Box is constantly freezing, it resets and count down from L8 at least once a week. There is about a 7 second lag from the time you press a button on the remote to the time the box performs the command. Internet is spotty. Looking for a new provder

Rob texas

Hello and thanks for having this site. Crime Warner Cable has screwed me big time. So bad that I might be willing to pay for an entire apartment complex in San Marcos Texas to change over to Dish and Com Cast. I know that I am. I drove over 200 miles yesterday straight to the TWC affice in San Marcos because out of 22 reps i spoke with from my home in Kerrville Texas they could not tell me there was an outage or that I had any problem. I explained that the cable and internet had been out for 2 days. My son which lives at the apartment said he saw a tech out there yesterday and the tech said they accidently cut a wire and he would hook my son up. Well, he couldnt do it. He did not have the correct tool. So I drove down so I could get someones attention at the office. There was one lady in the San Marcos office that was willing to help me out. Only one out of all the reps I dealt with and I had to end up driving there to get their attention. Sad but true. She assured it would be done yesterday but called me back and explained that I gave her the wrong apartment number which we had been dealing with for 3 days now!! Anyway, she told me he would be back last night to fix it and he never showed up. My son could not study for his final on line and my cable is still out this morning. TWC is not about service whatsoever, the higher ups are greedy pigs that care nothing about good service or the american people. We are not like this in Texas, seems like you TWC folks must be from Iran or some place like that where they dont care about their people just get rich off of them then toss them to the side and go consume other victims.


We should be doing more than just complaining one at a time. I’m not an activist and haven’t a clue how to go about this, but someone out there should have some ideas.

Would it work if people joined together in a letter-writing campaign, either directed to the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs agencies, or Time-Warner Public Relations or Public Affairs Department (if they have such a thing), newspapers, or all of them?


Time Warner needs new leadership. Their technicians are not trained and couldn’t solve a problem if they read it from a book.
Next, I went to replace my cable box. Well come to find out Time Warner exchanges old boxes with (you guessed it) older boxes. Then they try to tell you they are new. I turned in the newest (old) box they had for one just like my original box. And, in just 10 hrs had the exact same problem with it. Their customer stinks and so do their products. And get this! There are no new boxes in all of San Antonio. Good one Eyewitness News to investigate.


Time Warner decided not to show up during a scheduled appointment to pick up the cable boxes. Then, they decided to file with a collection agency because they didn’t come pick up their cable boxes.


Our high speed internet has always had problems with going in and out through the day, every day, but not too bad. We had techs out who would switch out modems and such, and just accepted a somewhat crappy product.

Three months ago it started getting worse to where we would lose connection for longer periods of time which went on all day.

We called Time Warner San Antonio and they sent out a tech who said our signal was too high so he changed something. We still had the same problem.

We called again a week later and they sent out another tech and he said our signal was too low so he did something. Then our connection got worse.

We called again and they sent out another tech who said that our signal was too high again, so he did something. We still had the same problem.

They sent out another tech who said we needed a new Modem, so they switched it out. Then the problem got even worse.

We called again and they escalated the call and I spoke with someone who said they were sending out a specialist to look. No one showed up.

I called again and no one had record of what the escalated call was, and what they were supposed to do, so they said they would have to send another tech out to see what the problem was.

The new tech said that it was the actual cable itself and they would have to call someone to come change out our cable outside. 5 days later someone showed up at our door with a shovel and said he was here to dig up our cable, we told him our cable was not in the ground, it was up in the air on the pole. He said, I only deal with cable in the ground and he said he would have to get someone else out there.

We waited several days but no one showed up. I called again and they said the cable digger who was out there before, failed to report that they needed to send someone else out there because it was on a pole.

They sent out another tech who changed something outside but he said that we probably still needed to change out our cable line outside. He said that they would send someone out probably in the next few days. No one called or showed up.

We called again and they sent another tech and he changed out the actual cable line. He was here for 5 hours and was perplexed as to why the new cable didn’t help when he tested it. It was now even worse.
He said that our signal was all messed up coming into the cable line and that the only other thing it could be was a certain splitter on the pole. He said they were an old kind of splitter that they ended up having a lot of problems with so they had been changing them out. He was certain that was the problem, he talked to someone on the phone and said someone would be out the next day to change it. He felt so bad for us he gave us his phone number and said if we had any problems, to call him.

No one showed up or called the next day or the day after that. We called Time Warner and they did not know what we were talking about.

We called the tech who gave us his number and said no one came out. He said “really?” so he told us he would call us back.

15 minutes later he called back and said he tried to call the guy who was supposed to come change it out but he wasn’t answering his phone. He said the guy (his supervisor) didn’t sound too happy about having to come and change the splitter out and so he suspected he probably just decided not to do it. He apologized and said he should have ‘referred’ the issue, because by referring the issue someone is actually scheduled to come out. But his supervisor told him not to refer the issue and that he would go out there and take care of it.

he said since it was the weekend he probable couldn’t get someone to come out until Monday, and they he would call us Monday to let us know what was going on.

We did not hear anything Monday so we called the tech directly again but now he is not answering his phone.

I called Time warner again and although they can see we have had many techs out recently, they have no record of what they were supposed to do on the pole. They are sending out another tech today, but told me that if something on the pole needs switched out, they will probably have to order it and that could take a week or two.

This has now been going on for two months. I was supposed to start telecommuting for work a couple of months ago but have been unable to.

I want to switch to AT&T but my husband said that they use the same cable lines and that they would have to send people out to do the same thing, and what if they are even worse techs?

