Don Palm Springs CA

I hate this company with a passion, and everyone in the Palm Springs service area agrees. But everyone says, “But there’s nothing we can do. They have a monopoly.”
Is this really true that we’re helpless? I’m a child of the Sixties and aware of the power of protests. Has anyone ever tried to organize at least a protest with the gov agency that governs them? And just what IS that agency? Anyone know of an organized attempt to either make this company change or force them out of the area?


Had DSL cable installed Saturday. Tech was nice, but didn’t want to crawl under the house or through the attic. I should have watched where he put the cable. It is in the driveway about 2 or 3 feet from the ground. Hopefully none of the neighborhood kids will pull it out. I called Saturday night to ask if they could just drill another hole toward the ceiling instead of close to the ground. Was never quoted a price, so I assumed it was a “re-do.” I was told to wait today (monday) from 9am to 7pm. Called to confirm before 12 noon. Called again at 6:15pm. Was assured someone would come. Received a call a few minutes later. Was told a tech already came by and re did the cable. Total fabrication. Then was told no one could come today because it was too dark now. I asked them to please come since I stayed home from work today and didn’t want to stay home another day. They talked to a supervisor when then told me that it would be a $40 charge to move the cable. They should have told me that on Saturday. They have assured me that if someone pulls the cable out, they will reinstall it in the same place, but not charge me. I’m hoping that no one pulls it out because I would hate to stay home another day.


This what happens when competition is limited. We are the slowest large country in the world. We’re even below many 3rd world countries. When TW merges with Comcast it will get much worse!

Contact the FCC and tell them not to let it go through. These companies have deep pockets and spend outrageously to keep the cable companies in those pockets. contact your congressman and tell them to work for the people who elect them! It’s time to take our country back from the greedy robber barons!

Robert Hight Pawleys Island SC

The internet is sporadic. Sometimes we get a download speed of 30 mbps (which is what we payed for) and then a minute later it will be .01 mbps. They keep telling us it’s the motem. But when they install a new one, we run into the same problem. Our neighbors are having similar issues, but they insist it’s still the modem that’s broken (I’m guessing because that’s easier to fix.) Then, after six months of nonstop problems, they decide to give us a phone call and tell us the reason our internet sucks could be the result of a severe thunderstorm. I’m getting tired of the excuses. These people are spineless.

One more thing, if you make an appointment with them, expect them about two hours before or after the time you scheduled. They seemed pretty confused when they showed up two hours early and nobody was home.

Anonymous Rochester NY

There was supposed to be a second football game on Time Warner Cable (Fox) this week at 4:00, but they ran Judge Brown re-runs instead. Instead of calling TW and waiting on hold for at least 30 minutes, I decided to try their online chat. I entered in a description of the problem, and 25 minutes later Aaron answers. He asks me for a description of the problem. I enter it in again, and then he asks me for my account number. I told him I don’t have a bill handy, and asked him to look it up under my telephone number. He said he can’t look up the account with the telephone number. I asked why, since when I call customer support they always look it up that way. He said he couldn’t. I told him to forget it and that if he ever even figured out the problem, the game would be over with. Hands down, they have the WORST customer service department in the world. The last time I called them, Najibi from India was my rep, and he apologized for being so hard to understand, and blamed his cold. I laughed and said “whatever”


Consistently clouding issues with my internet connection. Shifting any possible blame onto anything they can and when it is revealed all of their scapegoats are nonsense and smoke screen, they say they are gonna fix the problem…..

Between the hours of 11 am – 4 pm almost every single day for the last 6 months my internet craps out every 3-5 minutes making it impossible to get anything done whatsoever reliably.

I thought comcast sucked in san diego…. not even close. They only wanted me to pay for a modem that I personally owned…. Ya’ll arent providing me reliable service ONE HUNDRED EIGHT HOURS a month.

I am a reasonable man, Ide love to pay you if the shit worked.

Tell you what, i’ll pay you for the 85% of the time your internet actually works, subtracting an additional 25% for my fucking inconvenience.

/end Rant


how do i REFRESH my cable box, it just the standard one, not a dvr. i am looking for a program,on demand and its not showing up. its been 4 days it should be on.


ps not UPDATE refresh the box


I had had such horrible service in the 2-3 weeks I have been a customer with them. I may not be by the end of the day. For the install, and now for a service call for reception problems, I chose the 8-12 window. I hate to get up early, but managed. BECAUSE–I HAD to be somewhere before 3 both times. Generous allowance for late, slow service? The install guy showed at a few minutes to 2:00 after we called with several complaints and took until 4:30 to finish, screwing up our entire day badly. Today, it is 2:04, I have called several times, and no idea WTF is going on. ARe they on Pacific time? I live on the East Coast. TIME Warner Cable? What a joke–no sense of time at all. And they lie. Tell you it’ll be just before 12. Then 1:30. Then…nothing. I could’ve finished my business today 6-7 times over, but I am a prisoner in my home. Time is valuable. Go with ANY OTHER COMPANY.


I am tired of speaking with incompetant representatives. The last one said she is not “good” in math and could not figure out how much I am paying for services. Seriously????


TWC is GOD awful. They change their own billing system, screw it up, then blame me! Internet is slow and unreliable, billing sucks, customer service sucks, service is overpriced, how are they still in business. The feedback option on their own website does not even work. I would rather communicate by Indian smoke signals than by TWC internet service.