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Time Warner what a joke, sorry to all those not laughing
My youngest daughter a single parent was considering renting a house next door to our business in a very small town 25 miles west of Columbus Ohio. She called TWC to check rates for the address she was considering to move to and then a couple days later found out the house had already been rented to someone else. The people that own the house have been a long time friend of the family. A few months past and the person that rented the house moved out so my daughter rented the house and moved in. Our friends that owned the house did not require her to sign a lease because of our long term friendship. My daughter told me she had already spoken to TWC about price and she could not afford it, so I told her I would get it for here. I called TWC and had cable put in my name and paid the bill. Everything was fine for a week, cable not working so I called TWC to find out what was wrong and they connected me with loss prevention. Loss prevention told me cable was shut off for none payment of and hold bill. TWC demanded that I show proof of a move in date by form of a lease agreement. I tell them I have no lease TWC then tells me no one can move into a new place without a lease that it’s against the law and demanded I provide a lease. I have the home owner sign a document with my daughters move in date and TWC refused to except it. So then I ask TWC what do I need to do to get cable turned back on TWC says I need to pay the outstanding bill of $187.41. So I asked if I pay this amount you will turn cable back on TWC said yes. So I paid $187.41 then to my disbelief TWC said they could not turn it back on until I paid a $39.00 reconnect fee. Then I asked, and then you will turn cable back on TWC says oh yes absolutely. Then I am told that they believe that I was trying fraud them and demanded that I give them a guaranteed account that they could debt money out of every month so they would be guaranteed their money. So I tell TWC I want all the money I just paid them back and that the attorney general office is going to love this story. (Not that they would even care) TWC person transferred me to another rep and she told me she would get cable turned back on. (No secured card needed) the day arrives when TWC is going to reconnect the cable. The technician arrives and says it was going to cost $189.00 a month for service I said wait a minute the promotion I signed up for was 49.99 month for the first year for basic cable and internet. He tells me that was last month’s promotion and this month there is no promotions going on. I explain to him what TWC has put me thru and he calls someone at TWC he is told I am no longer considered a new customer so I would not qualify for any promotions. (Now remember I have only had cable for one week never had TWC before ever). After the tech talking to several other reps they finally get me on a plan for $49.99 month plus tax so great all fixed. Fast forward 2 ½ years later. My daughter decides shes going to move, so I call TWC to find out what I need to do to stop service. TWC tells me I need to bring them the modem to stop service and the location I need to bring the modem to is on the front of the bill. I take the modem to the place indicated and asked the lady to see if there is going to be any balance because I would like to pay that while I was there that day. The lady at TWC customer service tells me no outstanding balance on the account because the new cycle had not started yet. So I figure this is great and that was easy and I told her it was a lot easier to deal with them in person. A few days go by and to my absolute disbelieve I receive a bill in the mail demanding the outstanding balance to be paid immediately. (This is the funny part the bill is for 9 cents). So yes I did it I went to TWC and made a complete idiot of myself but it felt good however the TWC customer service reps threatened to have me bodily removed if I didn’t calm down and I responded by saying the only thing I’m trying to do is pay this 9 cent bill that you have made clear is due immediately. (All the customers in the lobby started laughing) TWC took my 9 cents gave me a receipt and I left. And seriously I would not gotten as upset as I did but the TWC rep kept trying to get me to have the cable reactivated at my daughters new address after I told her I would never get TWC again ever. What caused the original problem is when my daughter first called and checked on pricing using the houses address and then not renting the house, then some else rented the house got cable in their name and moved out a few months later and then my daughter rented the house and I had cable installed in my name which is the same last name as my daughter. So what TWC seen in the computer is my daughter’s name some one else name and then my name looks like she was living there all along and the other person moved out but not the case. The only thing my daughter did when she called was to get pricing not have cable turned on. (TWC just went too far and started a work order as if she was getting cable.)


I’ve had terrible experience with both Time Warner and AT&T Uverse. My fiance got over billed by Direct TV, then harrassed for a couple months about it, never fixed the problem and she finally had to sue them to get them off her case.

So I guess it’s a matter of the lesser of the evils? Is there such thing as a GOOD cable/broadband company?


tried to activate service in my new home – Time Warner claims that it’s a business yet they flood my mailbox with mail that welcomes me to my new “home”. I know I don’t live in a factory or an office… I’ve begged them to fix their misclassification of my place – they just don’t care. I went with directv instead.
Reps at Time Warner take great care in reading their script yet they aren’t empowered to fix a mistake. Nor are they capable of sending it to a manager or supervisor. Horrible company. I feel sorry for the people that work there and the customers that rely on them for service.