Zzzzz Richardson TX

The internet offline every week…. when the technique people came, everything seems fine; after they left, offline again…. customer rep kept asked us to upgrade, we did, but still not work out… I just wonder, how does this company with those horrible service live on the market??? Do they adjust our speed down to their promise on purpose and let us keep upgrade upgrade and upgrade to make $???…

Jose L. Diez SAnz

Time Warner Austin doesn’t care about soccer!!!!!

After watching the World Cup during the summer in HD, Time Warner in Austin forgot about the soccer fans in this area. There is a new channel that started in August 2010, GolTV HD, that give the Spanish League (Spain World Cup winner), German League, Brassilian and more…..and still is not available in Austin. It is available in other areas, like Dallas -3h. from Austin- and here nothing…..

I’m tired to contact Customer Service to tell me that there are still in conversation…..Until when????. When the season is over. It totally SUCKS!!!! because this channels is available in Directv but I can’t get Directv signal where I live….

Guys, there are a lot of people living in this country and is no only basket, american football and beisball. There are a lot of people who like soccer and no mexican soccer by the way….Soccer outside US is very big. In Spain every weekend stadiums with 70.000 people and we deserve to have this channels right here in Austin.

Jose (Spanish soccer fan)

Marsha Elm City NC

I’ve had TWC for 2 years and have had very few, if any problems with them till now. My bundling contract has expired and I wanted to inquire about other options. Calling them has been an absolute nightmare! After 2 years of hardly having to call them, I’ve had to call them about 2-3 different issues in a month and a half and the hold wait time is no less than a hour! And I’ve never gotten any solution to anything I’ve called about. I just picked up a cable box to get the extra channels on another television in my house and could not get it to work. So, I called for service. I evidently called the wrong number, even though it was the number I was given, and the fella said he would *transfer me to the service department* and I told him I didn’t want to hold. So he told me to wait and he called the service department and then got back to me and said the wait would be about 15-20 minutes. I told him that was what the record ALWAYS said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I had to hold an hour. So, he said he would hold and when he got the service department, he would call me back. It’s 2 1/2 hours later and I’m still waiting. So, I’ve decided to go the Hulu – Hulu Plus, Netflix – Roku route. Thank goodness we at least have another ISP carrier in this area!

John Austin TX

At noon on Saturday, TW cable and TW internet both working fine. Skip forward 2 hours, when I returned from errands and both were out. When I left to run the errands I noticed a TWC truck/van pulling into my apartment complex, but didn’t think much about it until I returned and no service.

Called TWC and went through all the nonsense previously mentioned in multiple comments on this site, and customer service couldn’t fix anything. I asked them if the TWC service guy could have disconnected my service (either intentionally or accidentally)…..of course the woman in Dallas said no.

She told me they could have TWC repair out in 16 days!!! Then I lost it. She said they were just very busy. I called the next day, after cooling down a few degrees, and got the repair wait time down to 5 days.

Isn’t there some legal FCC requirement that TWC needs to follow to repair cable and/or internet service within a timely period? Can they actually make you wait 16 or 5 days for repairs?

Frustrated and waiting for my 5 pm appointment today (assuming they even show up)! Last one appeared semi-stoned and was with a girl who appeared to be off the street corner. I thought I was being set up or something………..the stories never end with the TWC crowd!

Anonymous OH

I have never had such horrible customer service. My first clue that this would go badly and I should have run was when I called to order service and spoke to someone that spoke horrible english and didn’t have correct information or pricing. I of course didn’t know this until someone else called and left a message that they had to reschedule my installation as the first person scheduled my installation for a date that was already in the past. Then I call back to talk to someone else and she set it up and it all seemed great, she gave me correct prices, better time frame for installation, etc. Then the day the tech arrived, 2 1/2 hours late, (luckily I didn’t take off work, I had a family member be there to endure the agony for me) he took a look around and said the person I spoke to didn’t put in the order that I wanted installation for four tv’s so he could only install the three she ordered for me and I would have to set up a second installation date for the fourth tv. UGH !!! So I called once again and set up an installation for the fourth tv, three weeks later was the earliest appointment of course. Then the tech called me back to say the person I just spoke to to set up the fourth tv install, cancelled the work order he was there to install for the other three tvs, internet, and phone. So he couldn’t do ANY installation anymore since he didn’t have a valid work order and he said he needed a box for all four tv’s and I would have to pay extra for that of course. Furious at this point, I told the tech to stay put that I was going to get this cleared up for him to finish installing the order and I once again called back to customer service and finally talked to someone who didn’t have their head up their rear, and she called my house to speak to the tech to tell him to install it and that I didn’t need boxes on tv’s if I only wanted standard, basic cable but he decided he wasn’t waiting and left my house !!!!! So then I told her I wanted to complain to his supervision and she said she had no number to give me and that she couldn’t even tell me who it was. So the best she could do was set up yet another appointment a week later. The tech arrived basically on time but then told my family member there for me again, that he was only allotted 1 1/2 hours for install and it was going to take longer so he would have to come back later in the day to finish. Of course he came back almost 6 hours later and finished the job. However, since the install, I still do not have working wi-fi and when I called back, the cust. service agent tried to charge me more money for service I was already signed up for then realized that and took off the extra charge then said she couldn’t help me because the wi-fi box is not from Time Warner. So thanks for nothing there. I have also had to go online myself to figure out how to access the phone voicemail system and I received no instructions and had to call back again to get instructions on programming my Time Warner remote control as the tech did not do this either. Overall, I am completely disgusted with the service they provided and would strongly encourage anyone considering Time Warner to look into Directv or Dish Network. STRONGLY ENCOURAGE !!!!!!!