CHRIS - Westminster, California

Im in sothern Cal. and cannot access the On Demand channel. I get an “error HL1000- service is currently unavailable”. Of course this has gone on just shy of a WEEK now.,
Just because they changed their name- and launched a BILLION dollar facelift campaign showing carefree people in convertibles heading down beautiful windy roads headed to paradise, or showing little kids holding kittens and puppy dogs & fairy dust does NOT mean they arent the diaper stains with the SAME piece of CRAP company they always were.
BTW, WHAT THE HELL does a CAR RIDE have to do with my crappy service??
Oh,, am I to get a sense of ease and comfort from the ridiculous “forget we were Time Warner” campaign??…
Not today…
not ANY dAY

I mean….
By golly….nothing like a good ‘ol fashioned attempt at some 50’s brainwashing to solve things!!
I think the descendent’s of the people that used to tell us there was no cause for alarm right after one of those pesky little nuclear bomb tests are here to tell me about Spectrum!!
Yep… a few SUNNY SKIES commercials, a “welcome” or 2 here and there….with a side order of assurance and VIOLA!!
And those pesky internet outages?…
Well… thats actually the fault of another one of those doggone weather balloons!!
I’ve now realigned with Spectrum now for what ??..
10 months?
I STILL cannot get ALL the channels I pay for at once. When I channel check, its either 65 (SciFi) or 68 (Oxygen), or BET or BBC America, or ALL of them at once…..
Inevitably, at least ONE of them will say TRY AGAIN LATER.


Jim - Orlando, Florida

For a week now On Demand through Spectrum has been down in the central Florida area. Spectrum can’t give an estimate on when it will be fixed and refuses to adjust billing to compensate. Also, their internal communication is horrible as some service reps aren’t aware of the problem if you call or chat. They either want to keep sending a signal to reboot the box, which hasn’t worked, or send out a tech who told us it was a known issue in the area. Time to switch to Direct TV or ATT.

Jose Miranda - Rosedale, New York

My DVR keeps on rebooting by it self two to three times a day for the last 3 weeks. Call for service, told that they would have a service person today 08/22/17 between 4:00 to 6:00. No one ever came and didn’t get a call from the service dept. or service person.

nancy wilson - kingston, New York

When I try to view live tv on my laptop..I get the message “I see you are not at home” and my live channels are limited. This is NOT the case!!! One day there was unlimited access and then it was gone! I have tried to get Spectrum to put out a system-wide fix but all they want is my info to TRY to fix it. I have noticed on various forums that I am NOT alone!
Also, their “high speed” WIRELESS internet causes MAJOR buffering because it does not work well with high definition.

Sue - Mooresville, North Carolina

Since Thursday it’s now Sunday have had static issues on screens of all tvs in the home service has been out three times since Friday. Have spent my entire weekend waiting for technicians today we were TOP priority according to the service dept! It is now 2:05pm no call or no arrival as of yet today.

Anonymous - Maine

The DVR is programmed to record a certain program, and it doesn’t record. It says the channel wasn’t available. But it was always available with Time Warner. The only thing I hate more than Spectrum is their ads. New Day!

Nancy Tait - Altamonte Springs, Florida

The last few days (today is 8/16/17) the DVR has been more difficult to access, and once accessed more complicated to utilize. It was working just fine, in fact was a delight, but now it is becoming frustrating. I changed the batter in my remote, so that is not it, and to my knowledge I have not accidentally changed any settings.