How do we hate thee, TimeWarnerCableAustin? Let me count the ways…First, there is the thievery. We are still paying the same amount (well, actually more) even though TWCA has taken away many many channels. Examples are: Channel 7—TVGuide (we now get to guess what’s on TV!!! FUN, FUN, FUN!!!), Ch. 17, 22, 6, 16,19—Travis County Channel, AISD Channel, Austin City Channel, Austin Community College Channel, Another public channel paid for with our taxes, but that TWCA blacks out!!!, Ch. 20—KLRU2 Public channel that we support with our hard-earned cash donations, but are not allowed to see thanks to TWCA!!, Ch.23—The San Antonio Station, Ch. 27—Oprah’s channel, Ch. 37—ABC Family Channel, Ch.44—The local Weather/Radar Channel (Why should we get to see if a tornado is coming our way, even though we are still paying for the honor of receiving this channel?!?!), Ch. 51–Nat’l Geographic, Ch.57—TruTV (Previously known as CourtTV), Ch. 70—the Country Music Channel, Ch. 75ish– ShopNBC, Ch. 77—where we used to watch the Texas Rangers play ball!, Ch.98—HBO that they used to give us for free to compensate for all the other channels they took away without reducing monthly bill, and Ch. 74 which was something I can’t remember!
That’s at least 18 channels gone without compensation! They built their networks with our tax dollars and are now cheating us out of millions throughout the country. We’ll keep counting the ways in future comments.

Derek Currie Syracuse NY

They did a bait and switch job on my billing statement versus my actual Order Statement. Here is the difference:

1) Monthly Fees:
– My Order Statement: $49.99 for Basic cable TV and Turbo Internet.
– My Billing Statement: $71.98 for same.

2) Service Installation Fee:
– My Order Statement: $19.95 – $19.95 = $0.00
– My Billing Statement: $89.98

Needless to say, I’m going to the TWC offices to either receive customer satisfaction (apparently a foreign term at TWC) or I’m abandoning them and moving to Verizon FIOS (which thankfully is in my neighborhood).

This billing horror comes after two entirely ignored complaints about full range cable TV image distortion and total dropout AND my complaint about their worse-than-lousy installation of my purchased cable modem. I bought the high end Motorola Wi-Fi cable modem specifically designated by TWC. The TWC service personnel took one look at it and exclaimed: “We don’t how to install that modem! We’ve never seen that modem before!” They attempted to bail on me until I shamed them into doing their job. I then complained to the TWC executive offices, was promised a call from their installation support manager within two days, and no one called.

I sure do hate Time Warner! I call them Biznizz Bozos and have so far posted two blog articles about my adventures in CUSTOMER ABUSE from TWC:

Shawn Allen Dallas tx

TWC has been the WORST experience I have ever had dealing with ANY service company. I have had at least 30-40 visits from their Unqualified Repair Technicians. No matter who I talk to or deal with I always get different answers and they are generic and dismissive. It seems that they think they are the only option and have me by the balls…..but fuck them….I’m going all internet….got a ROKU and going to say goodbye to cable/satellite television for ever. I’m in an area where there aren’t many options for internet service, so have to stay with them until I find a better way, but like home telephone service…..they are history to me….


I have been charged $45 for my standard internet (15Mbps) and they have a web promotion going on for $35 for the same package. when I tried calling them, they were so rude to me. It feels like I am being obliged by getting their internet. also I asked them what would it take for me to get that offer, they said i would have to stay away from TWC for 90 days. have you ever heard of such a thing??Horrible!!

Thanks in advance

Has anyone else had problems with auto pay? Specifically, have you had problems with them overcharging your card and refusing to give you a refund, insisting that they will only give you “credit” over an extended period of time thus making it impossible for you to discontinue their “service” without having to wait for months on end?


Im in Buena Park and early this morning I noticed both cable boxes repeatedly rebooting themselves, no cable. Anyone else having this problem? Called and a voice recorded message answered saying there was a outage. NO SURPRISE.

Erin Austin TX

I hate Time Warner, and I have never even been a customer. I tried to sign up for internet service through the Time Warner website, which then prompted someone from Time Warner to give me a call to set up installation. After being transferred 5 times, being asked for the third time for my credit card information, and for my social security number twice, I decided that if customer service was this bad while I was signing up, there was no way in the world I wanted to be a customer of theirs. I told the representative that I had changed my mind and to cancel everything affiliated with my account.

The kicker is that I was sent and charged for a router from Offerwire/Bridgevine. I never had a service agreement with Time Warner and no where on their website did they tell me that they would be giving my information and credit card account to a third party company. Time Warner refuses to help or to even admit that they did anything wrong. Offerwire/Bridgevine will not refund my money until they receive the router back…but I have to pay for shipping on something that I never authorize them to send me.

It is infuriating that I have spent hours on the phone with both companies trying to fix this, and I was never a customer with TW and never placed an order with Offerwire.

Arnold Fartwheilor Clarksville IN

TWC here in the Louisville, KY area recently purchased Insight cable, which was an awesome customer service company. Now TWC internet keeps popping off every hour or so, so I have to get up and reset the router and wait. Calls to the old customer service number just gets routed to a computer, and no service reps ever call me back. Its frustrating to say the least. I never had a problem with the signal strengths (Upstream and Downstream Db levels) on my modem before TWC took over. I used to work for a competetive cable company as tech support, and I know what I am doing and what the levels should be.
I know the best way to get rich in this economy is to be a greedy, self serving, customer loathing, technically inept corporation that drives fear of termination into their employees heads. Oh, wait, that’s TWC!


It Is now 12:21 pm Sept 28 2010 my DVR box is still not working its been two hours and this is BS if you ask me. Time Warner you need to quit dropping the Ball and get on it!!!!

CJ Carpenter Charlotte NC

I just cancelled my broadcast TWC service due to these stupid boxes they are going to for basic cable / broadcast stations service.

When I told the customer service rep that I was going over-the-air antenna, he told me that “antennas won’t work in a few months, either, they are going digital, too.” I challenged that — standard TV service was ended in 2009, making digital TV the only over-the-air option in the US (save for a very few low power stations) — and told him I work at a local Charlotte NC TV station, and he then added that is what his supervisors are telling the reps to tell canceling basic cable customers.

So they are lying to customers, spreading FUD to antenna cord-cutters. TWC: GRRRRRR!

This was the Gastonia Union rd TWC office