Absolute rubbish. Two weeks waiting for an appointment because internet speeds are no better than dial-up. Finally get an appointment set and I wait two hours for “the call”…. it comes 35 minutes outside of the two hour appointment window to tell us he’s running late! Really…. 35 minutes after he’s schedules to be here you call to say he’s running late! Great job Captain Obvious! Ok, so we wait…. 15 minutes later another call “um he’s running really late… he can be there between 8:40 and 9:00pm or he can be there next Friday” (today is Tuesday) F**k you! Get a tech here tomorrow you useless bunch of idiots! Now I have to take time off from work to baby sit an incompetent fool trying to figure out why the internet service is beyond slow. The last time TWC was here it took 6 visits, 7 techs and two supervisors to figure out their signal wasn’t strong enough and they needed to amplify it. If it wasn’t for the monopoly you hold you’d be out of business with your crappy hardware and lousy service. If it wasn’t for the fact I need internet to work from home I’d fire the whole of you…. to make matters worse I cannot get any other service provider.

Pissed in SCV

TW Cable sucks!


Next door neighbor cancelled his Time-Warner service (had Dish installed). “Technician” comes out to the utility pole, and cuts MY cable. I have to make an appointment and wait around the house to have the same fool come out and fix his F__ Up. Internet service sux every time it rains. Common complaint with neighbors who use the service, but will they ever acknowledge a problem at a junction box a quarter of a mile away ? Phht

Customer “Service” Supervisors who refuse to acknowledge or honor a request to have service checked EXTERNALLY, before requiring a friendly visit (ie: waiting around for one to show up) from one of their highly qualified “technicians”.

Teresa Carrboro NC

After 5 weeks, 4 Tech visits, MULTIPLE Phone Calls, I am using an antenna in order to watch ABC. On May 1st a dispatch ticket was place to remove trees from around my lines. Today I called and was told the ticket had NOT been assigned to anyone and they couldn’t tell me when this issue will be resolved. I’m being held hostage because I can’t cancel due to a price lock guarantee i signed up.

David Elgin TX

Let me start by saying that I have only had to deal with Time Warner Cable for the last 9 months since I moved.
I am a TIVO user in multiple rooms.
Previously, I had Comcast for the last 12 years with zero issues and a customer service department that actually cared and offered real solutions.

My service is horrible. I lose signal multiple times during the month. The customer service is worse, waiting on hold for 20 minutes to get to a real person, then having that person tell you to do what you did 30 minutes ago that already didn’t work.

Anyways, their signal issues are caused by their signal switching network. They will preach to high heaven that it is necessary to provide all of the channels and the internet bandwidth for their customers.

Let me tell you, you are wrong.

Comcast did not have a silly switching network. They had higher internet speeds, and more HD channels. How did they do this, simple. They upgraded their network to handle the bandwidth needed and did one more simple thing. They killed the pass thru analog channels. You want basic cable, no problem, you get two decoder boxes free with your service. Bandwidth saved.

Figure it out you morons.

I can’t wait for Comcast to come and clean house. It will be epic.

sad in san diego

Have two cable boxes. Both of them freeze every day or two and must be unplugged and plugged back in (note that they are completely different boxes) The guide many times won’t display more than one day out. On Demand only works about 25% of the time. Audio is weird and voices get very low during commercials and also on some music shows. Audio and video are constantly out of sync by as much as 1/2 second. It’s like watching a poorly dubbed Japanese monster movie. Sometimes the video will just go black and a “Please Wait” message appears for 1 or 2 minutes. The guide they have online is never correct and when you try and view the current day, it actually shows tomorrow’s listings. Intermittently, when you press buttons on the remote, the box takes a few seconds to respond making it almost impossible to navigate through the guide or On-Demand. What a nightmare and disaster.
Time Warner is garbage. They need to deregulate it like they did with phone service so alternate providers can use their wiring to provide service. No competition equals junk service.

Anonymous CA

TW is the worst company. I was given a cable box that was not for my area. The new cable box is the most unuser friendly box ever. So I went back to the old one. However, the box keeps rebooting without me doing it. Then it takes 3 days for all the channels to come back. Their prices keep going up and the equipment keeps going down in quality. If I could change I would, but there’s not another service that gives you all the channels. TW knows they have you by the balls and they could care less.