Daryl Brenk - Buda, Texas

On April 1, 2016 a Time Warner Cable rep. solicited me into switching service provider with the promise of a $300.00 visa gift card. I did my obligation for the rewards by registering on line. Waited 4 month and received nothing. I called customer service and supplied by fax the Redemption code and proof of prior service provider and also registering again. Waited another 90 days and nothing. On Jan. 31, 2017. I called again but now customer service tell me the offer has expired. Is this called the classic bait and switch. This is wrong to do business this way.

Terry - San Bernadino, California

Spectrum did an update to on demand that you were forced to take. Ever since it’s about a 2 minute delay between clicking the remote and channel changing or go thru your pre recorded shows. Tried to go thru the guide to see if any new shows start this week. It took ok me 4 hours to go the 3 nights 8pm to 10 pm only

Mike - Austin, Texas

For more than a year, been suffering with erratic internet performance. Performance really takes a hit between 5 pm and midnight, with speeds dropping and ping times and packet loss rising beyond what is acceptable for online gaming or VOIP phone. And random connection issues are possible at any time, especially strange bursts of packet loss at 30 second intervals. I’ve had several service visits which have been unable to resolve these issues.

Anonymous - Kansas City, Missouri

The equipment from TWC is more archaic than my first DirectV satellite. I couldn’t pause or rewind live TV if I wasn’t using my main DVR box. Now, on another box I have absolutely NO control even over recorded shows. They should fear Google Fiber, because TWC/Spectrum overcharge for what they offer. Why can’t I pause, stop, rewind, or fast forward through recorded TV on another box? Making their service worse won’t bode well for them.

Bojana Totic - Strongsville, Ohio

We were guaranteed to if we waited another 20 days until spectrum took over we could get the same service at 30% less. We called in today and were advised that Time Warner Cable made a mistake and they could not honor this and that our bill would be going up. We are now going to Amazon or another service. Goodbye Time Warner Cable!

Siobhan - New York , New York

Since TimeWarner switched to spectrum our picture quality has gotten awful. It is pixelating often and it’s impossible to watch. It stops and goes. I get black screens that say we don’t have the channel and then it’s back again. The service has gotten unwatchable. I don’t know what you guys did when you took over but you ruined what was there.