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NYC former TWC, Have had 2 TiVos with SDV (Cisco tning adapters and cable cards) working for a number of years. Recently SDV hasn’t been working, can’t tune most premium channels. I’ve spent hours with Spectrum over multiple visits/phone calls, replaced both tuning adapters, checked the signals, etc. same results. It’s been like this probably 5 weeks now.

Spectrum seems to be going in circles. They want do another truck roll, even though the last two on-site techs gave up and said there is nothing they could fix on-site, it’s a head-end issue. It was supposed to be escalated to engineering but that seems to have gotten lost / dropped.

One of the techs said many of his service calls are people with TiVos and it’s a Spectrum conversion problem. But at least one of the supervisors I talked to couldn’t find other people with the same problem to attach it to.

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Same here


Still not resolved. Was supposed to be fixed by some headend change by now.