Chris Del Valle TX

This is the second weekend in a row that TWC has prevented me from working with intermittent cable outages. I work online over a timed interface, and must have a solid ‘net connection to work. As it stands now I’ve lost so much time already today due to this outage that I will be working well into the night just to finish my shift. This totally stinks. Double jeopardy: paying for a service I’m not getting, and prevented from working to earn money to pay for it. I need to find another service.


Time Warner is the worst cable period. My cable boxes freeze constantly, even after they sent me new ones. Also, the majority of my HD channels do not come in at all, and they always give the same excuses, such as they are working on it. Bottom line, get a satellite dish or other cable service.

Jason and Holly Kishbaugh ME

Fed up with bullshit business practices!!! Time Warner came and hooked up service at our resistance in December 2014. In the process of doing so the tech blew up our child’s flat screen television. Admitting doing so he was apologetic about the situation. After leaving we noticed that we only had volume on half of the channels on the second television. After several weeks of phone calls trying to get this issue resolved, we have yet to get a callback from the company. Apparently they are too”busy” to address this issue but somehow they found the time to send us several bills in a 2 month span. I would ABSOLUTELY NOT recommend using Time Warner cable company unless you enjoy nonstop aggravation!!!!!! Our next step is to post this on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS!!! This is clearly a company that does NOT put their customers first!!! I think they need to sit back and remember who built your company.. Without your customers you would be non-existent!!!!!! WAKE UP TIME WARNER!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Statesville NC

I have a suggestion for the owner of the site. Track outages, track excessive hold time, track lack of communication between departments.

If you think residential is bad try business class.

We need to track and quantify the problems. Have you noticed that when you call in you have to state the company you are calling about? Since when does Earthlink and Time Warner have a business partnership? They are on the list of companies. Bottom line!! The call center has been outsourced and the company taking the calls are being paid on metrics and not the degree of customer service they provide.

In the past two months I have never had an occasion that was not a long hold time. Tonight it was over 30 minutes. Call Center staffing problem!?!?!?!?!?!??!

TWC if you are reading this, do not follow your competitors down that path of total suck – a – tude.

walt McQueeney TX

6 months now and the internet and phone work whenever they want to.
TW has been out many times and haven’t fixed it.
I’m sorry TW, but if there another option, I would quickly use someone else.

I wish I still had my old land line again- it failed only once in 20 years.


Anonymous Mooresville

I am sick to death of trying to watch The FIVE on FOX channel 58 and EVERYDAY it freezes up. I can change to any other channel and it works fine. Does TWC have such a liberal slant it can’t allow one full hour of TV on Fox without some stupid freeze!!!!!

John Webster NY

I moved to another home in the Webster, NY area 13 months ago when I got married. I turned in my cable boxes as my wife already had TW cable. Two months ago I checked my credit report and discovered a collection account had been placed by TW. When I called, I was informed I didn’t turn in my boxes. I did in fact turn them in and Unfortantly lost my receipt. Cust service told me I had no choice but to pay a $750 fee. I received no notice of this problem before the collections was placed. My wife said a co worker had the exact same problem and she just paid the fee instead of trying to fight TW.
Has anyone else had the same problem and if so what happened?
Thanks, John


I’ve had Time Warner for years and when I initially signed up I was paying $99.99 for cable/internet/phone. I have my bill automatically drafted from my account and Time Warner is suppose to send me my bill via email, but I never get the email for some reason.

I noticed that my bill has gone up over $150.00 a month so I called to see what happened. They said I was under a special promotional price and that the price I had was no longer available and there was no specials for current customers. I’ve been with them for over 6 years and you would think they would cut me some deal, but no.


We have gone through so many cable boxes. Every single one has something wrong with it. It is pissing me off. We can’t get any other service in our area though. Crap company!


TWC in SoCal is the worst!! they have no customer service, theya re rude and ignorant! I have been dealing with them for hte past few years and its getting worst by a day! Dont get TWC, find someone else to provide your services.