Missing a quality internet service provider in Texas.

TWC Business Class Service in Austin, TX for internet no better. Poor bandwidth performance for years, the only “game in town” for internet in many counties around Austin. Using a satellite provider for internet will cost three times more and will be no better in our area.

We’ve upgrade our equipment, upgraded cable and hardware and talked to our internet partners and vendors, they all have the same answer… TWC “throttles” bandwidth in certain areas for periods of time and also cuts service to certain “bandwidth heavy” websites like Amazon, Ebay, Fox TV, Endicia, and Facebook to name a few. The IT teams in all these companies are constantly fielding complaints about their websites poor response from users, most all using TWC as their ISP.

We need more competition in the Austin area for internet service, especially outside the city limits and Travis county. Heck, there are still areas out here within an hour drive from Austin that still only have “dial-up” available to them for internet service at a reasonable cost, if any..

Our experience…