Jack Shadow Hills Ca

I can’t even explain how bad time Warner is…when we moved into our new ranch the modem and router were working fine and we thought everything was transferred over, then the old property owner installed new gear in his new house and had issues with it so they tried to fix it over the phone…by disconnecting our service over 300 miles away. Of course I called then the next day to fix our service which they finally did, by turning his service off. Guess what he did the next day? Imagine how many phone calls and the enormous hold times, disconnects and incompetent CSR’s I had to deal with to figure this out? So the resolution was to get a new modem and disassociate the two services to get them both to work at the same time. Now, merely 2 days later my Internet and tv are both out…how do they stay in business like this?


i’m laughing right now. i’m in arizona and time warner is so bad it’s not even funny. their customer support is comical. they supposedly have a “tier 3” that are the smart guys….these guys KNOW NOTHING. it’s been a long time since i’ve really lost my temper, but the last tier3 guy i had to hang up on he was so bad. he didn’t even understand that your first two hops are the same, regardless of what domain you are trying to reach. so you can only imagine how bad the “tier1” is…..i can’t even get my EMAIL for hours at a time during primetime. really? my connection can’t even squeeze 15kilobytes through the pipe to get my email for hours every day? something HAS GOT TO BE DONE. I”M NOT PLAYING WORLD OF WARCRAFT OVER HERE, I”M DOING SERIOUS SHIT, COMEON TW GET IT TOGETHER!!! I want to write to their president, and tell him in detail how truly bad they are, anyone have the address and name?


Maybe someone can help me with this … Sometimes I will DVR a show, when I go to watch the show and press play … nothing starts playing, it just goes black, I try to FF or RW to see if anything changes but it wont FF or RW, any ideas?


I guess I should have come here first.
Their customer service here in Dallas is terrible.
I signed up due to an incentive. Only two months after service I am no longer eligible for that incentive. #1 because I only had 30 days. Which Im waiting for a transcript of that conversation. #2 because they didn’t send me my second statement so I was late. Funny thing is statement #3 and #1 arrived no problem.
Who do you use in Dallas area. Im switching

Time Warner Sucks!

Do yourself a favor and stay clear from this evil company! I have had nothing but problems with my tw internet for years now. Everyday my internet cuts out and i have to reset the modem at least 5 to 10 times a day, so basically i can’t even play a god damn video game online without having the shit kick me offline! When i call to complain they tell me i need a new modem, when infact i know its not the modem because we have two time warner modems in our house and i hooked up the other one from the office in the game room and it does the same shit, it is Time Warners terrible service. After years of getting fucked in the ass i am cancelling my Time Warner service and going with a more reliable service. Fuck you Time Warner, Fuck You i hope you burn in hell!

Richard D. Kinner Trumansburg NY

I have REPEATED problems with the “new” cable box, remote and programming menu. The equipment has been replaced. Same inconsistent, randomly responsive and often UNresponsive results. Curiously, I can almost guarantee that the remote will act up at 11:00 pm every night. I began timing how long it took for my command to take affect; first 5 seconds, then 30, then 60. I now have to reboot every two days, sometimes have to call in and have the electronic lady do it for me. The last four times I have attempted to call customer service after 11:00 pm, after having navigated the phone prompts and am finally told I will speak to a rep, the connection is terminated. The equipment is EXCEPTIONALLY inferior and should be replaced. Find out where it came from. THIS is what a monopoly is all about.