Im in Buena Park and early this morning I noticed both cable boxes repeatedly rebooting themselves, no cable. Anyone else having this problem? Called and a voice recorded message answered saying there was a outage. NO SURPRISE.

Christina Bristol WI

We’ve had almost no sound on every channel and very poor picture for almost 2 weeks now. Customer service is too busy to help…as usual. I shouldn’t even have to pay a bill with this kind of service!

Cesar Rodriguez-Compean DALLAS TX

I have been having the same issue for the past three to four days and its so irritating to deal with this problem.. every-time i call they tell me the same thing, to unplug and plug it back in. In fact, i have done this way to many times already that i had just decided to cancel my service with them and switch to Verison Fios considering they offer me a good deal. plus a $200.00 prepaid gift card. i will only be paying ten more dollars from what i was paying Time Warner. I will be running under 15mpbs from now on and im so happy they gave me $200.00 just for signing up with them. I hope Time Warner goes out of business for good and quit cheating on there “loyal” customers. I recommend Verison Fios over Time Warner.


Here in the Kansas City, Missouri area, I have internet service by Time Warner. I signed up for the 20Mbps service and I get a video playback just as if I am back in the 1990s with a dial-up modem. Avoid Time Warner internet service at all costs.


We were a long time customer of Time Warner. I will not go into all the details of all of the terrible service we received, but to summarize I will say we had multiple issues with our internet service that no matter what Time Warner said the problem was and no matter what they said would solve the problem, it was never resolved. When we finally parted ways with Time Warner we were having to reset our Time Warner-issued modem 10 times or more a day.

That, however, is not why we left. We left because they were over-charging our credit card on a monthly basis even after we’d worked out a package with them and agreed to a price. When we informed Time Warner of the error they refused to refund the money they took from our credit card, saying they’d give us credits over a 3 month time period. We are talking almost $300 of our money that they took from our account that we had to pay to our credit card–money we didn’t have to, in essence, pre-pay for services we had not yet received. Every person we spoke to admitted they had over-charged us in error, but all of them said they were not authorized to help us and they refused to let us speak with anyone who could help us. If any other company took unauthorized funds from our credit card and refused to issue a refund it would constitute credit card fraud. Time Warner does not seem to understand that people don’t wish to pre-pay for their service and, in fact, can’t afford to pre-pay for their service just because they decide to keep money they erroneously charged to one’s credit card. If you’re a customer who pays your credit card balance in full each month that’s an unexpected hit you’re going to have to pay. If you’re a customer who carries a balance on your credit card, you’ll have to pay interest to the credit card company for Time Warner’s error, so their offer to credit you over time doesn’t actually cover the full amount you’re having to pay to your credit card in that circumstance.

My issue has finally been resolved after hours and hours of my time wasted by Time Warner customer service agents, all of whom acknowledged they took the money in error and refused to return it. Since I have read many complaints on this site regarding the auto-pay issue, I thought it would be a good idea to tell how I resolved the issue. I filed a complaint with the FTC and the FCC. If you are having trouble with Time Warner over-charging your credit card contact both the FTC and the FCC. If you are just having trouble with their complete inability to provide consistent internet and/or cable service, contact the FCC. The websites are: and

Filing formal complaints with the FTC and the FCC was the only way I was able to get my issue resolved. One of the people I spoke with at the FCC said that this was the sort of thing they needed to know and that they hoped people would file formal complaints in this sort of situation. I’m not usually one to file formal complaints, but enough was enough. After Time Warner received my complaint from the government, they finally refunded the money.

And finally, if you are on auto-pay with Time Warner, I strongly suggest you get off auto-pay immediately.


It is quite obvious there arecserious problems with twc…it would seem that in order to be a viable competitor in this market twc would do everything they can to find out what is wrong with their equipment…too many people having the same technical issues myself included…i wantvto give them a chance to fix the problem but not at the expense of my sanity….watching a show…glitching..tiling…skipscevery other word…too much…help!😩