I had to deal with the hell that is Time Warner for over two years with my roommate in Austin because they have a monopoly on our section of town. Where to even begin?! The first DVR we were given did not even work, that should have clued us in right then. We, like everyone else, had issues with our “premium” cable where the screen image would freeze/pixelate/lag almost every time we watched TV. The DVR never could record the right shows at the right times, and for the last 4 months of our contract, our wireless didn’t work at all despite several half assed attempts by TW to fix the situation. All this for the bargain price of $180.

Our service was cut off 3 separate times even though the bill was always paid on time and in full. When we called customer service we were told that we had ordered our cable to be turned off. Seriously?! When we asked why on earth we would pay the bill if we were disconnecting, the service reps always came up with some ridiculous excuse. Even worse were the times we received threatening letters stating that we owed $300+ on our account for nonpayment even though it was ALWAYS paid on time. TW told us that our checks must have gotten lost and offered no solution. Funny that could happen as we had online billing set up. This meant calling the bank to stop payment and then arguing with the absolute imbeciles in the TW billing department who really have no clue what they are doing nor do they care.
If you have any other option stay as far away as possible from this joke of a company and their terrible, rude service. If you’re locked into a contract like we were, just hunker down and hope for the best!


I guess I should have come here first.
Their customer service here in Dallas is terrible.
I signed up due to an incentive. Only two months after service I am no longer eligible for that incentive. #1 because I only had 30 days. Which Im waiting for a transcript of that conversation. #2 because they didn’t send me my second statement so I was late. Funny thing is statement #3 and #1 arrived no problem.
Who do you use in Dallas area. Im switching


Here’s some contact information, use it wisely. Email addresses and phone numbers have been validated.

I am so disgusted with how they handle customer service and their 1960’s AT&T attitude (“Because we’re the phone company, and we can do whatever we want”) that I’ll gladly pay $50 more each month for service from a competitor.

Here you go:

Collette Wright – Director of Customer Care, Austin Market: Cell 748-6959 (This one has a real attitude. Her title should be “Director of In Time Warner’s Defense”)

Charlotte Strong, Director of Technical Operations, Phone: 361-698-6207, Email:

Kathy Brabson, Central Texas Division President, Phone: 512-485-6210, Email:

Susan Patten, Vice President, Government Affairs, Phone: 512-485-6222, Email:

Landel C. Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer, Email: (goes straight to his iPhone)


I called in to get the pin so we could purchase a movie. Their representative set the code and told me to punch it in. I did that. It locked me out for an hour. I asked them to reset it so it would work and they said, No. You have to wait an hour. I sat on hold waiting for 23 minutes for a supervisor and finally gave up. I called back and got nowhere. They couldn’t understand I punched in the number they gave me. It was their fault. Not even an apology. So I wasted 90 minutes talking to them and being locked out.

Jason Austin

I had the pleasure of closing my Time Warner account when I moved, and was to receive a small refund for overpayment. When I turned in my equipment, the CSR took my forwarding address, but what she did with it I’ll never know, because here a month later, after calling to see what’s taking so long, I learned that they mailed my check to the service address. Since they only mail refund checks on the third Thursday of each month, now I have to wait an additional month to get my own money back.


I was moving to my new home and wanted to transfer service.Got online and put in my transfer service request.Online I was told great, it appears you’re still in our service area a rep will contact you to schedule your transfer.Waited 2 days, no call.I called and was told there is no record of my address.After 3 more days of calling I was told I’d need a site survey.More waiting no phone call.I called every day for 10 days before some douchebag tw service rep from FORT WORTH told me they don’t go to my area and/or my address is not a real address.I had the tech from Austin (I live in Winnie by the way) look me up on Google Earth to prove that YES my address DOES exist and he said I needed to talk to someone local.Ya think.TW you need to sit on Mr. Frowny Face!

james s king acton Ca

I’ve had twc for about 10 years. price went up, service went down. My “webmail” has been like dial-up for nearly 2 years. The last 6 six months has become so slow it’s really not useable. oh, it’s about as good as dial-up at 3am. come the traffic though, it’s useless. also, my webmail has tons of invasive local advertising. i’m not going use a business that’s a nuisance every time i check my email. it’s like free crapware. it works sort of, maybe.
they’ve sent out bodies to give some excuse. i;ve done all the “fixes”.
I’m still screwed.
I’m liking my cell phone 3g alot right now:/