I have been a quiet customer of TWC for the past 15 years paying for their internet and tv service. I cannot wait until Google Fiber is taking orders because I will be cancelling my TWC services completely. Every year they bump the rates and every year they fail to meet my expectations for providing good service. I have to reboot my set top box at least once a day, the On Demand programs are not available quite often, and when they are available, watching one of them successfully ends with a locked up box that requires another reboot. The Internet service is heavily throttled and the equipment that I leased from them was only upgraded after I had to complain that their cable modem reminded me of dial up with it’s lightning speed. I thought maybe if I complain about everything to a customer service person, I might get a better monthly rate as $200 is ridiculous. Nope, I got a “customer service/sales person” who thought I was an idiot and wanted to sell me this new plan where I got more boxes than I have tv’s and for 6 months, my bill would be $40 cheaper, but after 6 months – it would go to their regular price or 1st born child & 1 arm & 1 leg. I told that outstanding customer service person that I would just keep what I had and that she needed to only pitch that program to her boss and see if they agree that trying to charge a client more money when they called to complain about it being too expensive means you should work on listening skills.I don’t hate TWC, but I do hope that all of the employees and senior management battle explosive diarrhea every day they work there.

Ardine Nelson Columbus Oh

Anyone else with these problems. The tv signal freezes for between 2 and 20 sec then picks up in realtime. This may happen on any HD channel from local to HBO, SHOWTIME to MSNBC and the commercials also freeze. Occasionally the only way to unfreeze a “live” broadcast is to change channels. Of course anything recorded has the issue permanently. All connections tight, rebooting the box solves nothing. It may not happen for several days then do it 10 times in 1 hour.

Warner has been out 6 times in the last 5 months, replaced every cable from the pole through the house to the box, replaced all the connectors and I have taken the box to the warner office 3 times now. They say signal strength is fine at the pole and at the box. One tech said it was the HDMI connection and to use composite. Tried that but still the same problems. Nothing solves the problem. Every technician, every phone tech (I’ve been to level 3 people 4 time now) says its something else. No one can solve the issue. I am now waiting 10 days to get a “supervisor tech” to come to the house. Due next Monday.

Also, promises are made but not carried through. The last phone tech said the person coming to the house would bring a brand “new” box. He just laughed when he got here. Everything is reconditioned. I was quite upset turning in the last box when the counter person would not write anything down about what the issues were. How do they “recondition” a box if they do not pay attention to what the issue is. I realize intermittent problems are the hardest to solve but…

Any fix ideas? I have been with Warner for years and now they are everything in my house (phone, internet, security and this poor cable TV.


Has anyone tried to use the “New, Advanced” so called MOCA set top boxes? They are an unmitigated disaster.
For sports fans to find quickly what games of a sport were scheduled you could previously get to a screen with all scheduled games in three clicks of your remote. The “New” system makes such a screen impossible to use. There is no way to search for a schedule of all scheduled games of a particular sport…….I repeat – no way to do it!!!!!

I had the TW guy to my home today and even he admitted the new system is an abortion.

I’m certain Thousands of sports fans will be realizing this as TW starts replacing the old set top boxes.


Ani Austin TX

Unfortunately !!! Even before I start my service, they gave me problem with my order. I had to give my personal details 3 times, just to find out that they won’t be installing the service for a week. There only I disconnected my call and probably won’t go back to them unless (AT&T Uverse – another 3rd class company) I get bad service from AT&T.


Time Warner cable has to the worst company/system in exsistence. The onscreen cable guide freezes up most of the time. It’s worse in prime time. I can change a channel and wait up to a miute before anything happens. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. You can’t get a service rep on the phone ever. Our local exchange office doesn’t have a phone number listed. It’s unbelievable. I’m calling Dish/Direct today. I’m done.

John Bonanno Hiram ME

For the past week there has been only an SD feed of Maine Public Television Channel 10 here in Hiram, Maine where there had always been a high def feed. When my wife called to ask Time Warner what was going on they asked her if she was sure she had a high definition television. When she assured them that we did have a high def television they said there was no problem on their end and said it must be MPBN’s fault.


Well after multiple phone calls, cable box swaps, and yes using different T.V.s we and many of our neighbors, including neighbors in the general South Austin area that are miles away from us all continue to have major VIDEO TILING ISSUES between 4:30pm – 8:00pm almost everyday. Our internet service drops out (watching the cable modem) about 3-4 times a day. This has been going on for months. The customer service run-around is the same — they do not even sound as if they are in the same country.

Here’s something a bit amusing, we even have a TWC technician who lives in our apartment complex that after a few beers one night, openly admitted to chasing this ghost (the video tiling issue late in the day) in the South Austin area all the time. His general opinion was that this is a “hush-hush,” known issue that upper management is unwilling to resolve, supposedly because of the lack of competition in the area to force them to do something about it. Wonderful. Beware before you sign a lease in this part of town, because you’ll be watching your local news on your laptop/iphone on a CLEAR 4g wireless internet service — if you are lucky. Time Warner Austin absolutely steals money from people everyday. They charge you for a service you can not consistently receive. TWC AUSTIN ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!

Anyone else as frustrated? I thought Comcast was bad in the mountain west, these guys have been the worst of them all. Yay for monopolies and outsourced customer service centers who do nothing to help.

Carl Davis Raleigh NC

I thought I would share this chat exchange. I didn’t get a bill from TWC and when I did a chat, this was the response. Enjoy!

When I asked if others had this problem: “Yes I checked the updated as it happen with all the customers recently.

I apologies as you have not get the copy of the bill, but be assured hence forth you will get the copy at your given time.

Be assured as I to have updated the notes so hence forth you will not arise this kind of problem.”

You can’t make this up.