stay home for appointments so the repair person can witness the problem, a 1,000 to 1 chance it will happen. that's not time i want to spend.
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posted by:
If you want real Results. Call the office of the president and ask for Lonney Krentz the department manager or Paula Takach. Don't take NO for an answer! (212)364-8300 option #2 or Email them at Twc.Cotp@twcable.com. Trust me complain loud enough and you will get results! If that doesn't work call and Email the CEO Rob.Marcus@Twcable.com or call him at 212 364 8219 that always gets results!    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
I HOPE YOU READ THIS BEFORE GETTING TWC. I've been trying unsuccessfully to cancel service since Feb 2014. I bought a house and moved. I called to cancel service upon buying the house and moving yet they are stating I have a modem that I don't have that the really bad installer took with him since I have my own. I'm a web professional! They insist I owe them for thir box yet I wasn't billed ever (3 years!) while supposedly still having it. Why wouldn't they bill me monthly if I actually had their modem? There's the proof! They hit my account again too so I'm setting a fraud claim against them through my bank and tomorrow I'm writing a complaint to the FCC. Next is Small Claims Court Unless this site gets smart and gets a class action going. Legal action seems necessary to quit your account. I can't wait until they tank and go out of business.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
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