Anonymous - Hemet, California

We rent a movie and halfway through OnDemand stops working and we get the HL1000 error message “…currently unavailable please try again later”
Can’t access the movie to finish it. This has happened before (recently!) and they changed out all our boxes, now less than a month later it’s happening again?!!
I left Frontier because they sucked after Verizon sold us out…now TWC is sucking big-time. Running out of options in my town thanks to the freakin monopoly that Frontier & TWC have locked in here.
Wish we could get Uverse!

Deb - Charlotte, North Carolina

Maybe this might help others with the HL1000 issue (on demand not working). I rebooted several times but didn’t work then the last time instead of pressing the white “on demand” button on the remote I chose “On Demand” from the list on the left hand side of the tv screen. After rebooting I turned on the DVR and it shows a list of options, when I chose “On Demand” it actually worked. Then I tried the white button again on the remote and guess what….it DID NOT work.

Randy - Cleveland, Ohio

Biggest line of crap I ever received. Put a call into Spectrum to discuss billing. WAS INFORMED IF I WANTED TO SPEAK TO A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP, IT WOULD COST ME $5.00 !!!! This is Bull~sh. You are in the service business. To the CEO if he can read this. If you over spent then get the hell out. Customers are not going to stay. Were not here to make your pockets full and you more comfortable. Were here to enjoy our comfort at an affordable and competitive price. I have also noticed a drop in bandwidth, I wonder if anyone else has? Things need to return to real customer service without hidden changes as I have read here in these postings.

Satan - California

HL1000 what the Hell is this? Constantly! I pay a lot of money for my services and I can’t even watch on demand. It won’t let me get paid movies or free. I will admit that the internet is fast but the cable sucks. Why do I pay so much? In fact, all I wanted was internet In the first place but they made me get a package with cable and home phone. I don’t own a home phone and they won’t even tell me what my number is! Even when I go in person and show my id. Does anyone even use a home fucking phone anymore?! To top it off, the cable box won’t reboot properly. It doesn’t go through the whole reboot process.
I’m afraid to take my box in. I’m afraid of how much they’ll piss me off. I’m afraid of what I will do when I get that pissed off.

I’m afraid for them……

Margaret Hubbard - Dallas, Texas

cable does not work. the cable box number is DCX3200m. I have tried to reboot but it will say boot then OCAP comes up then goes away and a three digit number beginning 600 comes up. If I put in a cable program number it will say that channel is not tunable. I hate Spectrum. Wish they would go away and give me back Time Warner.
I called Spectrum they gave me the reason they always give “we have an outage in your area and it will be fixed by 4PM” I expect an ajustment on my bill for this.

Milena - Astoria, New York

Shame on you scamming TW/Spectrum!!! It’s been 5+ days since your Roku app last gave any signs of life, and yet my bill continues to diligently be sent to me. Can you please explain to me what exactly am I paying for? Isn’t this called a theft in a normal world? Or did you decide to change the rules and decide to randomly charge people for your inability to transition into the digital world. Your business model is turning into a scam of epic proportions, if you’re trying to run it like this in a place like NYC, and I can’t wait for the moment I will wipe any memory of your existence. Sham on you scamming inefficient fossil of a company.

Chase Roberts - Round Rock, Texas

Bravo is horrible now! It’s constantly breaking up and coming in and out. This has been happening for the last two weeks. We first thought it was our box then we tried watching on a separate tv without the box. We pay too much money for this to be happening!


After Spectrum took over in NC, on demand is virtually nonexistent. Always get an error HL1000. Sluggish channels now. App doesn’t work to change channels. Spectrum acknowledges they have issues but gives no estimate of the issues being fixed. Ready to change providers.