Paul - North Ridgeville , Ohio

Have constantly been having WiFi issues since time Warner switched to spectrum. Our netflix no longer connects or buffers constantly. Have had Twc for 7 years…never a problem, updated box and modem. Once spectrum came along…speed and connection have doubled in problems. And yes I’ve restarted my modem.

Kelly - Pleasureville, Kentucky

I have a handful of channels in my package that I cannot get. When I go to the channels to watch, I get the message that I must purchase the channel. I have these channels on the other tvs, just not the main tv with the dvr. Customer service has been no help and resetting the box hasn’t helped.

Joe - Tampa, Florida

Spectrum took over my Brighthouse service and now many of my favorite sports channels are no longer available, not even for purchase. I simply cannot receive The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman Channel, or World Fishing Network. My bill is still 6 for tv and internet. I’ll be switching to another provider.

Cable Hostage - Fairborn, Ohio

Opted to continue with the TW service package as of the switchover to Spectrum. I doubt that it’s coincidence that my monthly bill still increased by about $15, without making any changes in the service package, nor that streaming video no longer works, nor that when I inquired about switching to a Spectrum package, found out that the lowest tier channel package amounts to giving up channels, with a negligible decrease in the bill. (So a comparable channel package would actually further increase my monthly bill significantly.) This latest transaction (TW to Spectrum) is clearly a very contrived and calculated way to provide less and charge more……criminal!

R.C.G - Erie, Pennsylvania

I contacted time warner cable/ spectrum on 2/25/17 and 2/26/17 concerning the pixelation on channel 27-277-1277 the representative tech said that there was no problem with the signal being sent from TWC / Spectrum . The representative tech said he would schedule a service tech to replace the cable box. After I googled this to find out about anyone else having a problem with channel 27/277/1277 I came to the conclusion That all TWC/ Spectrum customers are €¥£€Ed !

Ray - Lyons, New York

I had standard internet service for a long time with no problems of constantly being disconnected from internet…until they upgraded my internet service to Ultimate. i decided to get their phone service and when they installed it they said they were going to upgrade my dvr service and internet service with no extra charge…came in a package deal… after upgrade was done is when i started having problems with internet disconnect.. they replaced the new modem with another new one, put a new ethernet cable on to no avail… put in new cable lines also… same problem all the time. Then they said there might be a problem with my computer. I said no way, I never had this problem until you upgraded my internet service. When I tried to downgrade back to standard service they told me that would take me off of the package deal i was on and the price for my services would be about $25-$30 a month. Couldn’t afford that increase so I said leave it alone. They have you hooked when they put you in a package deal.

AO - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

As you know Time Warner Cable is the very best at customer DISservice! They are by far, hands down, the very worse company that has ever been allowed to exist. And the fact that they, as a utility, have been allowed to function as a monopoly, holding Americans hostage, while making them pay insanely high ransom–well, it’s absolutely horrific, torturous and inhumane. Now, several months ago, TWC (or is it now Spectrum) pretended to “improve” its “on demand” function, but ever since they did, I have not been about to get ANYTHING! on demand!!! I just get a blank page. Sometimes with the station identifier in the upper left corner with the time of day in the right. I HATE TIME WARNER. BTW, my husband and I get to pay TWC over $300/mo. ransom for this “pleasure.”

daniel - los angeles, California

the reception for HGTV is distorted digital boxes all over the screen. For a few days I only had a black screen on this station only. This is after when I had my installation the service was not working for 2 weeks until they had to send someone else back again to fix the problem.

Alfred - Dallas, Texas

MGMHD was a favorite channel of mine and Spectrum has dropped it why ? And I had a Time Warner Legacy and now I found out that 27 channels have been dropped from my previous line up ! When I switched over I was never told this would happened this to me was deceitful.

Frank Guillies - Lancaster, California

I would like to voice my disgust at Spectrum no service with Spectrum was required to find payments that they cashed to prove that I paid when they cashed the checks or internet payments take it directly out of my bank and then tell me bye phone and text that I’m late on my payments this is not acceptable if they claim to be such a good service orientated company they don’t provide service you do all the rebooting you do all the research for their billing mistakes we as customers pay communication companies good money for service