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I have been a cable subscriber at this address in Koreatown for over 10 years. As I am sick and tired of paying $12/month to rent their stupid cable box and remote, I investigated the possibility of cable cutting. I have set up the wireless network, etc, so now I can stream the spectrum app just perfectly over Roku. It is just as if I had the box with all its channels. I disconnected the box and have done without it for months. I tried to return the box to a spectrum store, and was told, you can’t have cable tv without it – that’s what allows you to have cable tv. Although I know this isn’t true, I did not engage the store clerk about it. Now it is months later, and I have lost my job so trying to cut back expenses. The cable box, which I have been renting, is collecting dust so I took it back to the store. Well, guess what, without renting their stupid equipment, you cannot get the Spectrum channels. The app asks me for my passport id, which no longer works. I called to try and get them to re-activate the spectrum subscription, which they say they cannot do without having a box. This is obviously not true. She said there was a 5.99/month box I could get. I am thinking this is better than $12/month, but not that much better. She wanted me to drive into the store to pick this thing up. Then I thought, Screw You!
It seems illegal for them to make you rent something you don’t need. Or the way they advertise their “packages” which also make you buy channel “tiers” or other stuff you don’t want or need.
How can you get Spectrum to give you a subscription without having to rent their stupid cable box?

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Update – Problem solved. Since Spectrum is unable to provide TV service without you renting monthly a piece of their equipment you don’t need, I saw that DirectTV was an application on Roku. I went to Direct TV, signed up for their service for $35/month, and BOOM! There are about 60 channels, and once again I am channel surfing just as I had Spectrum before. Thanks DirectTV and SCREW YOU Spectrum.

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