Anonymous - North Carolina

The banner on Syfy going away have started and recur every thirty minutes. They say to go to — which is part of the TWC site, and there is NO reference in terms of what to do!! Again, they can’t get it right and it’s irritating to boot. MAKE A DEAL AND GET THIS OVER.

Liz - Niskayuna , New York

I have basic cable and can’t get certain channels I used to get like sci-fi and vh1. But I haven’t been getting signals in those channels. I looked th up to see if they were only available on digital cable and found nothing about that. I also ran auto programming on my tv and it did not fix the problem. Is there something wrong with the anntenna?

Gayle - Oxnard, California

I’m already paying over $160.00 a month what is the freakin problem? Thats a car payment!!!! What is spectrum trying to do to us, force us to go elsewhere. Resolve the stupid problems; tv scrambles all the time, internet is slower, phone cuts off can’t hear the person on the other end???? Now there threatening to take channels away, are you crazy??!!!

perkele vittu - Van Nuys, California

Among other things with my cable tv and my internet that have caused me countless hours trying to get fixed in the last few weeks……i was just told by a time warner phone assistance person that TW had changed over in Sept and it was the customer;s responsibility to call and sign up for Rectum!!!!! Duh………. huh?????????????

Curtis - Lebanon, Ohio

ESPN is cutting out on my TV with a cable box and not available on my TV’s with the converter box.

I called a month ago about the cable box and was told it was an ESPN issue. How come they haven’t fix this?

And why did I loose it on my other TV’s?

david daignault - waterford, New York

UUUUGGGG!!! we have been TWC customers for well over 30 years, They are the Only wireless Internet provider in our area and that is the ONLY reason we are still with them! we live in upstate New York . Our bill is just over $225.00 per month !!! We have NO pay channels ,Basic/stander cable, no DVR ,we have what is now the Low speed Internet (when we started out with their internet it was the high speed but as they improved speed that was more expensive ,unless you were new to TWC then the upgrade to the higher speed is part of your package and not an added cost !) The Phone is the only part of the package that actually works right except for the fact that TMC sells you phone # to certain telemarketer The On Demand channels NEVER work right and after 6 min. of waiting for it to load we just tend to give up. We have tried to call to fix the prob.but are ALWAYS told to reboot the system which never works for the on demand but does sometimes work for the internet issues we have .we reboot the system once a week for internet issues !! We have talked to them about our bill and we get told that since we have the basic of all options that their is no way to lower our bill!! that even if we drop one of the three (internet ,cable, phone) that it would HIGHER our bill not lower it!! WTH!!! when we said that we may just cancel all of the account and start over they told us we would have to wait SIX months to restart with a new account! ITS Crazy!! our son and daughter in law moved in to the house next door ,they have the all in one package also but they have 2 DVRs and the ultra high speed internet their bill is HALF of ours so much for valuing you long time customers LOL @ $225.00+ per month it is NOT worth it!!!! now I see that “Spectrum ” is starting out with a bang, blocking channels ,removing channels ect. Let me guess for a small extra fee we can keep/get those channels back ?? NOT!! we are looking for a different provider and a alternate internet solution .


You treat your loyal customers that have had u for over twenty years like dog shit …you’re a horrible service and I switched to direct tv…honestly I’d rather go back to timewarner but with the nonsense amount of money I pay u monthly I could buy a new Mercedes …it’s so sad that u treat loyal customers such as myself that I have had timewarner (now spectrum) in my house for over 30 years of my life like this… realize who you’re hurting/..thank his for direct tv, Netflix, and Hulu….you’re the meanest most selfish money hungry individuals I’ve ever know in my 30 years of a tv provider


You charge way too much and I’m getting rid of your service and going to Direct tv….you’re a damn rip off and what u do to your loyal timewarner customers for over 25 years is sickening ….just letting u know you are losing me and I know at least 9 of my friends doing the same thing…why is it you punish your loyal customers that have had u for years and reward people that have never had your service and have never paid you monthly patients of $179 for cable …and those channels being basic!??!?!? You make no sense and should be ashamed of your selves

Scott Liles - San Antonio , Texas

OMG, I don’t know where to start. Let’s just say time warner doesn’t have their shit together. I have had them for 4 months now and they’re totally clueless about there own products. I get nothing but horrible customer services even on chat app. I stood in line for an hour having to return a cable box when the cable card gave out. When I stood in line I noticed about 30 individuals with their cable boxes also do I asked them what happen. Cable Card. Finally, after waiting in line as if I was at a theme park I received my new cable box. Oh, it gets better. I get home set up my new box why does it say to call customer support. Do, I did. My bill starts mid month in to the next. With it being Christmas I was waiting to pay the bill. They interrupted my services I asked why. They said I needed to pay to re-activate services. It blew my mind. I said why if I’m not late yet. I said I will pay my bill on the app as I always do. Why is it they wanted to arrange a payment and asked for my CC. I said I want to speak to your supervisor. He put me on hold 10mib later he transfer me thinking I would have hung up after the long wait. Floor supervisor comes on saying how can I help you. I told her you don’t why I was transferred to you. She didn’t even had my acct details on her screen. Asking again for all my details and verification. This is what I mean they do not have their shit together. I told her my frustrations and she had the nerve to tell me why am I making a big deal out of it. I was freaking mad and boiling at this point. Let’s just say she was no help I then advised her to get me to the operations director, she hung up oN me. Mine you I only had time warner for four months. Prior to this call I have experienced poor channels, missing channels, the same bull shit showing on ever other channels and no new releases of movies monthly on the premium channels. Customer services is horrible with their listening skills and never seems to have a sound solution. But, they’re quick to blame you for their mistakes making you feel worthless. Oh, yeah I had one of those conversations with customer support, services rep and floor supervisor. Man, let me tell you I got so mad that I was yelling at them. I will be contacting VP of operations, BBB, CEO, whom ever I can get a hold of to informed them of all the bullshit I had to step over just being a customer paying $167 a month. I sick and tired of companies not taking responsibilities for their mistakes.

Kevin - Frisco, Texas

Clear the air first: Time Warner spun-off its cable business to Charter Communications. Charter then changed the name to Spectrum. If you have an issue with your cable-it is an issue with Charter Communications, not Time Warner.

The recent changes to cable provided by Charter are clearly an example of an industry that is extremely expensive to break into, thus we as consumers have little bargaining power in the form of taking our business elsewhere. The age of big business and monopolies from the dawn of the industrial age in the US never faded, it is just disguised in the form of 2 or 3 competitors in an industry where they can engage in coordinated retail pricing.

Time Warner was a wonderful cable provider! We negotiated our bill down for 4 straight years, then Charter took over and no wiggle room and they discontinued most of the channels we had before. Oh, you can get them, but fork over another $20 bucks a month. Sorry, big business has squeezed the discretionary income of middle America to -0- starting in the 1970s. Guess what: Trump can’t fix greed! He is greed! All these large corporations need to feel our pain. Time for the 300 million ordinary Americans to take back our country. Stop buying products and services from these greedy pigs and let’s start helping each other out.

If the content providers are listening: give us direct access to your content on the web. I will pay a premium for your particular channel, if I don’t have to deal with these greedy middlemen!


intermittent internet, no competition for consumer options. Welcome back to the John D. Rockefeller era of monopolies and screw the consumer. But what can you expect from a country that pretends to be a democracy of the people……bla bla bla.
The same people run this country that took it away from the Indigenous peoples.
It really hits home when I realize Im paying for it.
Of course , if I pay taxes, Im stupid. I will look into that
We should not let our next president be one of a nation of stupid citizens.