from the SFV (Los Angeles, CA) market; customer since 2/2010: it is pointless to pay TWC for any cable channel subscription. the pay channels work about 3/4 of the time. the other 1/4 of the time the channels flicker/say “not authorized”/are not available. when contacted re:this service issue, TWC defrauds their customers on a regular basis. customer service reps read a denial script and try to force an appt. w/a technician at your home, but they already know/should know (w/reasonable testing on their end) that the problem is not resolvable by a tech coming to your home. the problem sometimes disappears in a few days— followed by the same problem returning again some days later, often on different pay channels. TWC should not be permitted to conduct any further business as a Cable TV provider and should compensate existing customers for continuing breach of their service contracts.

Mark Norman

All services out tonight, Tv, inet, phone. Support line drawls deeply and says they are closed. Website chat doesnt work, email demands too much info. TV is crap, but that’s America, Internet is slow, phone service allows machine calls. Would I recommend TWC, no, but Dish sucks too.

Anonymous NY

This is by far the most incompetent company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. Although all of their customer service reps are wonderful (of course they are, retention is their job) whoever is arranging the schedule and the techs are awful beyond comprehension. My boyfriend and I moved into our apartment and arranged to have service installed that day since we knew we would be home all day. I received a receipt of purchase but never a confirmation of my appointment after I arranged it all online. I called the day of and I was told they had me in for an installation between 2-4 but it would most likely be 4pm. We waited until 5pm and when no one had come we called and were told first that there would be someone there within the next 1-2 hours – we said no way that was unacceptable. I was transferred to someone else then who told me that a tech had arrived and buzzed and called us but no one answered. Now I knew they were just crazy because we had had 6 people in our home all day moving and my cell phone reception there is great so I would not have missed a call. They apologized, credited us the installation fee and then set up an appointment the next weekend. We made the first appointment from 8-10am… I was confident that the first time was a fluke, maybe they couldn’t find the place so I was sure we would be fine the next weekend….SADLY I WAS MISTAKEN.

The next Saturday we woke up early and waited for the installation tech. Note that I had called TWICE previously to verify the address as they “missed us” the first time to make sure they had the right place. I was condescendingly told they “go there all the time and it wouldn’t be an issue”…yeah..okay.. 8am passes, 9am passes, finally we get to 9:30am and I called to make sure we were still on schedule. I was assured that yet we were and to call back should we have an issue. 10am rolls around and I call again to be told the tech is running late. This was fine but I think we should have been notified. 10:30am comes and I call again and am told that Dispatch will be in touch within the next 30 minutes… we are now going on an hour late. We receive about 10 minutes later an unknown number calling my boyfriends cell. I pick it up and no one responds, I flew downstairs to make sure no one was at our door and there was nothing. I even walked around the block to make sure there was no truck outside that couldn’t find our apartment. Please keep in mind I live in a very popular apartment complex for the area that is incredibly easy to find and only had three doors to access apartments so basically a child could easily navigate the area. We waited another 10 minutes and called again. At this time we were told AGAIN that their tech had showed up and no one was there or answered the phone. I LOST MY DAMN MIND on that phone – sincere apologies to the poor customer service rep who felt the brunt of it.

This company is for lack of a better term entirely incompetent as a whole. If you’re going to make up an excuse and not be able to make your appointment time then come up with something better than “they came and you weren’t there” because that is just inane. I would accept someone running late, I wouldn’t even mind waiting!! But don’t lie and then tell me after I supposedly missed my own appointment (weird since I was on the phone with them the entire time practically) that the tech can no come anywhere from in 30min to 7pm that night. I don’t understand why they aim to have such low expectations and such lack of service. I find it absolutely hilarious that as a new customer TRYING to give them my money that they were doing everything possible to make a terrible impression and not take it!

My suggestion for them is to fire whoever they have doing their appointments and also to give a bigger window of time!! It would suck to have to be home for 5 hours waiting for a tech but hey thats the nature of the business at times. I would rather plan to be waiting that time then jerked all around by people who can’t make their scheduled time.

They need a serious overhaul of this company and their reputation – I fully plan on petitioning my building to try and get Fios in our area instead.