William Hicks - PSj, Florida

I live I Port Saint John, FL. My cable went out right as the storm hit. Me and my neighbors lost cable service, which lncludes TV, Internet and phone and the next day it was completely restored. I should of known it was too good to be true. Me and my neighbor lost it again on Friday as soon as we got power. My boxes and modem were on generator power. My neighbor one door west has full spectrum services. My neighbor one door west of me don’t have service and they just raised my bill by .00 per month to 2.00 per month. They said they could not send anybody out for me and my neighbor. You have seen electric trucks everywhere have you seen a spectrum truck, not in my middle class neighborhood.

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Cable conpanies are not allowed in to areas with electrical line damage until the utility company clears them so as not to interfere with their work.