I was suppose to move into my new apartment in L.A. 2 1/2 WEEKS AGO!!! But TIME WARNER must have had a vendetta against me because every possible Fing problem that could happen to my order….HAPPENED! I placed the order for internet to be installed about 2 1/2 WEEKS ago and the first problem was: “I’m sorry but it seems that we only service your building from apartments 216+, which is weird it’s never happened before” I’M APARTMENT 215!!! THERE WAS A TIME WARNER CABLE BOX ON MY FLOOR!!! Then one week later the problem evolved: “I’m sorry it looks like we can’t find your apartment building your address isn’t in our system” HOW THE F IS IT NOT IN THEIR SYSTEM WHEN THEY SERVICE HALF THE FING BUILDING???!!!! These people are f#$%^cking morons and I honestly hope someone starts a network of their own in L.A. to give them some strong competition!!!! The people need a champion!!!

Winston Sunnyside NY

I live in Queens, NY and we consistently have problems watching ANYTHING On Demand. We cannot watch prime time, entertainment, or Showtime.

I’ve chatted with the online, called them on the phone, they reset the box and nothing. We even recently went in and got a new box and it seems worse.

It’s a hassle to change providers, but I’m seriously looking into Verizon Fios or Dish. It’s so frustrating to Pay over $100 per month and not get the service that we’re paying for.

priscilla carpender charlotte nc

time warner sucks in charlotte nc too. had no internet access this morning for 4 hours. system wide i was told. asked for credit-NOPE, cant do that..

customer service is sophomoric at best. i can only assume they pay their employees squat. i have never had such poor service in product and customer service in my life. signed up for uverse today. more service for half the price. time warner is already looking bad on the dow jones.. shut them down! do not use time warner services.. i’d rather stand on my roof holding aluminum foil to get service for tv. time warner is poorly run company. oh, and if you call in and choose option as existing customer, just lay the phone down and run the vacuum and do a load of laundry, you wont be helped soon if at all. if you choose new customer you get right thru.


81 yards of cable lying by dfriveway since March 17. TWC subcontrator has failed to show for bury/drop three (3) times now. They refuse to contact the subcontractor, who keeps failing to show up. Technical Support claims they cannot control what subcontractor does.

How do I get them to drop/bury my cable so that important Spring lawn work can proceed?

DrDan Santa Ana CA

I pay for the fastest internet access and I’ve noticed that my download speed will decrease over random periods of time until it just crawls along. I unplug the modem for a reset and I get my previously paid for bandwidth (at least until it starts to slow again). I think TWC is letting others use my bandwidth when I’m not using it because they don’t have enough to go around. I’m OK with this except that I want what I paid for when I want to use it. It’s like having a car that other people are driving and then not refilling the tank.

I have to call them every other month when resetting the modem doesn’t work and they pretend that they don’t know what happened. I know what happened. They are reselling what they don’t have enough of and hoping I don’t notice.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice where I live. Before I moved, I had Verizon FiOs and I called customer service once in three years. It always worked AND it was cheaper.

Anonymous Round Rock tx

AT&T Service down again. Last month multiple calls placed, eventually got service tech after third day. Then down again after 3 days. Another tech dispatched after 2 days. All started when the entire neighborhood went down for ???? ,cause neighbors were down too. My equipment would’t come up when theirs did.
Cable down again today. Only this time I have my Internet service.
We pay a lot of $$ for what??? Poor Service.


I can only imagine the frustration that comes with such a service and I strongly urge those who are unhappy to move your business elsewhere. Check out; there you’ll find a complete comparison of several of the biggest and more popular TV providers. I highly recommend this to anyone who is just wondering if they’re getting everything that they should. It helped me to realize that my employee DISH Network account is perfect for me and my family.

John Tanner Beaumont Texas

Upgraded to Roadrunner Ultimate 50mbps a few days ago from Turbo. Now my internet isnt getting more than 3mbps at night. Ran through about 50 troubleshooting scenarios (some of which just don’t make sense) from Timewarner and most are trying to state its my fault. Which is weird because with turbo i ran 10+mbps at all times. Really making me mad.


Just moved from Pittsburgh to the Columbus, Ohio area. Got TWC and am paying for the 20Mb internet service. It usually works fine all day, but then around 6 – 7pm it slows to an almost unusable crawl. Speedtests show I’m only getting a 10Mb connection or less during these times. We have a smart TV, tablet, 2 smartphones and a computer hooked up, not all being used at the same time. The service I got from my company in Pittsburgh was only 10Mb, but seemed faster and more reliable than what I am getting here.


I have been an EarthLink / TWC customer for the last 12 years. I want to remain an EarthLink / TWC customer so I get the lower rates and I can keep my email address.

Over the last 2 years TWC has slammed my account (and raised the rates) twice from EarthLink/TWC -> TWC without my consent.

I am praying for Google fiber to come into the area and put greedy, unethical, self-serving bastards out of business.