Cheryl - Cato, New York

Getting ridiculous. Now the screen is frozen on the guide. I realize that I have to unplug it to reboot it but seriously it is costing too much time and money to mess around with this company. Seems like an issue every other night!!!

Lori - Belton, Missouri

I’m getting pissed because I’m trying to record stuff to my DVR and every 10 minutes it keeps rebooting different things. First it was the usual reboot, then it did a CDL reboot, and now it’s doing another damn reboot of something called flashing!! WTF!!! Let alone I’m being charged out the ass for this cable and internet, now it’s destroying the one night I DVR shit!!! Instead of me paying them, they should pay me for putting up with their shitty company!!

Mark - Gonzales, Missouri

Have had Time Warner since moving to KC, Mo. in 1990. Problems have increased by the years w/entire system more so w/Internet [webmail specifically] than the TV Cable system. Google installing infrastructure in the neighborhood now. Tired of calling for corrective information, credits to my account, $$$, for slow or non use time [how can you continue to offer money back as a solution and stay in business]. Any idea of the real problems with TW or any solutions on the horizon, or is it time to move to Google?

Jim Benedick - Sarasota, Florida

Am a former FIOS user, because it was sold to Frontier, and a former Frontier user, because they suck, and am now a Spectrum user because it’s $100 less expensive and 25 more mbps.
1. My HD box creates a sub woofer hum, so I have to unplug the sub woofer.
2. When fast forwarding, I click on play and there is a long lag before it goes back to where I clicked.

I have a feeling that this is “normal” for Spectrum. Am I correct?

Becca - San fernando Valley, California

Just got Spectrum and soon frustrated!! After 15-20 minutes of watching TV the sound just goes mute. All the TVs are doing it and you have to turn off the cable box and turn it back on to get the sound back. Is there something going on at Spectrum or a setting the technician set… what??? Ready to switch back to u-Verse and that says ALOT!

Tom Martin - Round Rock, Texas

The search function cycles for a few seconds and then returns the message “Currently unavailable. Please try again later.” I have been getting this message for about two months now. When I call TWC help they just go through the same script they always do…”unscrew the cable from the wall…reboot your dvr….etc…) All of which has been done numerous times. There is nothing wrong with my equipment or my signal, TWC just isn’t supporting the search function any more for some reason, and they won’t admit it.