Just haters?? Oh how right you are! How do we hate thee, continued…
Count one: Thievery (see below)
Count Two: Liars!!! Twice, not once but TWICE, TWCA has called us to try to get us to upgrade to digital. They claimed that they could give us digital with its “Hundreds of Channels, Set top Boxes, everything included” for LESS money than we now pay. We got them on tape saying this, knowing how trustworthy they are! Then we called their main number after placing the order to verify the pricing. BOTH TIMES THEY LIED about the pricing. It would actually cost about $40 more per month, so we had the order cancelled. They have actually called us many other times trying to get us to upgrade, and we tell them…, well, use your imagination! THIS IS FRAUD, folks!

Reading the other comments, I realized that some of the ratings are definitely a case of ignorance is bliss. If you are not aware of how TWCA is taking advantage of Austin consumers, then you blissfully go along thinking TWCA is OK. At least until you educate yourself on the issues!


I am not in Austin or even Texas, but TWC sucks everywhere. Four outages in the last month. When reported they tried to tell me I needed to unplug my modem. Wtf? Don’t you think I did that 10+ times already? Eventually its comes about that it was a system outage, but do they do anything about it? No, they send someone to fix it after a half-day without service then expect their customers be ok with that.


SO ANNOYED WITH TIME WARNER CABLE. I moved and it’s TWC or nothing. Had U-verse for 3 years and LOVED it, now holy crap I can’t believe Time Warner even competes it’s such an inferior product. Forget how many hoops (2 weeks worth) I had to jump through to get service, for which they never offered any compensation, not even a free month of a movie channel, nothing.Tonight some of our channels just disappeared. You search for them on the guide. Not there. You type them in. Nothing. Black. Rebooted multiple times. Nothing. Don’t get me started on how many times it freezes, the loud static sound I get when I change channels or the VERY unfriendly guide. The Internet is okay. Tempted to cancel cable.

Charles Mills Dallas TX

I have have Time Warner for all of about a week now. Three calls for no service in the first 24 hours. The brand new cable box has a power cord that will BARELY stay connected and literally just FALLS out if you even move the box. You don’t have to catch on anything that tugs mind you, it just falls the fuck out.

The buttons on the remote don’t do the features that the buttons say AND the PDF manual say they do… in particular On Demand. Further, if you get into On Demand… it seems the only way to get out is to change channels or use the menu… no simple EXIT button… or rather… there IS one but it doesn’t DO anything.

Best of all you can’t escape the show you accidentally chose in On Demand. No it’s IN PROGRESS and if I go to that channel to find the show I actually wanted it won’t show me anything else but the show I accidentally chose (which happened because this fucking box is INSANELY slow… I literally hit page up while in the guide and can count a full 2 Mississippi at least before the page moves).

I changed over because AT&T dropped a promo rate and with no premiums I came out at 177.00 a month… at this time after what I have dealt with over the past week, I wish I stayed with AT&T. The level of frustration with Time Warner in under a week just isn’t worth it.