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True story. I had an appointment scheduled for Time Warner to come out and install 3 cable boxes and internet. I had just moved in and there was only one cable coming into the house. When I came home at 5:00 PM the tech was in the living room playing video games with my 18 year old son. He said he didnt’t have enough time to do the work. I would have repoted it but the guy had prison tattoos. It took 3 different appointments to get the work completed.


WEST Los Angeles TW INTERNET ON&OFF every day this week.

My connection just drops (WiFi from personal device and hard wired to the modem) every couple of minutes (10 to 60) and if I wait a few seconds or minutes I am back up. My download speed is fine but most of the upload tests ( fail.

I have restarted both the modem and the WiFi device and continue to have issues.

Anyone else having these issues in Los Angels starting the second week of MAY?