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Tell us about your Time Warner Cable problems.

After years of incompetent and horrible customer service from Time Warner Cable Company, it's time the public had a forum. There's a lot of commentary about Time Warner Cable on the internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated in one place.

Editor's Note: This website was established in 2009 as timewarneraustinsucks.com. Due to the overwhelming number of complaints against Time Warner, the site was renamed timewarnercableproblems.com in order to serve all of Time Warner's victims, wherever they may be.

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posted by:
Del Valle, TX
This is the second weekend in a row that TWC has prevented me from working with intermittent cable outages. I work online over a timed interface, and must have a solid 'net connection to work. As it stands now I've lost so much time already today due to this outage that I will be working well into the night just to finish my shift. This totally stinks. Double jeopardy: paying for a service I'm not getting, and prevented from working to earn money to pay for it. I need to find another service.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
What is going on?? Regular stations are fllickering and jumping around so cannot watch the show. HD is working fine. This all started this moring. Again what is going on!!!    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
I cant believe last night around 5 .....I have had problems with cable I called today and they said u were working in our area its still not just right movies skikpping and picture black and can't view tv guide or record dr philli hd schedule and I did get to see it did not record can u tell me when will allths be fixed right been 24 hrs or more now

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posted by:
Vikki Johnson
Carlsbad , Ca

I recorded the World Cup today based on the time warner guide (according to the guide, it was on channel 730, at 11:00am). I recorded it because I was at work all day and wanted to see it when I got home. I got home, and I hit play and even though the DVR said it was playing the World Cup, woman's basket ball was playing! I have had several times where I record shows and they when I play them they are wrong. Normally, it's on channels like bravo where they repeat everything so I don't really care. But the World Cup? I had friends over to watch it so I'm really annoyed that the guide was wrong. Maybe I should be more annoyed that the time warner cable is wrong numerous times. I call them and they have no answers saying "the guide says World Cup, the World Cup should have recorded." If the World Cup recorded, i wouldn't be calling! Does anyone else have this problem?    respond to this post   (3 responses - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Ardine Nelson
Columbus, Oh
Anyone else with these problems. The tv signal freezes for between 2 and 20 sec then picks up in realtime. This may happen on any HD channel from local to HBO, SHOWTIME to MSNBC and the commercials also freeze. Occasionally the only way to unfreeze a "live" broadcast is to change channels. Of course anything recorded has the issue permanently. All connections tight, rebooting the box solves nothing. It may not happen for several days then do it 10 times in 1 hour.

Warner has been out 6 times in the last 5 months, replaced every cable from the pole through the house to the box, replaced all the connectors and I have taken the box to the warner office 3 times now. They say signal strength is fine at the pole and at the box. One tech said it was the HDMI connection and to use composite. Tried that but still the same problems. Nothing solves the problem. Every technician, every phone tech (I've been to level 3 people 4 time now) says its something else. No one can solve the issue. I am now waiting 10 days to get a "supervisor tech" to come to the house. Due next Monday.

Also, promises are made but not carried through. The last phone tech said the person coming to the house would bring a brand "new" box. He just laughed when he got here. Everything is reconditioned. I was quite upset turning in the last box when the counter person would not write anything down about what the issues were. How do they "recondition" a box if they do not pay attention to what the issue is. I realize intermittent problems are the hardest to solve but...

Any fix ideas? I have been with Warner for years and now they are everything in my house (phone, internet, security and this poor cable TV.    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Los Angeles, Ca
Tried to sign up for Internet two weeks ago. Signed up online, received confirmation email. I bought a modem, installed it, but nothing. Chatted with customer service, said couldn't find my account. Called customer service, said no record of my account so I had to give over all information again. Said technician would come next day and Internet would be working. Two days passed, still no Internet. Called again. Said needed MAC address which I had already provided. Got cut off. Called again a few minutes later. New operator said no record of my account despite the fact that operator I had just spoken with had pulled up my account info in seconds. This operator tells me she will get Internet working. Later calls back and tells me she can't find my modem model in order to deliver service to it (despite the fact that it is one of only ten modem models that TWC lists as compatible with their service). What does it mean that "she can't find my model"? Your guess is as good as mine. I chat with another technician. He has me give him my IP address and alleges to ping me, tells me my Internet is working fine, despite the fact that I have no Internet access and not able to ping any IP address myself.

I can't make this stuff up. I've never experienced such horrible service in my life. It's like they actually don't want to provide Internet service to me.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
McQueeney, TX
6 months now and the internet and phone work whenever they want to.
TW has been out many times and haven't fixed it.
I'm sorry TW, but if there another option, I would quickly use someone else.

I wish I still had my old land line again- it failed only once in 20 years.

DO NOT USE TW FOR A BUSINESS PHONE- YOU WILL LOOSE BUSINESS.!    respond to this post   (1 response - view)   Post a Solution
posted by:
Just moved from Pittsburgh to the Columbus, Ohio area. Got TWC and am paying for the 20Mb internet service. It usually works fine all day, but then around 6 - 7pm it slows to an almost unusable crawl. Speedtests show I'm only getting a 10Mb connection or less during these times. We have a smart TV, tablet, 2 smartphones and a computer hooked up, not all being used at the same time. The service I got from my company in Pittsburgh was only 10Mb, but seemed faster and more reliable than what I am getting here.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Rachel Kraft
Craptastic. We had to switch cable cards six times in one month once. Just recently some guys came by, broke our cable, and then left. They sent another guy out to fix it, and he did which was cool. Until the very next day they had some other guy come out and steal our mocha filter. Now our cable cards don't work again.

This is why monopolies are bad.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
We have experienced the worst cable service ever! After exchanging the DVR Time Warner box to find it wouldn't work, I took the box back to the store and refused to leave until they tested the box first. We went through 4 other boxes = a total of 5 exchanged boxes in one day! The Time Warner store clerk was even embarrassed. The box that finally worked, has been good for a few months but now will just "blink" out in the middle of the program ever few minutes. Also, if we play a recorded show and try to fast forward, the program will continue to jump forward until the show is over and we cannot stop it from jumping. You'd think the button is stuck on fast forward, but it is not. I think all this boils down to crappy equipment that Time Warner continues to refurbish. You cannot get any new equipment from Time Warner and they don't care that you continually have problems. No one will do anything to fix the situation. Pray for Google to make it to you soon!    respond to this post   Post a Solution
posted by:
Richard Rogers
Enon , OH
Well here we go again!!! Here it is Saturday night and no cable, imagine that. My cable has been out for going on 2 1/2 hours. All my box says is error IAO1. Whatever that means. I have called them three times and with such wonderful customer service they were able to put me on hold for a total of 1hr!! With no answer to why I have no service. But the did tell me and I quote. .."we are sorry that you are unable to enjoy are awesome service at this time"....ARE YOU SERIOUS!!....im sorry but I cant think of one time in my 15 years of being a customer that their service was awsome. I HATE TIME WARNER!!! I dont think its right for them to treat customers the way they do, and I know they do this because there is no other cable company to choose from in my area. Im surrounded by trees and ive tried satellite with very little luck. Thanks again time warner for your awsome service.    respond to this post   Post a Solution
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Time Warner Cable Problems