Sue - Dayton, Ohio

Ever since Spectrum supposedly “updated” cable service after taking over from TWC, my DVR response time has gone from bad to worse to worst! It takes several seconds to respond after pushing any button. Then I get the little spinning circle for another 10-15 seconds before getting a result. Sometimes it just spins endlessly & nothing ever happens. Or, it will eventually tell me that a show I’ve recorded “isn’t available right now” (WTF? – if I recorded it why isn’t it???) Also, if I make any changes to my scheduled recordings & then choose “Save changes” it goes to a “Please Wait” screen & just stays there. No button makes it go away. I have to turn off the TV & restart. SPECTRUM SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!

Clare - Mentor, Ohio

I switched to Spectrum television service about 6 weeks ago and picked a package based on the availability of the Golf Channel. This channel was dropped from my package without notice. I already forfeited some channels when choosing my current package and don’t understand why further cuts were made in service without notice and/or a price adjustment. I am now looking into Direct TV.

RBC - Thousand Oaks, California

Just switched to Spectrum and now the Golf channel, my most watched channel, gets switched to the next tier after only 2 weeks. This along with he internet connection dropping every now and then is having me already looking for another provider.

Corinne Michel - Saratoga Springs, New York

Never had this problem with TW. The problem is that while a show is taping I may want to start watching it from the beginning. It will not allow me to do this. I have to wait til the show is over, then I can watch it. Also there isn’t a red indicator light on my DVR that tells me a show is in the process of recording.

Mike - Livonia, Michigan

Golf channel is now gone. WOW just left a flyer on my door that they are installing on our area now. Half the price. So long spectrum. Memo: raising prices, removing channels all while a competitor is moving in is business suicide.

Joe M. - Rochester, New York

Spectrum updated the Samsung DVR within the last 24 hours which has made some functions very slow to respond. Pressing “Favorites” on the remote now takes 4-5 seconds per keypress to react. Same with the “Channel” button and “Play” button when watching recorded content. The first thing support said to do was unplug/replug the box, which I did 2X before calling them, but they insisted, this time disconnecting/re-connecting the coax as well. Problem remains. Then they suggested I wait 24 hours and if it remains to place a service call. I placed one immediately which is scheduled 4 days out. Sounds like a software update gone bad or a defective update.