Sue - Dayton, Ohio

Ever since Spectrum supposedly “updated” cable service after taking over from TWC, my DVR response time has gone from bad to worse to worst! It takes several seconds to respond after pushing any button. Then I get the little spinning circle for another 10-15 seconds before getting a result. Sometimes it just spins endlessly & nothing ever happens. Or, it will eventually tell me that a show I’ve recorded “isn’t available right now” (WTF? – if I recorded it why isn’t it???) Also, if I make any changes to my scheduled recordings & then choose “Save changes” it goes to a “Please Wait” screen & just stays there. No button makes it go away. I have to turn off the TV & restart. SPECTRUM SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!

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Joe M.
I had the same issue after an upgrade. They had me unplug,reboot but nothing changed, so I placed a service call which was scheduled 4 days out. The response was driving us crazy, so I did a little tinkering myself. I removed a splitter I had added to feed the signal to my TV tuner as well as the DVR. After removing it, and dedicating the feed to the DVR, the response improved immediately. I’m scratching my head as to why this would be, as this was not a problem before the upgrade. I can only conclude there is additional… Read more »
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Since the day we brought the new spectrum box/gear home.. my internet/wireless terrible. Everything was fine.. then we were forced to switch. PAY MORE MONEY for supposedly 60Mbps. But its never over 40Mbps. There are 2 current court lawsuits against Spectrum. And they are the entire state of CA and NY. These are State DA class actions for exactly the same problems we are now having in Ohio. With an extra fraud charge in NY, for Spectrum KNOWINGLY giving out substandard equipment that CANNOT handle 60Mbps. But still promising more speed for more money. It’s theft! With no QoS.

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