Tina - Louisville, Kentucky

Spectrum TV App has been down since Saturday… Someone remind me again why I bought smart TV’s and Roku sticks? Oh yeah Spectrum said “reliable wireless connectivity via the Spectrum TV app”…Meanwhile it has worked since some time Saturday I spoke to Spectrum last night who said “our network engineers are aware they are working double time to fix it” You gonna reduce my bill for my days with no TV? I did keep ONE single DVR box and the TVS not mounted on the wall have cable directly to them in addition to Roku but IT SHOULD BE WORKING and its NOT! Very aggravating! Since my 50″ in my room is mounted on the wall with no cable to or box and only used as a smart TV with Roku App I guess the fact I am learning to live WITHOUT Spectrum TV will make it easier to cut the cord from them in fact I may end up doing it because of this!

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