My client has a real estate business in Dripping Springs Texas near Austin.
They have what Time Warner calls a Business Class account. What a joke.
Business Class just means that you pay three times more and get nothing more than a residential account. The email accounts you get with Business Class are absurd. They are pop accounts that have a 5 meg limit on attachments. So the only way you can use it is to set up forwarding to another account like Google.
Two weeks ago I reported that one of the email accounts stopped working. It still does not work after many phone calls to them. They said they excallated the problem and their manager is working on it. Well he has been working on it for 5 days and it still does not work.
So lets see… Time Warner technicians and their manager cannot get an email account working after trying for two weeks. This is business class? In the mean time, the realtor is loosing untold business because her clients cannot contact her. I was forced to add a new email account for her and she now needs to contact all of her existing clients and let them know her new email address. She needs to change all references to her email on the web site. She needs to have new business cards printed with the new email address.
Who knows if they will ever fix the corrupted email account.
I have given up trying to call them.

Richard Harris Goldsboro NC

It is again Sunday night and the cable channel went off while watching HBO with the new cable box issued to me two weeks ago. I ma setting here trying to find the correct website to complaint. All I find is advertisement to sign up with cable service.

Anonymous NYC

Just absolutely the worst company ever, with service increasingly getting worse and simultaneously more expensive over time. I have never been completely happy with the service provided, but over the last couple of years it has gotten so much worse that I am ready to cancel my service altogether now. It is isn’t worth supporting a company this deceptive and corrupt, for a product that isn’t worth one tenth of what they charge. Time Warner Cable is terrible.


I’m stuck with Time Warner Cable because there is no competition. All I use is there internet, which is all I care about anyway…that was until the World Cup.

Free broadcasts of the World Cup games were on ESPN up until the semi-finals. I went to watch the USA vs. England Game and discovered that Time Warner and ESPN weren’t getting along, so ESPN gave Time Warner the Bird and specifically wouldn’t let me watch the broadcast because Time Warner was my ISP.

Granted it was a Dick Move by ESPN (Time Warner is not the only ISP not included), but for the bullshit money I am forced to pay Time Warner they could have took it on the Chin to ensure that I the same level of access afforded to other cable subscribers across the country.

By Comparison Blue Ridge Communications (located in Bumfuck Efrata Pennsylvania in LANCASTER county), my old cable company WAS on the list. That place has a population of 5000. How do a MILLION Austinites get fucked out of something that’s available to the GOD DAMNED AMISH!?

What Dick Weasels!


We live in Sullivan County New York and we are at the mercy of Time Warner. They say I owe more than I do, and even when I show them the proof, they tell me there is nothing they can do. I feel like they hire the nastiest people for Customer Service, which I feel they don’t provide. Now I’m stuck without Internet, which I need for school, and they don’t care. I wish there was a way to break up this monopoly.

Jason Austin

This probably isn’t exclusive to Time Warner, but they are definitely guilty of ridiculously inane “customer service” speak on the phone, saying stupid things such as “Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?” and “Thank you for that,” even when you give completely mundane and necessary info like the account address. After going through the computerized answering system, waiting forever on hold, and listening to their goddamn commercials piped into your ear, that kind of over-the-top “courtesy” is super annoying, and not at all appreciated. Then the reps go out of their way to tell you their names, as though you could ever get them on the phone again were you to call back with a follow-up issue. No, you’d have to go through the whole damned process over again and get an new person’s fake courtesy.

I’m sure it’s not the reps’ fault, because they’re clearly following a script, and probably being closely monitored by supervisors who think they know something about customer service. These are the idiots who came up with the automated customer service call-back that asks you to rate your experience. It’s a joke because it only asks about that one rep you dealt with, who was nauseatingly courteous, and it wouldn’t be right to single out just that one person for a bad rating. It’s the entire system that sucks, and it sucks entirely.

I hope like hell that the people in charge of customer service at TW read this website. Get a fucking clue, morons.

Future Doofus

I like TWC! They cause one of friends endless torment, thereby bringing me many laughs. They also make me grateful for having Grande and TiVo. The only reason that I don’t give them a really high score is that sometimes when my friend’s crappy TWC DVR misses all or part of one of his favorite shows, he ends up coming over to my place and hogging my TV and TiVo.


Twc cable sucks…technician cancelled verizon phone service then cancelled my installation. They expected me to be without a home phone for a week. Called their service department and explained to them that we can not be withput a phone. I was iformed that if I picked up the equipment myself they would be able to send out a tech. Went to pick up the equipment but then was told that I had to pay an additional porting fee for phone service. Everytime I talk to a rep. they try to ad an extra charge for something else. Very bad service, I can’t believe I was considering their service! I am now left without a home phone because of their irresponsible field technician. STAY AWAY.