Time Warner Sucks!

Do yourself a favor and stay clear from this evil company! I have had nothing but problems with my tw internet for years now. Everyday my internet cuts out and i have to reset the modem at least 5 to 10 times a day, so basically i can’t even play a god damn video game online without having the shit kick me offline! When i call to complain they tell me i need a new modem, when infact i know its not the modem because we have two time warner modems in our house and i hooked up the other one from the office in the game room and it does the same shit, it is Time Warners terrible service. After years of getting fucked in the ass i am cancelling my Time Warner service and going with a more reliable service. Fuck you Time Warner, Fuck You i hope you burn in hell!

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Just like our government , there is no accountability in the cable industry or communications . The corporations have a free reign to screw their customers with no recourse except cancel . The sorriest programming possible , commercials and paid programming , reruns of reruns … Advertisers pay these companies and we pay to watch the advertisements … WHAT A SCAM … and our government of the people by the people lets them get away with it … Not one person would lose their life not watching the crap the media puts out . Media is a sewer !!!