.024 -1.09 megs per second is my internet speed this am thru time warner…what a joke…can we get some competition in this area?..erie pa. All we have is dsl and time fiber optics no other cable company


Cable modem issues regarding purchasing your own modem. TWC provides list of approved models that work published on TWC web. Buy your modem using the list hook it up activate it your online. The listing has Motorola SB6141 that happen to be the same modem proved by the lease. No brainer should work. What a mess TWC got me into. Tentative date when the problem will get resolved??????????????????????? Someone should change the posting on TWC web regarding purchasing modems


Has anyone else noticed that when you can’t access the Internet on Time Warner they respond a recorded message on resetting your modem? What does that say about the number of occurrences? Maybe people just don’t like talking to the Time Warner personnel as much as I don’t.
For those who think they’re stuck with Time Warner, because they’re the only game in town, let me introduce you to MIMO (Multiple-In Multiple-Out) routers and either tMobile or Millenicom along the CradlePoint MBR95 router.
Now I used to have tMobile before and believe me, I know how their service was. However, now those little $100 wireless hotspots you buy at Walmart really work (if you’re in a good t-Mobile area). If not, try Millenicom. Don’t forget to lock the wireless modem to your computer or router’s MAC address, so those devices are the only ones that can talk to it.
Here’s the point: the t-Mobile wireless hot spot out paces Time Warner’s “up to” 2Mb/s service (which from my perspective is exactly the same as their “up to” 20Mb/s service, except for the price). With the Cradlepoint MBR-95 (or probably any MIMO router) you can choose, from a router menu, whether to connect to this Internet provider as your primary connection or the other Internet provider (using the other ISP as a failover backup). So if the same router with the same settings can talk on the other Internet provider but not Time Warner (assuming it ever did work), and Time Warner tells you “It’s your computer”; “It’s your firewall”; “Deactivate your firewall and connect your computer directly to the modem”, they’re at best wrong and at worst malicious. (Can you guess what happens when you connect your computer to the modem without a firewall / antivirus active? Yeah, you get slammed with malware, after which Time Warner tells you that was the problem all along but they can’t help you with your computer problems. They will, however, offer to sell you some security package upgrade to your service.)
So how could it be that a wireless device out runs a cable modem? The answer seems the same as why the Time Warner’s Internet goes down so often: hacking and hackers. (There’s always the suspicion that Time Warner’s own people are involved, to preserve their bandwidth availability by taking your computer out, but it really doesn’t matter who the hackers are or why they’re doing it.)
I have an IOS Cisco router too (that I wrote the firewall for) and, when I’m attached to Time Warner, hackers hit that router like a brick wall but they take up bandwidth (data throughput), so access is slower. On t-Mobile, there isn’t that backlash of intrusion attempts, so the connections just sort of sail on through…same software, same set of routers, same settings….
Anyway, I just wanted to let folks know that they do have a choice. Also, it’s cheaper to buy the MBR-95 Cradlepoint router from Mellenicom than some of the other sources. I wish I could critique Mellenicom’s service but I already had the t-Mobile hotspot, and it works well, so I didn’t really go for the extra investment in Mellenicom but it’s good to know that’s an option (and they have a 30-day trial period).


Terrible company their office in Florence SC only has a machine. You leave a message & no one ever calls you back.Both of my next door neighbors have cable, they are less than 100 ft from my house but TWC refuses to hook me up. I would pay for the cable but I can’t get a person to answer or return my call. I would like to know how to break their monopoly on cable service in our area & get another cable co here.


I had their cable over couple years and IT’S CRAP. The cable box process your remote too slow. I cannot punch channel digits quickly, have to do it SLOWLY. Channels also switch slowly. Sometimes it blacks out with ‘please wait’ while switching and can take up a min or two to clear up. Sometimes it lags and freezes. TWC is crap.

Anonymous Syracuse

I am in upstate NY and TWC sucks. I wish for another option. Just broke a remote control in half tonight because I kept trying to change channels, select this or that, and it just didnt work. It is ridiculous that we allow companies to operate like this in our Country – Damnit – we are the US!!! We should get the best! I hope TWC and many other companies like them eventually get what they deserve (meaning the idiots that run them) – Bankruptcy! I hope I get to see them on the corner asking for change one day for the dumb ass decisions they make.

And thank you for having a simple website like this for everyone to post a simple comment to know we are not alone in our frustration!