Colleen P Zaczkiewicz - Corry, Pennsylvania

The new Spectrum Cable is making us crazy. At least three times during a show – yes a show – we are losing the cable. We are missing big chunks of a show sometimes and other times it is a shorter interruption. It is ridiculous. We did not have the problem this bad before. We did lose service before, but this is frustrating. I want to start to research dish or direct tv


Last nights prime time shows… still a week old! Supposedly their in demand channels are current and up to date but 24 hours later I’m still waiting for last nights episodes to drop! Plus I deal with lag time, freezing and slooooow internet! Cable company Choices are getting limited and spectrum is mediocre at best!

Rita - Dallas, Texas

cable service goes down without warning, stays down for hours and hours. Every day since we started noting, December 16th till today December 28, 2017.
When you call Spectrum Support, prompt will validate your account number and then you hear the standard recording, “there is a service outage in your area. our tech support has no further information.” etc.
Every day.
Today i called and asked for tech support to find out if they really knew their infrastructure is down, CSR said it shows it was down only once in the last month!! Really?? she said to replace our router and modem as they are 2012 model, too old for any technology!. Really??
She suggested to replace our Ethernet cable, etc.
She would hesitate to state that they are definitely having problems but on and off said they are having some problems but not much! Really??

Customer - Winston Salem, North Carolina

The most awkward remote controls ever! Sometimes they work and sometimes not…after changing batteries! Also, The same with the replacement remotes. These remote control are not ergonomically designed for smaller hands and when I constantly have to touch the digits over and over, I am afraid of getting carpal tunnel! My friend has Direct TV and their remotes are much easier to maneuver. Will someone from Spectrum please look into this problem?

Lisa-anne Uhrmacher - Parkville, Missouri

I have a digital cable box (the small non-DVR box) upstairs on my Sony Bravia TV. This week CNN (channel 44) became unavailable. I had a tech out, and he says I need to turn 410 off on my TV??? I have CNN downstairs, I have channel 43, 45, etc, so why am I just unable to view 44? I get an error message that service has been disrupted.

Larry - Raleigh, North Carolina

MSNBC has stopped working on the Spectrum APP in Raleigh. It’s been 12-24 hours. Other channels are working okay. It gives me an error message that says “Service Unavailable” with an error code RLP-1006. Is this a result of the FCC removing Net Neutrality?