Tom Martin - Round Rock, TX

I have had Internet outages beginning in November 2016 and continuing to the present time at mid April 2017. At first it was a few times a week, And now it starts early morning and is out and till the evening every day of the week. All the cable from the pole to the house through the attic and walls to the modem and all the connectors have been replaced. The modem has been upgraded to a different brand and model. Still no improvement. They come out say they can’t find anything wrong and leave. Spectrum has been the most frustrating company to deal with in my whole life. Although I hate to do it by now I feel my only option is to cancel spectrum service entirely and go with the dreaded DirecTV/ AT&T package. Spectrum is telling new customers in my town to expect Internet outages but not to worry because it is citywide not just their home. So clearly, spectrum knows they are not providing a strong enough signal to handle the traffic in my city, but they let me go on for six months with poor service and feign ignorance as to what ever the problem might be.

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