Wales - Raleigh, North Carolina

cable box started an auto reboot a couple weeks ago. Generally once a day. Sometimes around 7:15 AM. Not always at the same time and sometimes more than once a day. Sometimes it struggles to reboot and seems to restart the initializing process several times. Other times it does a normal reboot.

Anonymous - North Carolina

11/27/17. For a few weeks now, various people are reporting that they are receiving roadrunner server rejections (message not delivered) when emailing me at …. Below is the text from our company technician who looked into this. Spectrum really needs to fix this issue, as it blocks emails from random people at random times (frustrating).

“I’ve reviewed the email you forwarded, as well as researched the issue online. It appears that this is an intermittent issue affecting multiple people. Specifically, it is manifesting on people sending email TO They are all getting the same error, and it has happened in a few areas in the northeastern US and I’ve found at least one other person experiencing the same issue in the Charlotte area. The issue only seems to occur when sending FROM Office 365 email addresses.

The consensus seems to be that the error is on Spectrum’s side. Specifically, the error reported stems from what is known as a failed SPF check, which occurs on the recipient side, not the sender side. It also explains why you are having this issue while some of your colleagues can successfully send to this recipient—the same thing has been reported by others, that it seems to be random and will affect some users and others will not. The first reports of this that I can find are from October, which tracks with responses from Spectrum that they have been doing some reconfiguration work on their mail servers.

Unfortunately, the end result of this is that there really isn’t anything to fix on your computer or with Office 365; the issue is on Spectrum’s mail servers, and until they resolve it, it will likely continue intermittently.”

Bob - Thousand Oaks, California

Often a show recorded on spectrum isn’t available right away…but appears 1 or 2 days later (the folder appears, but not the show). Shouldn’t it be nearly immediate?

On a separate note…it’s frustrating that the spectrum box display looks basically the same whether it’s on or off.

Thoughts on either or both anyone?

Jim S. - Albany, New York

It’s time to put back the TV antenna. Not only do I have to pay $7.50 for local channels while over the air is free, now Spectrum says we need to put a box on every TV. This merger has done nothing for consumers and only filled the coffers of Spectrum. They can’t seem to get enough of our money. I’ve had enough!

Spectrum BAD! Anything else is better!

Chris - Staten Island, New York

As documented by Consumerist on February 23, 2017, some TV apps such as Freeform, ABC, FOX, and FX among others dropped support for legacy Time Warner Cable customers while continuing to serve Charter customers.

It is now November and Spectrum still has not seemed to have taken sufficient effort to rectify this issue with all of their app partners, as Freeform continues to serve only legacy Charter customers with still no app service for Time Warner customers ahead of the 25 Days of Christmas event. There is still no single login form for customers on both legacy Charter and Time Warner systems to log into such apps, and only select apps (such as FOX Sports Go and NBC Sports) support both the Time Warner and Charter forms, this being more than 550 days after the merger officially closed.

Those of us customers living in areas previously served by Time Warner are getting less than what’s available to former Charter customers. Such a slow, awkward integration of the company’s two customer bases (three if counting Bright House) is unbecoming for a merger that was supposedly meant to simplify the company’s operations in order to serve the customers better.

Darci streett - Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach South Carolina you seem to have a problem with daytime shows all the sudden The Young and the Restless the talk Bold and the Beautiful or just gone one might pop up once a week and it’s dated been over a week old I haven’t liked my daytime shows as too many people I know and I don’t understand why this is happening it’s been ongoing it’s almost like you need to fire like your whole crew It On Demand it’s ridiculous