Many years ago Time Warner seemed to be better but for a long while now they have really sucked. It’s not just Austin, either. I moved to Charlotte, NC for a while and experienced continuous problems mostly with the cable service. The screen had continuous macroblocking or pixelation as well as sound interruption. This made the cable service virtually worthless and it always seemed to act up at the worst times. You couldn’t even use the DVR because it just records that whole macroblocking mess which is pointless. I must have had a dozen technicians out to my condo to address the issue and they NEVER got it fixed in the year I was there.

I moved back to Austin and since I have been back for the last 3+ years I have had the EXACT same problem here in Austin. I go for short periods of time where the picture is ok but then it always goes back to the macroblocking and sound cutting out or picture and sound freezing up completely. I have had technicians out continuously but they make that process so inconvenient (waiting around for a technician between 8-5 for someone with a job is NOT feasible) and their inability to fix the problem becomes so apparent that it’s just a huge waste of time. I don’t even bother calling in to report it anymore because it’s not worth sitting on hold forever just to get a 10 dollar credit or whatever totally lame compensation they try to offer.

If I didn’t have a HUGE tree in front of my apartment balcony I would have switched to DirecTV or Dish long ago but since I do..I’m stuck with this pathetic excuse for a cable company. Their customer service is the worst and their quality of service is even worse than that.

The one positive thing I will say is that I have had fairly consistent Internet service. It’s had a few problems from time to time but on the whole it’s been pretty solid. I wish I could say the same for their god awful cable service. None of this even mentions the whole Longhorn Network debacle (maybe not their fault but wouldn’t surprise me if it was), the KXAN debacle, and their lack of offering HBOGO that I can only assume they aren’t offering because they haven’t figured out how to use it to screw their customers.


Time Warner had “ME” bring in there junk HD box to be exchanged to one there service offices or wait 3 days for a service tech??? Wow I have to spend money and time to fix there problem…. When I exchanged the box and power cable the women at the counter did not replace the power cord so when i got home I realized she forgot wow…. I guess I got duked round trip it was 40 miles and still kmow frikin service??? TW YOU SUCK AND YOUR SERVCE CENTER ON WEST STASSNEY SUCKS!!!!!

Lee Black Round Rock TX

I love the fact that someone got this site together…now how can we make it have any impact. I am so sick of TW…I’m TRYING to find a program that was advertised so I can record it. I simply cannot make that darn controller do what I THINK I’m supposed to be able to do with it. The instruction book is NOT very instructive…!!!

This is only the latest of my problems.


New customer here. I have my first problem with things not working…chat online says I need to call and get my box 3D enabled (even though the documentation says it is a 3D box and enabled). So, I call the number he gives me for service…doesn’t report wait time but after two hours on speaker phone gave up. Got on line, got the number for service in my state…says 20-25 minutes wait time…after more than one hour (these times are real!) I give up…call back again…says 20-25 minutes. Try calling sales figuring maybe someone is really there to complain to…the phone system detects I’ve been trying to call and routes me back to service…says 20-25 minutes. There simply is absolutely no service worth anything at TWC. It’s time for a class action for failure to deliver the product promised…my service is still not working as described!

Joseph MiddleVillage NY

We have a TWC Scientific Atlanta Explorer box in the house. Some channels work fine. Some channels such as SNY are like a slideshow. Audio is fine, video skips and freezes constantly. I’ve tried to speak to Customer Service about this before, it’s been at least a few months since I last have, it was undoubtedly an infuriating experience. Any suggestions on who I should contact or what I should do? I’m sure I have done all of the troubleshooting you can do yourself like checking wires. I believe they have also rebooted the box before. We have another box in the house that doesn’t freeze.

Tino Austin TX

Why isn’t KXAN HD channel 1521 on the basic cable? I have asked TW and the reps, which are in Guatemala by the way, don’t know. I have asked KXAN, but no comment. I thought TW has “free HD”. On another subject, I am tired of hearing about one channel or another having a dispute with TW. I would switch but I think AT&T sucks even more than TW, if that is possible.


last night I watched Fox News channel and this morning it’s not even in the channel line up! I’m in Dallas and I’m so sick of all these TW problems! It’s random one day the OnDemand won’t work and the next time I turn this system on channels are missing, remotes don’t work or the DVR recorder needs to be changed out!
This is crazy! I’ve gone thru 4 new remotes and two tech visits and another complete cable box change out!
How does this company get away with this? And all for the low price of $185.00 a month! I have been a customer for seven months and I’m ready to pull the plug…..They do whatever they want and get more $$$ out of customers!