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Why Time Warner Cable Problems exists:  After many years of horrible customer service from the Time Warner Cable Company (now Spectrum), we decided that it was time for the public to have a forum. There is a lot of negative commentary about Time Warner Cable problems and Spectrum problems on the Internet, but we felt it should all be consolidated on one website.

Time Warner Cable Problems Editor Note:  Time Warner Cable recently changed it’s name to SPECTRUM (or RECTRUM  as we call them). They did this because they are scared shitless of the ever increasing presence of Google Fiber. You can also reach this website at

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How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? Ruth Popper - Archer City, Texas

How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box? (common search phrase: ‘reboot cable box’)

reboot cable boxSeptember, 2017
Editors note: – ‘How do I reboot my cable Set-Top Box?’ is the most commonly asked question in our database.
Thanks to Ruth Popper from Archer City, TX for asking this question!

reboot cable box: Time Warner Cable Reboot

The Time Warner Cable Reboot

Since this website began in 2010 we have noticed a common ‘suggestion’ from the fine folks at Time Warner Cable support.  REBOOT!

Recently Time Warner Cable / Spectrum pushed a software update to our DVR box.  We could not help but notice that when we clicked on the ‘settings’ button on our remote, there was a new OPTION. . .  ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’.

The ‘MAGIC BULLET’ – reboot

Before software is published it needs to be ‘debugged’.  In plain English this means finding and removing  all problems.  Time Warner Cable and Spectrum are too lazy to do this.  They know you will be calling them about the numerous problems you encounter and it is much easier to tell you to ‘reboot’ your DVR than it is to actually fix the problem.

More about the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM update

In addition to the ‘Reboot Set-Top Box’ issue, the latest Time Warner Cable / SPECTRUM DVR box update has added extra steps to the process of viewing your recorded programs. Stay tuned – more to come . . .

William Hicks - PSj, Florida

I live I Port Saint John, FL. My cable went out right as the storm hit. Me and my neighbors lost cable service, which lncludes TV, Internet and phone and the next day it was completely restored. I should of known it was too good to be true. Me and my neighbor lost it again on Friday as soon as we got power. My boxes and modem were on generator power. My neighbor one door west has full spectrum services. My neighbor one door west of me don’t have service and they just raised my bill by .00 per month to 2.00 per month. They said they could not send anybody out for me and my neighbor. You have seen electric trucks everywhere have you seen a spectrum truck, not in my middle class neighborhood.

Extremely Ripped Off - Chardon, Ohio

We were victims of the Time Warner / Spectrum switch here in the 216 440 area codes. So yesterday 9/19/2017 they implemented the have to have a digital converter for basic cable connected sets.

I drove to the local spectrum office (15 miles away) only to find that there was 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour wait to even speak to someone at the desk that could help me. So while I was waiting there was a spectrum rep. roaming the crowd telling them of the delays etc. So I asked how many boxes was I entitled to for my sets, I was told if I was a time warner customer I would get no free boxes and those boxes would cost me 11.00 a month per box. When I expressed my displeasure with this policy, she stated I could go get a roku, and use that for my spectrum basic TV access as long as I had the tv service enabled which I do with 1 box in the living room for the family to access. After work and I stopped and picked up a roku got home and installed it. All was good. Loaded spectrum app entered password and all seemed to work well.

I go downstairs and make dinner for the family, eat said dinner, clean up the mess etc and go upstairs to play with my new toy. I fire up the spectrum app in roku and get service un-avaliabe error rlp-1004 please try again later. I go to my PC and load the spectrum app and get the exact same message service unavalible please try again later. REALLY , so I do some trouble shooting per posts on the internet (even though everthing else works on roku.. go figure) and still the same thing over and over again. I go ask my oldest to try it on his system and he gets the same thing so he logs into the spectrum website to get some assistance (yeah right) getting no answers from spectrum he checks the billing page only to discover guess what they’ve raised our bill an additional $30 bucks a month (we’re now at $190/ month for the triple bundle) and cant use the the basic options we’ve had for years.

Total BS ….

Susan - Asheboro, North Carolina

Before we updated to Spectrum from Time Warner we could not get any channels to come in clear. Then we got two DVR boxes and a whole lot less channels and spotty service, a DVR that the remote does not control, no service at all unless we reboot or delayed channels that don’t load for minutes at a time and slower or no Internet connection.

Lois - Bridgeport, West Virginia

I continually have to reconnect to the Internet and often have to reboot the modem. Very frustrating because it is several times a day. Also we now have dimmed video performance on the HD channels. They start out bright and then continue to dim until they reach a certain point and then it stops. And yet the bill keeps going up.

Barbara Durham - Simi Valley, California

I bought a Roku device and had it installed on my Sony TV so that I could access the Spectrum app and use Spectrum’s streaming service. I was unable to log on and when I called Spectrum, I was told the engineers were working on it and there was not a thing I could do but call every day and ask to have a refund for the service I could not access.

BV - Los Angeles, California

Since charter cable bought out TWC and renamed to Spectrum my cable bill jumped 40 bucks! This after Charter swore to the feds that the merger would lead to synergies and lower prices. Add to this my cable box had new software uploaded to it which caused it to lag, and some DVR recorded shows no longer would play. I’ve since cut the cord.

CHRIS - Westminster, California

Im in sothern Cal. and cannot access the On Demand channel. I get an “error HL1000- service is currently unavailable”. Of course this has gone on just shy of a WEEK now.,
Just because they changed their name- and launched a BILLION dollar facelift campaign showing carefree people in convertibles heading down beautiful windy roads headed to paradise, or showing little kids holding kittens and puppy dogs & fairy dust does NOT mean they arent the diaper stains with the SAME piece of CRAP company they always were.
BTW, WHAT THE HELL does a CAR RIDE have to do with my crappy service??
Oh,, am I to get a sense of ease and comfort from the ridiculous “forget we were Time Warner” campaign??…
Not today…
not ANY dAY

I mean….
By golly….nothing like a good ‘ol fashioned attempt at some 50’s brainwashing to solve things!!
I think the descendent’s of the people that used to tell us there was no cause for alarm right after one of those pesky little nuclear bomb tests are here to tell me about Spectrum!!
Yep… a few SUNNY SKIES commercials, a “welcome” or 2 here and there….with a side order of assurance and VIOLA!!
And those pesky internet outages?…
Well… thats actually the fault of another one of those doggone weather balloons!!
I’ve now realigned with Spectrum now for what ??..
10 months?
I STILL cannot get ALL the channels I pay for at once. When I channel check, its either 65 (SciFi) or 68 (Oxygen), or BET or BBC America, or ALL of them at once…..
Inevitably, at least ONE of them will say TRY AGAIN LATER.


Jim - Orlando, Florida

For a week now On Demand through Spectrum has been down in the central Florida area. Spectrum can’t give an estimate on when it will be fixed and refuses to adjust billing to compensate. Also, their internal communication is horrible as some service reps aren’t aware of the problem if you call or chat. They either want to keep sending a signal to reboot the box, which hasn’t worked, or send out a tech who told us it was a known issue in the area. Time to switch to Direct TV or ATT.