TWC is posting movies for on-demand that are only 1-minute long. These are NOT supposed to be trailers. Whoever loads the movies are doing it wrong. Example: the last 2 days on Turner Classic Movies on-demand, all the new movies are one minute long. TCM does NOT post trailers to VOD.

This is a common problem at the source of TWC.


Just tried to watch the tennis channel and it had on there “$5.95/per month. Add over 20 channels with sports pass.” I pay over $100/month now!!! See ya TWC! I am not a sheep.


I’ve never had so much hatred for such nice people. It took us about a month and a half to get internet installed after we first put in the request because the first two technicians said there was “too much signal” coming out of the outlet. Both technicians said the only option is to replace the line for about $65 (Not an option, as my roommates and I rent). I finally got a 3rd technician out who simply checked a different outlet and said, “Uhh, this one’s fine; why didn’t the first two guys check this one?”

So after pulling teeth just to get internet INSTALLED, I start having billing problems. The convenient, online bill pay ‘Pay Xpress’ was conveniently malfunctioning. I called to ask what the problem was and the lady said it wasn’t working, and I could pay my bill over the phone and have the usual pay-by-phone fee waived. Fair enough, I said, let’s just do that. This was like throwing a wrench into a barely-functioning gearbox. This threw all my payments out of whack resulting in doubling my next bill, late fees, ALL types of nonsense which didn’t get resolved for three months. I don’t even want to think of how much of my time on this Earth I spent on hold trying to resolve a problem they fucking started.

The internet isn’t even that good. Try streaming Hulu through an xbox. However, if you so choose, make sure it’s not a comedy show, because the incessant skipping due to shitty connection really destroys comedic timing.

And now they constantly call me (they call their “best customers”) to offer me their limited-time new cable service package for a low price of who-gives-a-fuck. Don’t ever call me in the morning trying to sell me shit that I already know you offer and repeatedly told you I don’t want.

But the thing is, the employees are not the problem. They are all super nice and try their best to be helpful, which is why I am always courteous to them. It is the SYSTEM, the company itself and how it is run, that makes Time Warner Austin an absolute abomination of a business.

Rusty SMith California

Just to be fair, I was sick and tired of the regular poor quality I got from Time Warner, so I signed up for Verizon FIOS. Now I know there is something worse than Time Warner. Here are a few highlights.

Verizon brags about their equipment and the fiber optics might be state of the art, and very reliable, but that’s the about all they have to brag about. Since very few customers subscribe to the highest bandwidth rates, it’s fair to say that the equipment from both companies never comes close to being what limits your speed. Their cable boxes are real bottom end, and don’t even support Dolby Surround Sound.

I unhooked a Time Warner box from my $1,899 surround sound system and plugged in the Verison box. Immediately the sound quality went from SPECTACULAR, to no much better than the speakers in my big screen TV, for 2/3 of the channels because they don’t have surround sound. All of them only play though the center front speaker, and I have a 6 speaker system. Verizon doesn’t support Dolby, NO COMPARISON. To top it off, the installer is not allowed to hook his equipment up to my surround sound receiver, only the TV, so when he left all I could use was the TV sound. If all you have is the TV sound, that won’t make a difference, but if one day you might, don’t get FIOS.

Even the FIOS remote sucks. Time Warner provided a remote that could operate all my associated audio visual equipment, and programmed it for me. The Verizon remote is a cheep version that can only operate the cable box and a TV. That means if you have a sound system, you need that remote to change the volume, If you have a DVD player, game console, or VHS you need to keep those remotes handy too, because the Verizon remote can’t replace any of them.

Oh and do expect to be hearing “I’m not allowed to do that” if you ask your installer to do anything more than install the equipment and hook it up. They don’t know how to operate it, and couldn’t even tell me how to program the remote they supplied. They handed me the manual when I asked about it.

They also sabotaged my house’s p;hone wiring. Years ago I abandoned ATT for Vonage, and left all my house wiring intact. At that time one line was wired to a jack in ever room in my house. Vonage plugs in the internet and a wireless phone into their box. When the Verizon installer hooked up my Verizon phone service, he remove all the wires except one pair going to one jack in the house. He said he had to charge more if he provided phone service to more than one room, so he stopped the signal from going to the other rooms by sabotaging the existing wiring in my house. That’s right, the wiring was perfect when he got there, and he ripped it apart so I could not easily go back to another company and have everything work as it did before he got there.

Time Warner has their own problems, but I’m switching back because as bad as they are, their still a whole lot better than Verizon.