T.B - Southern tier, New York

Our spectrum internet seems to run for about a half an hour , turns off then turns on then runs for about a half a our again -repeat -this happens all day long –
they told me to try another of the three prefered channsles out of 11 -but I never had to do this
not even once – when i called them for technical help , i found out my 20mb internet is actually up to 15 mb -and they told me its low end and wont run my internet or TV Roku ?
Yet it always has worked fine with time warner -basically my trouble tech call went to a salesman – to sell me a faster speed -price lower for a year than what im paying now –
so Im thinking they did this problem to sell me something ? Like they think I dont know it costs them more to slow my speed down than it does to give me a faster speed ?

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