m.b. oh

let me first start by saying that a few of you are having issues that time warner could prevent by our prevntative maintenance team. unfortunately they hire our p.m. team based off some dumbass situational sitquestions vs. field experience who cares tech 1 has the goods lets hire tech 2 cause he licks my testis better. by the way i work for time warner and know the issue most of you suffer from especially if you have maspro taps in your system. sorry had i been a p.m. i had fixed your issue by now but unfortunately you have the ass kissing no work ethic crap fixing your intermittent issue. dont let the techs get you down we do our jobs its the man that sucks


Time Warner Cable is legitimately the worst internet provider in the market. I’m currently paying close to a $100 a month for an internet service that’s supposed to be giving me 50mbps and yet I get a max of 12. Not only are the speeds not satisfactory, they have internet outtages in the Porter Ranch area at least once a month. Even with an entire website dedicated to talking shit about your service, your company decides to neglect their customers.

(P.S. The ONE channel that showed the Superbowl was disconnected for approximately an hour and ten minutes and their only form of compensation is a $5 gift certificate, or a free movie on-demand.)

I’m leaving your service for a more reliable provider. Thus our 10 year loyalty ends.

Rawbutt Owensboro KY

I’ve had time warner in my home forever. Stupid me. I battled with them for two weeks for pixalation. Now my internet modem has to be reset constantly. I just wanted to exchange modems but Nooooo! They want me to screw with a bunch of checks to make sure I’m not messin’ it up. After my last problem, where I spent hours on the phone and computer, I wasn’t about to go down that road again. This modem has been fine for years and like anything mechanical it eventually breaks down. I can live with that. They’ll come out and check it but will charge a fee if their $9/hr technician can’t figure it out. He couldn’t last time. When it was locally owned if you had a problem with equipment they swapped out no problem. I told them I would bring it to the local office myself but they said they wouldn’t let me do it. I’m switchen to Direct TV for TV pronto. I guess I’ll just buy my own modem cause I’m not fuckin’ with those idiots more than I have to. Raw Anus in the bluegrass!


Interesting AP article today about staggering losses at cable companies. Quotes the COO of Time Warner referencing the Austin, TX market and attributing client churn mostly to college students who enter / leave the market.

So I emailed him (his email address is in an earlier post on this site).

Told him that from my perspective, the reason is extremely poor customer service. And when those ATT trucks at the entrance to my subdivision are finished provisioning our neighborhood for Uverse, I and hundreds of other TWC subscribers will be cancelling our service.


Alma Trembly Lakeway tx

First off, all I want is to get a booklet on NAVIGATOR which was installed about a month ago but booklet was not left. It’s too
everybody cannot figure out how to record. Not everybody is knowledgeable about new instruments.

Also have had cable for a few years and would like a Welcome Kit.
A friend left her Navigator info plus Welcome Kit dated January 2009 – it there a new publication??

Tried the web but after two calls could not get through.


Tuesday 6/28 I called to change my service – drop one phone line, up the internet speed, etc. Everything seem to go just fine and I had an appointment set for today (7/2) from 3-5pm to make the changes. Had to rush home and such because i didn’t want to be late… At 5:30pm I got tired of waiting and called TWC to find out where the tech was. Surprise surprise, they told me the appointment had been rescheduled for next week. No one called to tell me or even ask if I could be home at that time (which I can’t). I have now been in escalation hell for over 2 hours bouncing from dept to dept and still have no resolution. Thanks TWC for ruining my Sat. and not coming through once again.