12/6?One Week of Time Warner:
Internet down
Channels stuck/not available
Channels missing for days without resolving!
$25 credit on a $145 bill? Really?!
Still channels 1-609 missing with no MUSIC!
I am told to ” give us a few more days to resolve this issue”!
Giving Direct TV a call!

Kevin D. OH

Hello all,

I had my internet service installed back in December 2014. Ever since then, I’m constantly getting stuttering issues (including packet data loss). I had originally had my internet setup (with my own modem/wifi router) and the problem was very evident. Usually when playing video games online. I would get about 1-3 second delay while playing games online (IE: Counter Strike) about, every 60 to 90 seconds. I made several complaints with their technical support team. With them being unable to fix the issue, I trusted my gut feeling and returned the modem/router to Micro Center. The first modem/router I bought was on sale “Netgear C3700-100NAS.” Was the nicest modem/router I could find and what was nice about it was the fact that I could run both 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz wifi frequencies at the same time! So, I went and swapped it for the “Motorola SBG6580” instead. This modem works great or did for a little while. Maybe an entire day? Later the next day, I was getting packet data loss issues again but, they weren’t happening the same way. Then and (still) now, it happens randomly and usually lasts anywhere from 5-10 seconds at a time. I contacted their technical support team the first time and they found the problem to be on their end! Whatever they did, fixed the problem and the internet worked flawlessly for a week! During Christmas vacation, I unplugged the modem/router because I was going out of town for the holidays. After returning, I plugged the modem/router back in and the problems had started all over again! Not before, having issues getting it to communicate with TWC’s servers.

I’ve since then have had to contact their technical support team every day I get home from work to have them fix the issue. Either they do and everything works the rest of the day or, I have to deal with some ignorant moron they hired to tell me that there’s nothing wrong with my internet.

I’m very much likely switching to U-Verse. I’m not sure why people are rating U-Verse poorly but, two of my girlfriend’s relatives have U-Verse internet and it’s far faster and constant than TWC!

You decide!

ElCode2200 Waco Tx

Thankyou TWC for now pissing off your employees by wanting to change their work schedules. Now they arent going to be happy when they come to our instal or service my services. no wonder people switch to grande or someone else. Keep it up…and the good field technicians will leave, and willbe employed by someone else and loving their job.


We’ve been through multiple DVRs because they start freezing up our picture, lose sound, pixilate, etc. etc. And yes, I reboot the box, which if they had quality software and hardware, you shouldn’t have to DO every week. Really wish there was an alternative in Austin….