Tuesday, 05 Mar 2013

I have been having “quality” problems with TWC for years. I’m paying about $180 a month for service and it’s terrible. The VOIP phones, the TV cable and the Internet, all work intermittently. The worst is the Internet. Somehow the TWC folks sends a signal down my line that shuts off the wireless router three or four times a day. Very irritating!!

I live in southern California and the quality tests that I and TWC have run on the TWC cable are poor. It was confirmed by an independent testing agency that TWC uses. They refuse to upgrade the lines in my neighborhood because it’s a 40 year old cable and they don’t want to upgrade it yet! I have no other source in this area like FIOS, etc. so I’m stuck with TWC.

Called and wrote to the FCC and they were a total waste of time. Typical bureaucrats sided with the cable company despite the evidence I provided them. Sent me a damned form letter.

Is there a class action suit filed by anyone against TWC in southern California, I can join??

Frustrated in So Cal

Charles Waddell Winston-Salem NC

My service was sub-par, so I called TWC. They sent a tech. who ran new cable from the road to my house. That was a month ago. This week a TWC truck put cable beside the road on top of the groung. Yesterday a gentleman located underground utilities. Today, a contractor burried the cable. Now I have no tv reception. The contractor said it was not his fault and left. I called TWC and told them what had happened. The cable burrrier had been gone less than 10 minutes. This was at 4:30 pm. The lady on the phone said she would try to get him back to fix the problem and she would call me right back. This did not happen. Two hours later, I called TWC and was told a repairman would be out between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm. This has caused me to start checking on other service. Sure am glad they only got me for tv service.

Vicki Carey Post Falls ID

I had Time Warner internet for a little over a year. The internet itself was okay, but their customer service sucks. When I cancelled, they told me I wouldn’t owe any additional money on the bill once I returned their equipment. A short while later I got a bill and thought they just hadn’t gotten the equipment logged yet or something. Now, 4 months later, I get a call from collections saying I haven’t paid. I am irrate. I wasn’t supposed to owe anything further, they didn’t send me any other bills, and now I have been sent to collections. I paid them what they claimed I owed and will never use their company again.


I want to order additional TWC Business Internet service and I can’t get anyone to return my call in upstate NY. They completely blow me off. I’m ready to spend hundreds of dollars per month! They tell me there s no service at the address and I know people living at the address use TWC! I bring that to their attention and nothing. So I tried to chat online with someone. What a joke! Chatting with “Ben”, Sarah” and “Kirk” and another phony American named person who admitted to me that they were in India and those were not their real names. Got transferred 3-4 times over about a half hour and was finally told Id have to contact TWBC. Spoke iwth another small businessperson who also shared similar horror stories of completely unacceptable cust service. ARROGANCE! If I owned their stock, I’d sell it. As it is perhaps I’ll short it because they will reap what they are sowing just as Verizon has and other virtual monopolies. Just a matter of time.


So I canceled my account with this craptastic company in December. All of the equipment was turned in at that time and the balance was paid in full. Come February I start getting voice mails telling me that my cable service is due to be turned off for lack of payment. I called figuring it was a mistake and was told that I still have basic cable. Interesting since I disconnected everything on December 20th 2011 when I turned in their equipment. I argue with the ‘Customer Service’ department and finally get put in touch with the Retention department. A very nice young lady handles the issue and after 45 min finds that Time Warner made a massive mistake and didn’t disconnect all of the services as I had directed. She says it was fixed and that all is well. Now 8 days later I am getting more messages that my service will be disconnected. I call back and they are saying I now owe them $23. I have the exact same conversation and am routed to a Supervisor who tells me there is nothing they can do and to pay the bill. I find it funny that they say I owe on a bill when i didn’t have service, I have paperwork that proves I paid the bill in full, and they are arguing that it was ever paid. Time for an attorney I think. This company has done nothing but screw up my cable service from the get go and I am glad to have left them for Grande.