Anonymous - Clayton, North Carolina

Have had more problems in the last 3 weeks (Rectrum) than I have had in 17 years RR/TWC. Customer service has always been bad, but now it is pathetic. I was cycled from the PI to the US and back to the PI. 4 different people. Internet was fine, all streaming was down. They don’t know the meaning of Customer Service. Come on Jeff Bezos, buy a media delivery service providor and clean it up, you will own the world.

Mark Neumeier - Xenia, Ohio

Email constantly asks for authentication credentials in both desktop mail (Outlook) and on smartphone where I’ve setup IMAP account to my email account. Service is spotty, endless spinning. Please Spectrum…get this email problem fixed. Your automated customer service says engineers are on the problem. 3 to 4 days this has been an issue!

Unhappy in Xenia, OH

Amanda Anderson - Orange City , Florida

I have 3 digital boxes and one goes out every time it rains. I live in Florida and it rains everyday. I call and a service technician comes out and replaces the digital box which works until we have another storm. I am very frustrated that I have to wait on service technicians and go without cable in my main tv. This is terrible service from a company that touts their service. I’m am looking into other options but we live in a rural area and are limited. Frustrating.

George Kincer - Clarksville, Tennessee

Time Warner (TW) has a subsidiary of Comcast/Spectrum, which now interferes with television content provided to subscribers. MSNBC competes with Time Warner’s FOX News channel and now, there are frequent but intermittent disruptions, only effecting MSNBC, where in the video and audio transmissions are disrupted while leaving the FOX channel un-effected.

It may work for someone’s current political agenda to exercise such discrimination today but the circumstances can change and most likely will. Therefore, it is imperative that we keep our current Net Neutrality rules so that everyone can have free and equal access to the internet and TV providers.

I have gone through the process of self trouble shooting, then phone trouble shooting, a technician replacing the modem but the problem continues. To day the on line chat technician stated that she had made a setting change in my TV’s converter box that fixes the problem 99% of the time but the problem continues this evening. To me, this is part and parcel the Network Neutrality issue.

Jim - Austin, Texas

Note to any previous Time Warner/now Spectrum internet users: Have fun paying your bill/logging into your account now! Just got off an hour long phone call with the tech support: I try to log in, as I always have, using Firefox, I go to the normal log in page, put in proper user/password, and I get redirected to ANOTHER login page. So I enter the same creds, and it redirects back to the first login page. We try clearing the cache, using a private browsing window, even try Internet Exploder in normal and private window. Same results. He tries logging into my account and it works fine. Hmmm. What browser is he using? Chrome. Sorry, I dont have and will not have Chrome take over my entire computer. Then after about an hour, he finds something that says the new account page is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN CHROME. I asked him to place a bug ticket and escalate to engineering, as that is a bug! I refuse to accept that as a usable solution, and will not install Chrome, so if they want me to pay my bill, as I have for the last 10 years, they need to fix that. I work in the web/software/service industry, and this crap is totally unacceptable.