Well so long Time Warner I finally can get U-verse in my neighborhood. No more pay in advance crap. internet dropping constantly. In addition Time Warner has no affiliation with ESPN 3 and if your and xbox live gamer like me that a huge disadvantage. Oh yeah and guaranteed 10 megs down with uverse not fluctuating like your crap ass shared network outdated copper cable crap!!!! I really want to throw my modem and cable box at you when I turn it in tomorrow, but I would rather just speak loudly in front of your lobby full of pissed off customers. I am sure I will be waiting there for hours anyway maybe I will try to sell a few people on grande or uverse while we all stew in time warner filth!!!

If you have any other option besides TW take it!!!!!!


watching TV, all of a suden at 11PM blank picture. Called Time warner, spoke to a machine. They were going to send a signal. Nothing happening. Called back. After 30 minutes of being on hold found out they are updating their system. This is the best time. From 11PM to 6AM NO SERVICE!
The best time is not during the day time, when people work, but at 11PM. IDIOTS! How about recording a message or putting a message on the screen. I wasted 1 hours thinking I had a problem that can be corrected. Time warner you STINK! Shame on you.

Rocky Kyle Tx

Last month was told to stay at home all day on a Sunday and wait for repair tech only to find out that my order was cancelled earlier in the day and that guy had left already and no techs left to fill my order. Talking about being pissed off! I ripped them a new one and let them have it. In return manager tried to give a minimal compensation. Once again I ripped into them till I got money back for my wasted time. Don’t let them push you around. These people are trained to give you minimal things back even when you clearly have them cornered.


Anyone having issues with the channel changes in Austin. It appears you need a box for the moved channels for they are “digital”. I was told I don’t need a Cisco DTA box if I have a digital set for the box is supposedly a QAM tuner. Well I can’t see any of the moved channels and I have rescanned etc but nothing. Their customer support is the worst!!! Anyone out with a similar problem. I don’t want a box on every tv for that is ridiculous to have the with basic cable. I am thinking of dumping them!


Called to place order – gave the rep all the info – then, the guy’s computer was down and he said someone would call me back in 10 min to complete the order. An hour+ later no one had called. I called and started over.

In 3 separate calls to the sales department, they had told me after looking up my address that I would receive 15mb download speeds. So, on this 2nd attempt to place the order, they took the order and then transferred me to the installation department – and, I was disconnected. I called the installation department and they told me the max download speed in my area is 10mb. Said he would have to listen to the tapes of the other call as he couldn’t comment on what the sales department offered. I intend to find out how to report them for this – it seem to me it is false advertising at the least. “Bait and switch” is the term that comes to mind. He did indicate for an additional fee I can get 30mb in my area – so availability of higher speed service is not the issue – the issue is they are lying when they tell you you will receive 15mb download speeds.

The ineptitude of their system is staggering. The installation department required me to provide all the same information I had already provided the sales department. Social, date of birth, credit card info. No idea what the point is of giving it to the sales department if the installation department needs it as well.

Art Shrout Mentor-On-The-Lake Ohio

I have never seen or heard of a customer support that has hired incompetant people to work there support system. They have a moron trying to do nothing but try to confuse the customer and blow sunshine up there wahoo. They have a person named ERIC M. which he would not give his last name. We been fighting a issue for three months now of over charge.
I originally left ATT cause of cost, signed up with time warner for a package deal of 89.99 a month was supposed to get phone, internet, cable with one free box and HBO CINNEMAX and some other premium station free for 3 months. This was started in June well we moved August 15th to a new resident well ordinary to get service transfered allegdly I owed a back balance of 40.00 which I paid thru this out fit thats suppose to help you transfer your utilties, plus I paid 160.32. So that was 200.00 I paid, now supposedly I owed 339.00 from the old address which I only had service for 2 months so now I would have paid 500.00+ for 2 months
Oh don’t let me forget I tried to upgrade to a higher speed of internet which never worked but I didn’t worry since I was moving but I asked to get it corrected on my bill. So finally I moved and still no correction on the bill I asked for speed upgrade again at new address they changed my modem and seemed nothing change called and a tech came out found a bad component still no correction made to bill 4 months of no high speed and they want me to pay for something I never got. Asked for a manager to contact me no such luck. This Eric is the rudist and most brain dead person working for them. He should be put in the mailroom or fired. I am in communication with the state attorney generals office, something must be done about the way cable gets away with everything. The people need a source to be able to get action on idiots they hire or the way they handle things. PUCO governs other utilities.


Here is my last attempt to resolve my TWC fiasco, sent to
I am contacting you regarding the above mentioned TWC account. After nearly 25 years of TWC service I elected to respond to a marketing bundle advertisement. After a lengthy telephone conversation and multiple on hold negotiations, I agreed to the $89/month bundle for telephone, internet and television with free installation. Initially the representative informed me there would be an installation fee however this was not acceptable. I was not willing to proceed unless the installation was free as advertised. Your representative agreed to this, again after a lengthy on hold session to get confirmation from his supervisor, and we proceeded to schedule an appointment for installation. Having TWC television service already in the home and having pulled and worked with coax multiple times in the past I was anticipating a quick and easy install. The initial appointment was for 4 pm allowing me to schedule time out of my office practice (I am a medical physician) to be present in my home for this work.

