ray bluemer - massena, New York

I have spectrum tv streaming app and have lost sound on all channels of app. not a problem with sound on my computer as I can use other streaming services and sound is normal. I get runaround from time warner, even to the point where they will not give phone number of higher up management to try and resolve. I cannot even find the app to reinstall on my computer as every site I click on sends me elsewhere. My internet service is no where near what I am paying for, can’t believe town gave them another license to steal cable franchise deal.

Christine - Keene, New Hampshire

I decide to see what is playing ‘on demand’ and now I am in a loop that won’t let me watch anything BUT ‘On Demand’ – AHHHH and all help tells me is to reboot – da don’t you think I did that already! Exit just throws me back into the same loop.

Melvin Timm - Newton Falls, Ohio

Let me start by saying all wiring and connections are fine , newly installed March 2017.
About mid -June developed problem with DVR freezing , dropping out and other issues too numerous to mention. Since then I have no counting the number of times we have had service techs out. They all check the same things and say everything is fine!! Well it’s not we are on our 5th box and have developed other issues such as On Demand movie just stopped and box rebooted , happened at least twice yesterday.

Maria Gonzalez - San Diego , California

Why do you skip episodes. I pay for on demand so I can watch shows when I want. Then you don’t show the complete season, you leave out episodes.
Example (this is not the only show you do this there are many more).

This is Us season 1 you don’t have episodes 13 and 14. Here is another show Snowfall season 1 you don’t have episode 18. I don’t want to have to pay some other company to watch these show when I’m paying for this service from spectrum. I

When I signed up with spectrum I was not N formed that certain episodes will not be available. I pay a $100 a month.

Lee - Ewa Beach, Hawaii

NO CHANNEL CHANGE! the channel does not change for 15-20 sec if at all. Right now, I have no picture…nothing. This has been happening for months even before the change from time warner. I am ready to switch to Hawaiian tel.

Ann foley - Moultonborough , New Hampshire

This has been an on going problem with your service. Programs on demand are not updated in a timely fashion. It can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days to update previous shows. I have called repeatedly about this. Your replies have been:
1. You are providing a courtesy to me & that there is no charge for this. Apparently, your representatives don’t understand that I pay a hefty rate monthly, so I guess I don’t pay enough to have quality service.
2.i have been told the most efficient way to handle this is call the broadcasters myself. I find that bizarre.
3. That’s the way it is nothing can be done.
I am writing because I just spent a couple of weeks at my son’s house. Hie service provider is Comcast which I would change to in a minute if I could. Everything worked perfectly, everything was updated everyday

Jeannette H - San Antonio, Texas

Spectrum just dropped the E! Channel without ANY NOTICE. That is my favorite channel!!!! Why would Charter do this?
It’s simply CRUEL that I can no longer get my E News OR keep up with my Kardashians!!!!!!!!! I am so angry.

Since my apartments aren’t set up for us to have AT&T, I’m checking out satellite services as soon as I get off work.


I have 3 tv’s hooked up to spectrum boxes. All 3 boxes are extremely hot to touch. Even the tv stands are hot to touch. One tv is in spare bedroom and has not been used for 3 weeks. Afraid my house will burn down..

Ed G - Port Orange, Florida

Always rebooting my 2 cable boxes to get correct time on display. Techs at Spectrum (TWC) say the know cable boxes have time problem and working on it. This has been going on for a WEEK now in Port Orange Florida.
In my opinion they must be getting hacked again. WHAT data did hackers GET again?????
Since Spectrum purchased Brighthouse the cable service has gone “DOWNHILL”. I wish there was a better service. I know people from the northeast states that say service was bad there as well.