Bob Hazelton - Richfield Springs, New York

Have todo a reboot several times a week with a new Spectrum cable box.

When I was with Time Warner I did not even have box. We have 2 TV’s each with a separate box. The televisions are not old clunkers either. We got all the channels we wanted, some were digital and some were analog. Receiving either one was not a problem. We had the original cable that arrived in this village even back when it was run by SuburbanPropane, bought out by Time Warner.The shows we enjoyed suddenly went to another their and then Spectrum appeared with all the smile advertisements. Constantly having to reboot several times a week isa pain. I am thinking DISH if the problem cannot be resolved.. My monthly payment is $78.95 month so you can figure the tier I am in. What a sorry piece of modern technology.

julie wagner - Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Channels not correct from box and what they claimed to give me. Customer support on phone no help. Tried to pay T store on Saturday but closed so they gAve me a soft turn off when i said ok ull be there monday to pay it. They since came to my door but with the channel problems im not getting what ibpaid for any way, confused.

Kelly Safino - San Diego, California

On demand shows take forever to show up. Trying to watch Liar on Sundance on demand but it is showing the episode from 9/18 and today is 10/11 so it’s missing the last 3 episodes. TVland still doesn’t have any of the new Teachers season that started two weeks ago. So many shows are behind. The shows are available online at their Network channels but I want to watch them on my TV. Why is this so bad?! I pay for on demand, where is it?!

B. Mahaffey - Columbus, Ohio

I use spectrum on my iPad to watch tv live. Or I should say, I try to.
The icons to the left so often do not match the program they should represent. And this is not just when I initially begin, they switch often during my useage.
If that’s not bad enough I will be watching a program and it stops with an error message that states the channel is no longer available. Try later.
Screens freeze, suddenly pictures and audio are not in sync.
I sometimes laugh, sometimes scream, sometimes wonder at the shame spectrum should feel every time their commercial plays their pride at giving their customers reliability and speed.
I say we all should demand a reduction in monthly fees until they can, indeed, meet their commercial promises.

anonymus - Rochester, New York

I own a Panasonic plasma tv Model TC-P58VT25. Recently tv would abruptly shut off and a message “an error has been detected and recovered” and tv would return on immediately. I have changed two HD boxes for the past 5 weeks without results. This problem has been occurring since Spectrum took over (I admit it could be just a coincidence) from Time Warner. Can you please help? Thank You.