Thea - Corbin, Kentucky

Had to add a rental “hd cable box” so we could actually have a clear picture on a new smart tv. Our bill was already $144 per month for BASIC SERVICE, no special packages. The box has started causing pixelation, constantly regardless of the channel (HD or not). And, how do we know it’s the box? We unplugged the box and plugged the cable directly into the tv. Amazing, no pixelation…but the picture quality is terrible. We’ve had the box for less than a month, and to make sure it operated without overheating (the box gets HOT), we have a device fan that runs when the box is on to keep it cool. So, how disappointed are we with Spectrum quality, 3 out of 5 thumbs down, and 5 thumbs down for the excessive cost. For $156 per month, our cable quality should be excellent.

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