Jim Sieglitz

Without my request, Time Warner (TWC) downloaded more than two years worth of old inbox emails. So far we’ve received hundreds of old emails including those we’ve tagged as spam or junk emails. Moreover, TWC has downloaded emails tagged as malicious. When I delete an old email another takes its place. My memory is tied up and there must be more historical emails in queue waiting to take the place of old emails I delete. Calling TWC Technical Support is fruitless. After 48 minutes of “On Hold Music” we were given the run around and when a supervisor was asked for we were again placed “On Hold” and nothing so far.

What is TWC doing to bypass system protections designed to stop spam, junk mail and malicious items? Why has TWC downloaded hundreds of old emails? Why is TWC archiving years of old emails? Is this an NSA program that TWC is following?

Andrew Milford ME

Im TWC new customer for 2-3 days Im supose to have basic TV 20+ channels and internet.
Here are the channels I get (count them)
4 FOX22
8 ABC7
14 QVC
16 HSN
19 CSPN2

14 total I asked for a list with their on-line chat and I the guy gave me this link http://www.timewarnercable.com/content/twc/en/residential-home/tv/channels/channel-lineup.html I didnt ask for a link I asked for a list of channels.

My 2nd problem is that I have to restart modem and PC 20 times per day to get connected and every time I chat I get connected. Its unstable ! Im paying for full services but Im getting hmmmmm…. maybe 30% Is that fair ?


This site is awesome!

Time Warner is the most incompetent company I’ve ever dealt with. They are consistently awful. Avoid them at all costs. To be clear, my road runner Internet is great, no problems in 1+ years of service. My issues lie with their cable, specifically their Dvr. I’ve had many problems with the dvrs (freezing up hourly, not recording shows, deleting recordings, and terrible user interface). I’ve had the box replaced 4 times, I’ve even been given a different brand, and I still have the same issues. It’s definitely just a case of awful software.

After being fed up with the Dvr issues, I bought a TiVo with the intention of using a time Warner cable card. I knew they would have to come out to install the cable card….so I called customer service to schedule an appointment. He checked with his manager and confirmed that I could actually show up to their office on mopac and pick up the card!! So I drive all the way over there, pull a number and wait for 20-30 minutes. When they call my number, I stroll up to the desk only to be told that they don’t even carry cable cards at the office….a tech has to come to my house to install it (and a $40 fee for the visit). So I schedule an appointment right then and there.

A few days later, I call customer service to add some sports channels. The automated system (prior to speaking to an agent) confirmed my appointment was scheduled for 10/5 between 5pm-9pm. I rush home from work early to wait…..and wait…..and wait. I call at 9:15 and after a cumulative 45 minutes on hold, I’m told a couple different stories by the same person. First I’m told the service order was marked complete. Then I’m told the appointment is actually until midnight so they should be arriving later. Finally, after checking her system one last time, I’m told the tech would not be coming out tonight because my appointment had been lost during a transition to a new billing system. Their next available appointment isn’t until 11 days from now.

In summary, this company can burn in hell. They’re spawned from Satan’s a$$hole.

The only reason I gave -9 vote instead of -10 is because their Internet has served me well and the girl I spoke with on the phone was friendly and extremely apologetic. It was clear that she wasnt the problem….the company as a whole just sucks.


i recently downloaded a few gigs overnight, and wake up to find my internet was cut off. had to call them to get them to reset modem. well now internet is working but its SOOO FUCKING SLOW!!! i went from downloading 300-500 kb/s to 1-5 kb/s this is so typical of the bullshit time warner is so known for. i cant even watch netflix and play computer games at the same time anymore. when you download too much, without warning they move u from the regular bandwidth to a specialized screw you bandwidth that keeps you from being able to actually do anything. even serveral websites ive been going to wont load because of the lack of speed. beware you dont get indentified as a “high bandwidth user” becuase they feel free to rape your rights and keep charging the same amount. FUCK YOU TIME WARNER CABLE


In the past year so, TWC has randomly disconnected my phone line at least 6x. That should be illegal! What if inclement weather or an intruder was a problem and say, our cell phones were down? The phone line would already be dead; way to make it easier for psychopaths to kill us. I’ve had a problem with a psycho ex boyfriend and TWC is literally enhancing him to stalk me and deter my access too dialing #911 if say I can’t reach my cell. And we’ve paid our bills on time, every month in full – no late charges, ever. They should be fined for such practices!

Not only that, they have RANDOMLY reset the WiFi networks by changing the network name completely WITHOUT notifying us, EVER. Every few months, I’d come home and the WiFi wouldn’t work and it’s because TWC has reset it on their end INCLUDING the password. So it’s a game of calling TWC every 3 months or so about the WiFi network being suddenly different. It’s almost like imagine your cell # changed every few months. Then it’s calling them every other month about the phone line being dead. Just pathetic.


Just had my dvr blow up again. Sounds like a busted robot floor cleaner stuck in the corner. Cannot get more than four days without a problem. Another trip to the twc store for another box

Death to TWC

Time warner is evil. My moving service technician no showed, even tho I confirmed twice after I saw a local TWC guy who said he no other jobs in the area. The scheduled him to come back the next day without telling me. They rescheduled it again for saturday two weeks later. so have no internet service for 3 weeks GREAT. called to confirm since i have no faith in them anymore, and they said there was no appt on saturday and in fact my account had been canceled. asked to speaker with a sr manager – but she was at lunch. sooooooooooo frustrasted.

David Van Horn Malvern OH

We exchanged our cable box due to problems. Now the cable box has a high pitched whistle. Even when the box is turned off it still whistles. Any ideas how to make this whistle stop? It is in the bedroom and is very annoying!!! What can we do??


TWC in San Antonio TX is, evidently, typical of TWC wherever. We had acceptable cable TV service with them (and had suffered with marginal att internet service and ridiculously expensive att phone service), so a month before our 2-year “Price Lock Guarantee” we got suckered into a TWC “bundle” at a (1-year) cost savings of about $40/month for all 3 services. The installer spent 2 hours trying to get the internet to work, screwed up our PC in the process (a month later, it still won’t “sleep” properly), and left me dealing with TWC’s tech support over the phone for the next 4.5 hours. And that was just the beginning…
Since then, we learned TWC had 2 different customer accounts associated with the new phone number TWC issued to us (how does that happen?!); we have had billing issues (overcharged us for the last month covered by the so-called price lock; they failed to give us ANY instructions on how to use the new services (until I demanded they send something); they apparently gave us a 3-month trial of HBO and Cinemax but never bothered to tell us, so we were more than a month into it before we discovered it was there; and today everything died – no TV, no internet, no phone – nothing. So I called using my cell phone (thankfully NOT a TWC service), and waited on hold for more than 30 minutes, only to be told it’s a “city-wide outage with no estimated repair time.” So I gather 1.3 million of us are wondering how much worse TWC service can possibly get…