JenBro - Texas

Totally agree with the above statement first of all.
The name has changed but we are still receiving the same shitty ass service. Constant outages pixelated picture that is so bad that it just freezes up, DVR having a mind of it’s own just deleting crap or not recording what is scheduled to record….. When you call in about a problem you stumble on to the next with their stupid automated system that never understands what you’re saying. It’s just a total headache to get thru. This automated crap damn near makes you pop a blood vessel. And after all the time spend screaming at a freakin’ computer system (lol) your call gets transferred to someone that understands just as much as the automated system because their English is like my Chinese. Their techs that come out to set everything up obviously take coffee breaks or scroll thru their facebook while they supposedly getting trained. Had to kick one out of my house before and called the office on him before he broke my newly purchased TV. On a different occasion the tech came and dug a ditch from the neighbors yard under the fence along my side and then just threw the cable over the fence and left it hanging out in the open and while doing all this none sence fucked up my service to where I didn’t have anything working. Had to call it in and wait for them to send a second tech to get me going again. After allot of frustration, money wasted and numerous calls to constantly get shit fixed, I cut the cord with them as far as cable goes and only have internet since it wasn’t worth the money especially since they keep hiking up the price (even while your bill supposed to be locked in to a specific price for a year.) And when you call ’em out on that, they say fees and taxes went up so your plan got adjusted WTF. Now I only have internet but it’s still a headache since it’s constantly in and out and here I find myself still fussing at this damn automated system. I could go on and on and I’m sure I am not the only one that could write a book about the idiocy of TWC/Rectrum

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