anonymous - hilliard, Ohio

Ever since Spectrum took over Time Warner I’ve had to reset both of my set top boxes at least once a week, if not more! What seems to be the problem? Both of my set top boxes are not that old. I’ve called and had them reset them a month ago after I reset them several times, still have a problem!


The new receiver box was carefully hooked up. I just spent over 30 minutes on the phone with a rep who also could not get channels up. Right now the area around my TV is a sea of twc boxes, cables & wires – with no signal. This is for the birds.

bob hazelton - richfield springs, New York

We have had cable since it started in Richfield Springs NY. I think back then it was owned by suburban propane (a gas company) then Time Warner appeared. So in the early 1970’s we had only one or two cable outages and they were weather related. The cable came in direct to TV. Then a year or so back Spectrum appeared and we had Samsung cable box, cable to box, box to TV. problem is I have to reboot average weekly and sometimes twice.I am not a novice. I hold an FCC Extra Class Radio license and retired from an international register service company as a trouble shooter to component level and 8 years USAF electronics in Radar and Missiles. I think the problem may be JUNK receiver/converters as a guess. No reason to have to reboot devices weekly no matter the season.