The day of installation I received a phone call at 12 noon informing me that your field technician was at the residence and wanted to proceed with the work. Having patients scheduled I couldn’t be present however made arrangements for my spouse to return to the home to allow for the installation to proceed. She arrived a few minutes later as requested. Unfortunately I received an urgent phone call an hour later from her requesting I come home immediately due to a problem with the installation work. I arrived a little after 1 pm to find the subcontractor “Rodney” from Infinity looking at a hole he had drilled through my ceiling. After a walk through showing the technician the same access site pointed out by my spouse Rodney assured me he would repair the damage and route the coax cable through the basement as requested. It was evident that he had considered this route initially because the insulation was pulled back from the existing coax and electrical wiring.

Arriving home after work ~ 5:45 pm I was shocked to see Rodney was still there…my spouse was upset and wanted him out of the house asap. To my utter disbelief I found Rodney had cut two access sites at different levels in my office and semi mounted the gangs (electrical boxes) and plates. Not only were they at different levels from the existing gangs but the were not mounted flush with the wall. Rodney pointed out that the original gang was erroneously mounted back to back with and existing gang on the other side of the same wall and in his attempt to mount the new box he had to push the existing box in the living room out a little. He stated “She said you wouldn’t like this”. So with my $500,000 home I had two new blue gangs partially sticking out of the wall in my office, an existing gang pushed out in the living room and a hole in my ceiling. Rodney understood our dissatisfaction and assured me he would return to correct this the following day. He assured me that we wouldn’t be able to tell he was there and the botched install would be repaired along with the hole in my ceiling. We agreed on 4 pm the following day as that would minimize my lost time at work.

The following day I left work early only to have 4 pm come and go without any sign of Rodney. I have contacted TWC repeatedly by phone and electronically and can’t seem to get these issues resolved. So here I set having missed work repeatedly, with damage to my home, a $513 bill including fees for installation, and no phone, internet nor cable tv. I am contacting you and the local franchising authority in hopes of resolving this matter.


For no reason. The Internet. The TV and the phone are out. I was playing a little bit of playstation when I get an error saying I was signed out. I check my iPhone(which is on 3G ATM) and the Internet doesn’t work. So I was going to resend my router but then I find out the tv doesn’t work either. Every TV in the house is out. Then I take our home phone and call my number, no ringing or anything. Just dead air. And all of this is because of time Warner and there crappy services…


We’ve had Time Warner for years. Cable and Internet. Cable was never really my thing, but I definitely use the internet. At first the service was horrible. Horrible to the point that we dropped internet with them to move to the local DSL company. TW was faster, but completely unreliable. After giving them a few years to fix their shit, we tried them again since we preferred the faster connection. Apparently that was enough time for them to fix it as it was stable for years. We were quite happy with the service overall until about a year or so ago when the whole Wideband internet came about from them. Would love to upgrade, but we simply can’t afford it at their current prices. This wouldn’t be such a problem, except our speeds on our current connection have gotten worse and worse even since the wideband has been offered. It’s to the point now that the neighbor’s DSL connection is significantly faster than our cable connection in the evenings. We are now back to the point of considering DSL again, but this time because it’s faster. How sad is that?! Thanks, Time Warner Cable.


TW once again lost service on channels. In our area the problem has been with ESPN. Today it was the Big Ten Channel. It was wroking then out and then only the non HD channels worked as the HD channels were pixiliated and no sound. I pay extra for the sports package and expect it to work. This on top of another 14% rate hike in January on top of a 11% rate hike the previous Janaury. This is a great business model, charge more give less and have even worse customer service. If any industry needs regulation it is this one.


I called TWC Tuesday to see about having my 80 yr.old mother’s bill reduced. She has basic cable (no box) and home phone service and pays 113.00 a month. That is CRAZY. I was on hold for 30 min. before anyone in the retention department answered. I explained the situation and he put me on hold for another 30 min., only for him to come back and tell me there were no promotions available for her right now. She has been a loyal customer for over 30 yrs. and never late on a payment. WTH. So much for trying to RETAIN her as a customer. TWC needs to be stopped. They are taking advantage of everyone. On top of that they have taken about 10 channels from her that she still pays for, she just cant view them unless she has a box. BULLS$*#T!!!


Service has alway’s work’d flawlessly in my area, till approx 4 yrs ago, now it’s cable malfunction every few weeks. The only major complaint I have is, when service does go down, it takes weeks for techs to show up to repair cable issues. All consumers know that electronics malfunction from heat, but having to wait 5 day’s to a month is ridiculous !!!! Specially, when it’s something simple like cable adjustment, modem change, etc…. TWC seriously need to upgrade tech dept. I’ve been sitting here since friday, hardly able to get online with max speed at .65 Mbps, and still have to wait another 4 day’s for a tech to come out, if they don’t reschedule. Previous tech stated to me, that TWC does not upgrade any cable lines, which causes lot’s of issues, specially in my area. If TWC upgrades cable lines, it would resolve over 50% of customer complaints. Cable line in my area is probably 25 yrs old.