I’m not sure if anyone else has this going on, or has heard of this. We ordered the Turbo internet after having regular cable internet for three years. I was told I had to bring my modem in and exchange it, which I did on Wednesday, the 29th. What they didn’t tell me (this all is according to the customer service rep i spoke to on the 30th) is that TW is updating their accounting systems and anyone changing their service are adding new service will not be activated until…….wait for it……wait for it…..

OCTOBER 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I work from home, use a VOIP phone and am in sales. My livelyhood depend on the internet!!! This, plus my rr email is bouncing back, and I cannot check it from online. I was told there is nothing they can do. Such utter bullshit.

All they had to tell me is “come back on the 6th to pick up your cable modem”, and everything would have been fine since I changed my internet to turbo a few weeks ago. If i could get HS internet out in far hays county from someone ese, I would in a second.


I purchased my own modem before subscribing to TWC. In the past two years, TWC has managed to stick on modem lease fees onto my bill. I have repeatedly called to have the fees removed as I own my modem. Currently, they have opened an inquiry into my “situation” to review their records to see if they leased a modem to me. They will do anything to charge you money and now they are trying to steal my modem.


Frustrated, sick & tired of the remote not working properly since the so called upgrade. Called Time Warner No Customer Service to find out when this problem is going to be resolved. The technician whom I could barely understand indicated they are aware of the problem & are working on it. Asked him what is a person to do in the interim, what is the iterim fix. His response, he hung up on me. I called back & asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold. I finally hung up after being on hold for what seemed like an eternity. Time Warner has no problem taking my money & providing substandard cable service & technical support.


It’s high time we had another option here in Austin. Where are all the competitors? As soon as they get here my business will be moving immediately. I am almost to a point where I would switch to Dish just to get rid of them! The rates are outrageous and the service is the unacceptable.

Anonymous Lancaster CA

Time Warner Business Class is even worse. It is more like “No Class.” In just one year, our business has suffered more than 10 documented internet outages that have required us to shut down and send everyone home. Our company makes websites which we cannot do when the internet is down.

Also, TW Business Class commercials are pure BS. Their business consulting staff is more stupid and crooked as their home repair flunkies. I’ve written, called and emailed TW Business Class to release me from my contract but they refuse to write me back, call me back or even email me back. The only way to ditch Time Warner Business Class is to default on payment.

TW Business Class has a cunthead Retention Manager named Paul Cianci who has the easiest job in the world. He doesn’t have to satisfy his customers to retain them; he simply has to be an asshole and tell you you “tough shit, sucker” without ever releasing you from your contract. The only way to ditch Time Warner Business Class is to default on payment which we will do as soon as Verizon turns our DSL back on.


I’m very happy to make a report, especially to all of you Time Warner / Road Runner users who have been asked to connect your computer direcly to the modem and disable any firewall or anti-virus software you have, to resolve Internet connectivity issues. Today, I connected a 2×2 MIMO router to Time Warner / Road Runner and another ISP and was able to show that only Time Warner went down and only Time Warner was unable or unwilling to assign an IP address (DHCP): same router, same computers, no question about the router’s ability to DHCP or about the computers having malware. WooHoo!!! That, is liberating!!!

Plus, when Time Warner went down, I still had Internet access. How cool is that?

See the results and evidence on my blog at

Anonymous ny ny

email i just sent to
let’s see what happens

have had a problem with cable for several years,
i have had several boxes and multiple repairs.
the final solution, i was told on 3/17/15 and today, by ms rickenbocker, that the only way for repair to be done was for a repair person to come when the problem shows itself.

never mind that in all the times (except one phone call on 2/27/15 where the person at TW could see the problems herself, on her screen) has a repair person arrived during a problem.

this is the way TW says “f==k you, i sit at a job and my job is to inconvenience until you are frustrated enough to go away.”

i will be happy to supply you with dates and information but i can no longer listen to some hostile TW employee who’s solution to my ongoing problem is to stay home for appointments so the repair person can witness the problem, a 1,000 to 1 chance it will happen. that’s not time i want to spend.